Coach of the Week – Genavieve Shingle Jaffe

Learn how successful coaches started out and learn from their success!

Name: Genavieve Shingle Jaffe   

Location: New York City   

Q.  Why did you become a coach?
A. I started my business because I saw there was a huge void in the accessibility to an attorney for young female entrepreneurs. I wanted to fill that void in order to help them protect their business.

Q.  Aside from coaching what do you love doing?
A. I LOVE yoga, playing with my puppy and cat, going out to dinner, being with family, reading time with my wife, Jordana Jaffe.

Q.  What was the scariest thing about starting your business?
A. The scariest thing was taking the leap to start it. I was working as a corporate lawyer in NYC making amazing money and having the best benefits. But I was miserable.  Stepping out of my comfort zone with the security of a corporate job was definitely scary but has been the greatest decision I could have ever made in terms of my career.  Now, I love what I do and I get to connect with such incredible people from all over the world.

Q.  What would you tell someone who is just starting out as a coach?
A. Entrepreneurship is not for the meek hearted. It will force you to face your inner most demons but this is such a blessing. Starting your own business will turn you into a completely different person in the best of ways. The best piece of advice I can offer is to be yourself. Be you in everything that you do. Don’t just be a cookie-cutter image of someone else because they are successful. The reason they are successful is because they are authentic and bringing forth the best of themselves. Sure there are tons of coaches out there, but there is only ONE you. You will bring something amazing and unique and with your own beautiful spin on whatever it is and someone out there is waiting for the way you are going to present it.  Keep going. Don’t stop. When you fall down, learn from that experience and be grateful for it. And again, never be anyone other than who you truly are.

Q.  What is the best thing about your business?
A. The best thing about my business is the flexibility and freedom I have in my personal life. My main course offering is quite passive once it is up and running.  All of the content is created before hand, so there isn’t a ton of work that has to be done once it starts.  So there will be some very welcome down and quiet time for the summer (here in the US), which I am very much looking forward to.  Also, I work alongside my wife, who is also an entrepreneur and we have a separate joint business, so that’s really fun!

Q.  What exciting plans are you working on at the moment?
A. I am SO excited about relaunching my signature program:  Damsel in Defense®: an online legal course for entrepreneurs with sparkles!  Yes, law and sparkles.  I’m also pleased to announce that it is now available in the US, Australia, Canada and the UK.  It provides you with the foundational legal documents you need when starting or growing your business plus lessons on how to customize these templates and access to an attorney to ask questions!  It’s one of a kind and I cannot wait to bring it to the world!

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