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What we believe…

Our global paradigm is shifting. Today just a $50 internet connection and a free Skype account gives just about anyone access to the greatest talent pool of history. We are now in the technological revolution where access and efficiency are greater than most people could have ever imagined.

As we vacate the industrial revolution (which shaped our current society over the last 200 years) things are shifting. Many of the jobs which once existed are being disrupted and we are moving toward a jobless, freelancer and entrepreneurial world.

Think of people sitting in desk jobs all day or being paid a salary, it’s inefficient for both the employer (with a ton of wasted time), and the employee (major lack of freedom and time).

According to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, from 1948-2000 jobs grew 1.7x faster than the population. Since 2000, population has grown 2.4x faster than jobs (US Census Bureau)

My superpower is helping women adopt the new paradigm with huge success. If you model successful people, you too will be successful. Collectively our generations are going to be the ones who truly re-shape our world with all the change that’s happening.

We all have the power to be It Girls, women who are confident, powerful and in charge of their own destiny and future.

Our global paradigm is shifting. Today, just an internet connection and free Skype account gives anyone access to the greatest talent pool in history. We’re now in the technological revolution where access and efficiency are greater than most people could’ve ever imagined.

As much as we like to see men and women as the same, in the name of equality, we are drastically different species. Brain scans, controlled studies, and psychology clearly demonstrate that men and women are not the same! We are physically and mentally different.

We input, process, and deliver information differently. In other words we learn differently. Women have different hormones, brain chemicals, and therefore different needs in order to excel in life.

My programs are created specifically for women. Watch the video below to find out why.

I love the fact that with modern education we have so much choice. Four year university degrees are no longer the way people are gaining their most valued skills. We have more possibilities now than ever before and we literally live in the most abundant time in history.

My mission is to help as many women reach their highest levels of success.

We believe in giving back.

Thats why I Started It Girl Academy.

After conducting over 1,000 hours of 1:1 coaching (300 of which I submitted for my master coach certification) and after seeing what works and what doesn’t work for my clients. I saw what the missing piece was for most coaches. They didn’t know how to support their clients to get real results.

It was because they either don’t take the time to hone their skills, or they don’t know how to work with clients effectively. Coaching is great. But by itself it is like a beautiful tropical island with no food. It requires other components (like teaching and consulting) to make the maximum impact.

And the results?

We all have the power to be It Girls, women who are confident, powerful and in charge of their own destiny and future.

You’re confidence from knowing how to work with clients and support them to achieve life changing results means more client referrals, more glowing testimonials and the confidence to raise your prices faster.

I also noticed that the majority of people are constantly ‘launching’ products online (the Jeff Walker style product launch – which is great for some but it’s loosing its effect due to mass adoption) and is actually a tough way to start an online business when you have no following.

So I developed the Evergreen Model which enables the benefits of the launch models sales methods, but with the benefits of making consistent sales, and growth that builds up like an asset over time.

Our Academy is crafted delivered as a premium experience from day one. We ensure all students are looked after with a white glove approach and we have a beautiful peer-to-peer environment built right into our It Girl Academy Community right on Facebook.

We have guest teachers who are thought leaders and bestselling authors from around the world like Danielle La Porte (many of whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know very well and interviewing on the It Girl Radio Podcast).

These guest have been handpicked and tied in to the experience with precision. In our Certification Programs I personally host Group Coaching Calls with live Q&A to get to know you and give you tailored support throughout the program.

In 2016 my husband and I launched the It Girl Foundation which supports women in developing countries in developing the skills to work online to start making $3-$5/hour working as freelancers online (which fundamentally changes their lives).

You can learn more about my personal backstory below.

About Jessica

When people asked 8-year-old Jessica what she wanted to do when she grew up, her answer was always the same, “I want to be a ballerina…or work in personal development!”

Over time, her desire to perform the perfect pirouette faded away but her dream of working in personal development continued to burn bright.It was a childhood dream that would eventually become a reality but it would take a “quarter life crisis” to make it happen.

After graduating from college with a business degree, Jessica initially went down the “expected route” and chose a corporate job with a healthy paycheck. Life looked perfect on the outside, but inside, she felt unfulfilled and unhappy.

Something had to change so Jessica started a passion project in 2011 – a online health food store and blog – which quickly gained popularity and reach. It was a just part-time project at the time but it brought her deep satisfaction and joy.

More importantly, it motivated her to make a life-changing decision – she would learn everything she could about running her own successful business and become a full-time entrepreneur.

In just 2 years, Jessica left her corporate career to go full-time in her business and then later go on to create a 7-figure academy selling online certifications.

Jessica is a Mindvalley published author, and has worked with many of the worlds leaders in coaching and education space. (She’s invested over $250,000 in her own personal development and working with mentors).

Jessica is the host of the popular It Girl Radio Podcast which pulls back the curtain on life stories and success secrets of industry influencers, thought leaders and the growing global tribe of listeners.

It Girl Academy is serving thousands of students around the world, helping them build their own successful businesses and coaching practices.

Through the It Girl Foundation, Jessica’s powerful mission and purpose, is to help women in developing countries earn $3-$5 per hour online, which in the process completely changes their life and financial situation.

Jessica is known for developing the ‘Evergreen Model’ which simplifies advanced online marketing strategies to effectively develop a client enrollment system through evergreen content marketing.

As well as the Mentorship Method – A process of coaching clients which goes far beyond traditional coaching methodologies to include consulting, teaching and mentoring.

Results & Kind Words

This year I’ve already sold out my high-end Mastermind and all my group coaching programs. With Jessica’s help, I’m now looking to take my mission of spreading more love in the world to the next level by building automated marketing funnels and streamlining the backend business systems so that my transition to 7 figures can happen smoothly.

If you’re looking to make a huge impact in the world and have a true desire to serve your clients, Jessica is the go-to coach for you. With her top notch insight into systems, technology and what it takes to own and run a super successful business, this woman can help you turn your dreams into reality.

Sami Wunder
Certified Dating & Relationship Coach

Jessica is an inspiration to coaches and entrepreneurs all across the world. Her mastery of online business and influence building is surpassed only by her ability to consistently share such a high level of value to the people she serves.

Jason Goldberg
Best-Selling Author of “Prison Break” and Creator of the “Playful Prosperity Program”

Within two weeks of starting working with Jessica, I’d launched my business and sold my first package. 4 months later I was consistently making $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

From the very beginning, Jess was supportive, caring and helpful. I’ve taken a lot of courses, if you name it I’ve probably done it, and I was concerned this wouldn’t be any different. I contacted Jess to enquire and immediately she responded letting me know exactly what was in her program and wow with simple steps, I would grow a successful business quickly. I thought “wow, Jess really cares about the people she works with” and enrolled immediately.

Luisa Zhou
Business Architect