Meet Jessica

I’m a Business Strategist & Certified Master Coach for women who want to build thriving coaching businesses and become the It Girl in their industry. 

An It Girl? What's that all about?!

An It Girl is a women who is confident, successful, well respected in her industry, a leader, expert and influencer.

And let me tell you...

To be at the top of your game in your industry you need to be an It Girl.

To make the impact you want to make you need to be an It Girl.

But some people shy away from being an It Girl because they are worried what others will say...

That they will be judged

Or criticised.

Or compared to Kim Kardashian.

But my definition of an It Girl isn't about being famous for the sake of being famous.

It's about living your best life and inspiring others to do the same.

Sounds pretty good wouldn't you agree? :)

I work with women and help them to do just this...through creating thriving coaching businesses which in turn gives them financial freedom and independence.

Learn more about my flagship program It Girl Business Mastery

Learn more about my mindset program It Girl Personal Mastery

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And just for FUN!

Here are 10 kooky + true facts about me:

1) I'm Australian but growing up people use to think I was English because my accent isn't very strong. Now it has a slight US/Canadian twang as I've started to have to pronounce my "r's" otherwise no one in North America seems to be able to understand me!

2) I was a Girl Guide/Girl Scout for 10 years (I was kind of a nerd growing up!)...I totally think this helped develop my leadership skills and I will definitely be putting my daughter in Girl Scouts!

3) I went to a super small Waldorf Steiner School from kindergarten to year 12 which had a big focus on art, music and drama. With such unconventional schooling there was no way I could have a conventional career.

4) In 2015 my husband Faiz and I realised our dream of splitting our time between Australia in the summer and North America and Europe in the winter.

5) I started my first blog in November 2011. I had no clue at all what I was doing and didn't tell anyone about it for about 3 months.

6) I married the man of my dreams in Las Vegas on the 25th September 2012. No, it wasn't an Elvis wedding - It was at the Wynn.

7) I'm a Evercoach author. For those who are not familiar with Evercoach, you may know their parent company Mindvalley.

8) I'm a vegetarian/vegan...Depending on the day of the week :)

9) I have a degree in Business, own a online health food store in Australia & use to work in business development before I started my business.

10) I honestly believe that with the right support we, as women, can do anything we put our minds too. You are so much more powerful than you realise :)

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