Business Mistake #4: Lack of Structure & Systems


THE MISTAKE When you start your coaching business, you need to be extremely focused on your clients and generating revenue; so that you actually get money in the bank. Otherwise, you don’t have a business – just an expensive hobby. As it’s so vital to be focused on those two areas, it can be very…

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Business Mistake #3 Being Afraid to Promote

THE MISTAKE During my first year, I was still working in a corporate job while starting my business. My time was limited. I knew I wanted out yet I just wasn’t earning enough to really make the transition to full time entrepreneur. I had all the social media accounts. My blog/website was up and running.…

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Business Mistake #2: Waiting to Invest in Coaching

Business Mistake 2

THE MISTAKE Flashback to my first year, when I finished my coaching program. My website was up and running. I even took a couple of online courses about online marketing. I thought I was on my way. The occasional client was coming in. My email list was growing slowly. My mistake was thinking that I…

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The #1 mistake I made in the first year of business


Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the top 6 business mistakes I made in the first year of my business. I want to fully address each of these mistakes so you don’t make them too. Or if you have, at least you won’t feel so alone! These pointers will  help you leave your…

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