The #1 Results Driven Coaching Certification Program

  Become an Impactful Certified Coach Who Gets Results and Leave Behind the Embarrassment of Being Just Another Run-of-the-Mill Coach.

Coaching Mastery Certification is about becoming an extraordinary coach who knows how to truly elevate your clients. You'll discovery how to implement my step-by-step Mentorship Method, which combines teaching skills, consulting methods and coaching techniques - to build an impeccable reputation (and a strong income) all while feeling confident to handle any coaching scenario that comes your way...

These means more client referrals, more glowing testimonials + the confidence to increase your prices faster.

 Over the past few years, the coaching industry has experienced incredible growth. It's estimated to be worth over $2 billion dollars and in the US it's been referred to as the fastest growing industry aside from tech.

There's an unprecedented demand for coaches who are smart, educated, and have real world experience to bring to the table AND it doesn't seem like this trend is going to end anytime soon...

But here is the thing...

Becoming a truly great coach (the kind who supports their clients to achieve life changing results and who everyone wants to work with) doesn't just happen by chance.

It's deliberate...


It takes time, dedication, drawing on your exisiting skills and expertise, mentors, training and real life experience of working with clients.

Perhaps you have thought about taking a coaching certification program before, but because the last thing you want is to be "just another coach".

You have resisted joining....

You don't want to be judged, afraid to talk to your friends and family about your new career or feel terrified of putting yourself out there...

Or perhaps you feel a little like a fraud...

Worried that people won't take you seriously or they are going to “find out" that you don't know what you're doing.

Deep down you know you can help people. You know you want to learn how to work with clients effectively, and you want to create a legitimate business you can be proud of.

(One you can tell your close friends and family about without cringing)

Every coaching program and certification course you've come across feels a little off. It feels like something's missing.

You are right.

That's because most coaching certification programs are following an outdated framework which has not progressed with the times.

But if you're being honest with yourself you know you've pretty much been giving advice, guidance or even "coaching" your friends and family for years...

You owe it to yourself to get proper training and turn your hobby into a professional business...

Hi I'm Jessica Nazarali, Business Strategist and Certified Master Coach - and I know exactly how you feel.

After I finished university, I worked in Business Development selling software to fortune 500 clients like Cisco and Ford.

I knew if I was going to embark upon becoming a coach, I was going to do it well - there were no compromises. 

(The last thing I wanted was judgy comments from friends and family members about becoming a coach - side note I still got some but far less because I was so certain in what I was doing).

I became a coach after following a strong need that was consistently presented to me over and over. At the time I was a Health and Wellness Blogger and 18 Months into blogging several  followers asked me if I could help them create a blog that would attract clients and build their reputation.

So I threw myself into learning everything I could about coaching. I immersed myself in books, training, courses and programs (today I have two coaching certifications and one master coach certification).

During my training, I was introduced to many coaching ideas, strategies, techniques and systems but the most important thing I learned can't be found in a traditional coaching manual, book or program...

However I knew something critical was missing...

You see, I learned exactly what smart and determined women want when they enter the coaching industry... You want more than JUST coaching skills. You want to know all the tools to support your clients to get real, lasting and transformative results.

After spending hours and hours in training and coaching sessions with clients, I discovered that the “Q&A” framework is incredibly limiting. This framework is about leading clients through a series of questions so they can come up with the answers they need.

But women who are hungry for real world results - smart, ambitious women - sometimes NEED specific answers and guidance.

Giving this type of guidance is the power of true mentorship which has been the #1 attribute to the success of many legends who tell their story. It's something they all share when asked about their success - they had great mentors. I found this missing link and combined it with coaching to create...

The Mentorship Method - a unique combination of coaching, consulting and teaching.

  • Coaching - Asking powerful questions, encouraging the client to reflect to see what feels right to them, encouraging the client to come up with the answers.
  • Consulting - Assessing the client's current situation, putting a plan in place and giving recommendations to help the client achieve their goals, monitoring the results.
  • Teaching - Giving information in a way that is structured, easy to understand and implement so the client takes action. This may include videos, audios, PDFs, structured course content etc.
  • Mentoring - Sharing from real life and personal experiences to build rapport and trust.

The Results When You Combine Coaching, Consulting, Teaching and Mentoring When Working With Clients

  • Slip into the different skill sets as and when needed
  • Feel confident to handle different situations with clients as you're not restricted to one methodology
  • Never feel stuck when wondering what to do next with a client
  • Get rid of feeling like an imposter or fraud because you have solid skills you can bring to your client sessions (nothing screams don't work with more than feeling like a fraud or that you're not good enough)

You can't make money if you're constantly feeling like a fraud, afraid of talking about what you do out of fear of judgement or avoiding discovery sessions like the plague - it's actually paramount to your business success to be confident, proud, and have the skills needed to be an extraordinary coach.


Why Traditional Coaching Doesn't Always Work...

Imagine you're a business coach and a client comes to you wanting support around increasing the monthly income in her business. Traditional coaching DOES NOT permit you to tell the client what to do. You cannot teach, consult or mentor the client in any way.

You can't tell your client to read a specific book, watch a helpful video series, or model a successful person etc. All you can do as a traditional coach, is ask your clients a series of questions and let them come up with their own answers through personal discovery.

Let's use another example...

Say you are a Parenting Coach and a client comes to you because their 2-year old is having trouble sleeping at night.

Technically you aren't supposed to give guidance, advice or strategies on how to solve the problem, you just ask the client questions and encourage them to come up with the answers themselves.

You might ask questions like:

  • What do you think you could be doing differently?
  • What ideas do you have to solve this problem?
  • How do you feel when you come up against challenges in your business?
  • What do you think is stopping you from creating more income in your business?

While these questions may provide the client with some breakthroughs, a simple, practical suggestion is also essential and could be enough to get them a result. (and this is just a simple example)

Traditional coaching can be dull and tedious and - I'm going to come right out and say this - it often falls short of creating transformational, lasting results in a client's life.

When I realized this, I started combining coaching, teaching and consulting when I worked with clients. I found it was also incredibly helpful to share my previous experience where appropriate, which I later started to build out into the Mentorship Method.

I wanted my clients to experience a different reality than when they first started coming to me. I wanted them to achieve their goals knowing that they have what it takes to create a different life for themselves.

I didn't see how I could do this if I forced myself to stay within the restrictive confines of traditional coaching methods and I couldn't find any course or program that would teach the kind strategies that I was hoping to include in my client sessions.

That's when Coaching Mastery was born.

Imagine this is December 2017. You wake up slowly... there is no need to rush because your first client isn't for another 2 hours...

You have breakfast and get ready to start your day. When you sit at your computer you see discovery session requests in your inbox and an email from a client.

The client is sharing a personal breakthrough they had last night and are thanking you for all your support, they couldn't have had this transformation without you.

The Coaching Mastery Certification is a powerful, holistic combination of coaching...and practical, actionable advice.

It's about discovering how to teach, mentor and consult with your clients. This strategy allows you to create lasting impact so your clients can experience the changes that they want to see using tactical, strategic methods that work.

This goes far beyond the pure emotional Q & A style of coaching.

In Coaching Mastery we don't stop at coaching methods and strategies. We cover course creation, teaching, and strategic consulting, so you have ALL the skills you need to positively impact your clients AND build a successful coaching business doing fulfilling work!

(Hint: fulfilling work comes from supporting people to get results, not necessarily from hours of asking Q&A questions).

Imagine this day with me...

  • You understand who you are and can accurately identify your skills, expertise and abilities so you know exactly who you're meant to coach.
  • You've learnt a variety of crucial skills that will perfectly complement your coaching skills. These include mentoring, consulting and teaching so your clients know they can rely on you to help them create the results they're looking for.
  • You've overcome your self-doubt and inner blocks to become a confident and successful coach.
  • You've built a reputation as a coach who "knows their stuff" and has the ability to coach on a broad range of topics if and when needed.
  • You've put together an incredibly effective, course or program that highlights your skills as a coach so you can reach and help more people.
  • You enjoy a life of freedom and flexibility as you build your location-independent coaching business and create the kind of lifestyle you've always dreamed of.
  • You've identified and decided on your message and what you stand for as a coach.
  • You've started working with clients and feel excited about your new career.
  • You've developed a genuine, unshakeable faith in your abilities as a coach, consultant, mentor and teacher so you'll always feel confident knowing that you can help clients make lasting transformations and achieve their goals.
  • You've polished your people skills so you can expertly deal with all kinds of clients (even the challenging ones who push your boundaries)
  • You can create trust and accountability with all your clients so they will follow through on your advice, insights, guidelines and ideas, after each session (and long after your time together is over)
  • You're a certified coach doing work you love everyday.

 Here's a month-by-month breakdown of what you'll discover, learn and implement in Coaching Mastery Certification.

As soon as you join the program you will receive an orientation which introduces you to the program and how you can best prepare for the next 6 months.

Orientation includes:

My best practices for making the most out of the program

Recommended reading list

An extensive FAQ section

Becoming familiar with the membership site

Plus lots of goodies and additional information you don’t even know you need yet :)

Through working with clients your own “areas for development” are going to come to the surface. There will likely be times when you are triggered or confronted when working with a client, or a client may share with you a situation you have a strong judgement or opinion on.

Through knowing yourself well and knowing how you react to certain situations, will mean (hopefully) aren’t surprised when some of these feelings arise. In this month you’ll discover exactly how to overcome any conscious and subconscious psychological blocks, biases or opinions that can prevent you from showing up and being fully present with your clients.

This month, you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify and start consciously working on any blocks or limiting beliefs around money, success and feeling deserving that could hold you back from creating the business you desire.
  • Understand how your “world view” effects you as a coach and how to be open to different peoples opinions and life experiences so you can support your clients to the best of your ability.
  • Discover how your family and upbringing could be affecting you today and how to change any patterns or behaviours that are no longer serving you.
  • See how seeking validation from others could be prohibiting you from creating the life you want (and how to be aware if this shows up with your clients lives as well).
  • Build a powerful sense of self- confidence and self-esteem so you can conquer anxiety and fear around your abilities to be a business owner and an extraordinary coach.

Guest expert – Marisa Peer – Britain’s number #1 Therapist and Founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Want to feel super confident going into your coaching sessions with clients by knowing how to format your sessions and what coaching skills to use and when?

In this month we will be diving into the the principles of coaching and working with clients. After teaching marketing to over 1000 clients both 1:1, group settings and through digital products I’ve discovered that if a client doesn’t feel confident in their ability to deliver a coaching session or work with clients, no amount of amazing marketing strategies are going to work. If you lack in confidence in your abilities to work with clients this will come across when speaking to potential clients, let’s stop this now shall we?!

This month, you’ll discover how to:

  • Discover the 9 coaching principles to use when working with clients to support your clients to have life changing results.
  • The keys to structuring your coaching sessions for the maximum growth for your clients and ease of facilitating for you.
  • The process of setting healthy boundaries with your clients without coming across as aggressive or pushy so you can create a powerful and effective coaching relationship that’s enhanced by mutual respect connection.
  • Ask insightful questions that generate real breakthroughs for clients so they can identify their strengths and their weaknesses, discover their true potential and feel empowered and confident as they move forward.
  • Know how to handle sensitive issues with clients (even if it’s not in your area of expertise) and what to do when a client cries, is angry or displaying strong emotion with ease and grace.

Guest Expert – Molly Sapp – Mindset Coach for High Performing Women.

Are you ready NOT to be just another coach?!

In month 3 in Coaching Mastery we move beyond “Just Coaching” and develop powerful consulting and teaching skills using the Mentorship Method™.

This is the month that will set you apart from just about every other coach – you’ll discover when to coach, when to teach, and when to consult and how this all works together in the Mentorship Method™.

You’ll see how to acquire these additional skills and identify how to use them with your clients to create results. You’ll also discover how to create game-changing course content.

This month, you’ll…

  • Develop your coaching, consulting and teaching skills on a deeper level to support you to be an incredibly successful coach.
  • Easily shift among your different roles as a coach, mentor, consultant and teacher so you can guide your clients in the best possible way.
  • Listen and watch three demonstrations of coaching, consulting and teaching to deepen your understanding of the three different skill sets.
  • Share your skills, insights, ideas and expertise with your clients in a way that will inspire and motivate them to follow through so they can experience the outcomes they desire.
  • Understand the principles of the Elevation Framework and how to use it when working with clients so they transform in all areas of their life.

Guest Expert – Casey Van Zandt – Founder of Casey Van Zandt Consulting & The 7-Day Social Media Detox.

Transformational coaching programs are the key to ongoing business and coaching success. You’ll learn how to develop your own coaching programs that perfectly fit your personality and your skills as a coach, based on my proven framework of success. You’ll also develop a clear understanding of who you want to coach in the long-term as you learn how to successfully onboard clients and create a coaching experience they’ll never forget.

This month, you’ll discover how to create powerful programs in a variety of formats:

  • Groups
  • Masterminds
  • 1:1 Sessions and Intensives
  • Digital Products

We’ll dig deep so you’ll know exactly what you need to create each format and how to boost client engagement and monitor your programs for maximum effectiveness.

You’ll also discover what your clients expect from each of the 4 program types. When you know this, you’ll be able to reach and exceed expectations and start to build a stellar reputation with a long waiting list for your programs.

You will also be encouraged to start working with clients in this month (if you’re not doing so already) – woo hoo!

Guest Expert – Bushra Azhar – Founder of the Persuasion Revolution.

How do we create an environment which is conductive for learning and growth without taking on the need to “get” clients results?

In this month you’ll discover how to deal with difficult or awkward client situations with dignity and confidence. You will also uncover common personal and professional challenges that will hold a clients back from getting the results they want. This is priceless information because knowing how to coach and support people through these common challenges equals quicker results with far less stress.

  • Create an environment when working with clients that conducive of transformation, action and results.
  • Encourage your clients to take responsibility for their success so you don’t feel the tremendous pressure that arises when you (mistakenly) believe it’s totally on you to “get the client results”.
  • Handle clients who are not taking action or who continue to procrastinate so they get unstuck and start moving forward.
  • Recognize and identify fears & blocks when they show up for your clients so you can immediately take action and start helping the client to release them.
  • Gracefully work through challenging client situations such as unpaid bills or last minute cancellations (and many more) that can cause alot of frustration and anxiety.

Guest Expert – Meghan Huber – Former Teacher and Expert in Course Creation for Entrepreneurs.

In this final month, you’ll choose a coaching elective and specialize in an area you would like to focus on. This is a powerful way to establish your expertise and start becoming known as an authority in your field. You’ll have the amazing opportunity to learn from leading experts in the categories below and see how firsthand how their success is possible for you too!

Industries covered in month 6 include:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Mindset
  • Career
  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Relationships
  • Confidence
  • Sales
  • Publicity
  • Feminine Energy

What Other Entrepreneurs Say About Working With Jessica

I got a clear vision on how I should build my business.

Working with Jessica is really a delight, she takes massive action, and always goes above and beyond in everything she does. She really cares about what she’s doing and signing up for her program was the best decision I could have made. Jessica’s customer service is at the top. If you ever get a chance to work with Jessica, take it!!

Liene Uresina , Certified Coach

This 6-month training program will transform you into a successful Certified Coach. It will give you all the tools and techniques you need to work with clients confidently.

There are two tracks available:

TRACK A – Become It Girl Certified. In order to be certified all students must meet the criteria below:

Within 12 months of enrolling, submit the following to become certified.

Coaching Experience
20 hours of coaching (either group or 1:1 sessions).

Completion of Training
Completion of all 6 modules in the program.

Coaching Test
To demonstrate your knowledge of the material you learned during the program.

TRACK B – Personal Development. Take the course for your own growth and development and choose not to become certified.

This is the only coaching certification program of its kind. We will dive deep into fundamental coaching skills as well as complementary skills (teaching and consulting) so you can achieve your highest potential as a coach and feel confident working with clients.

When You Decide to Enrol You'll Experience a Supportive, Inspiring Learning Environment With Built In Accountability. Here's What You Can Look Forward To During Your 6 Months Inside the Program...

Intensive Group Coaching Calls (valued at $6000)

When you join Coaching Mastery you will have live access to a group coaching call per month plus access to the monthly recordings once your time in the live version of the program is over.

Calls will be recorded if you can't make them live and you're welcome to submit a question in advance if you can't show up live.

This means in a years time you will still be able to listen to the calls and gain insight into how to improve your coaching skills from Jessica.

6 Months of Life-Changing Training (valued at $4000)

This program is designed to create real world changes for your clients - and for you. You'll walk away from this with lifelong skills that you can use to make a positive difference for your clients and to create a great income.

Each month you will receive a module filled with a comprehensive workbook, approximately 10 video trainings, reading material, audios and exercises to help you to become a successful coach. It's estimated that you should allow approximately 5 hours per week to go through the materials.

You'll discover industry specific insights and techniques on how to maximize your coaching time to help clients achieve their goals. You'll also learn to teach, mentor and consult. These are incredibly crucial complementary skills and this will set you part and put you way ahead of just about every other coach.

Private FB Group, Live Streams & Office Hours (valued at $2000)

You'll be invited to join a private Facebook group for Coaching Mastery which is filled with women who are determined to achieve the same goals as you. This will be a powerful community of smart, ambitious (women just like you).

You'll be able to reach out and ask me questions throughout this certification program. I'll also publish special Facebook live streams just for the group plus weekly accountability to ensure you stay on track throughout the program.

There will be live office hours in the FB group on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday each week where you will be able to connect with me live in the group.

Access to World Class Experts Across Multiple Industries (Priceless!)

All the experts in the program have created at a minimum a 6 figure business (many 7 figure businesses). By seeing firsthand how these industry leaders have created their businesses and work with clients will make it seem much more achievable for you.

Access 24 Hours a Day/ 7 Days a Week

The program curriculum is hosted in a private membership which you will have access to 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Within the site you can read content, download the workbooks, watch videos, listen to audios and trainings, get your course schedule and leave comments and questions if you are feeling stuck. You can also create a mobile shortcut app so you can access the program from your mobile phone! Remember we also have the private Facebook group and group calls where you can connect with me as well.



Danielle will be sharing how she transitioned from being a consultant hosting "Fire Starter Sessions" to building the global brand as a sought-after author and speaker. If you desire to build a brand which has as much impact as Danielle's, you'll want to be on this training!


You'll have the opportunity to submit a coaching call and receive expert feedback on how you can improve your coaching skills. This is one-of-a-kind feedback just for you. This will be deep insights focused on your unique skills as a coach. We'll also share how to implement these insights so you can improve your skills right away.


This is another incredible bonus that you can start to use right away. The world's best coaches regularly turn to these questions during high impact coaching sessions so they can create powerful changes for clients. Run through these r and then mark the ones you feel will be the most useful. Print it out and keep it within easy reach so you can refer to it during a client coaching session.


You won't be able to put down this incredibly powerful coaching handbook! This book reveals the secrets of a structured coaching program that you use as a guide to create amazing coaching sessions. When you have this by your side, you'll never feel stuck working with clients again.


Take Three of my ready made funnels (made with ClickFunnels), plug them into your own account, add in your content, turn on the automation and start attracting coaching clients.


A 7-day Automated Email Sequence. Engage your subscribers. Make them smile. All on Autopilot.

Learn to automatically WOW your email subscribers when they join your list.


The fast and easy formula to extract the very best testimonials from your clients and peers!

Request testimonials from for colleagues and clients with grace and ease using my proven templates.


Guided Audio Meditations that will Set You Up for Success. Kick start your day with a positive and uplifting messages.

Attract more love, wealth, and happiness into your life with these 5 uplifting meditation tracks.


Pay In Full

Payment Plan

I’m treated like a person and not just another dollar to the program.

What I love about working with Jess is I appreciate the fact that I’m treated like a person and not just another dollar to the program. I feel Jess is approachable, truly caring and is seriously interested in helping me achieve my goals. Even though Jess has helped me the most with business strategies to increase clients, sales and marketing my services successfully…what she didn’t realize was how she has helped me to become a more effective client focused business woman. She’s taught me to really understand my client’s needs.

Gwendolen Drawhorn Wilder, Author and Motivational Consultant

Or request a call to speak to a team member about Coaching Mastery Certification.


Here are 4 Ways Coaching Mastery Certification is Radically Different From Other Coaching Certification Programs.

  • You're not going to find any other coaching program that will teach you skills other than coaching. And I'm sure you want to be way MORE than just another coach...In Coaching Mastery you're also a teacher, mentor and consultant. This is a powerhouse combination that will help you take your rightful place as one of the brightest stars in the coaching industry.


  • By the time you receive your certification, you'll have powerful, coaching experience with REAL life clients.


  • You will receive feedback on your coaching skills on the group calls. This is priceless information you can instantly use to improve and expand your skills while working with clients.


  • You'll have the opportunity to pick one (or more) areas to specialize in, as a coach. This is massively beneficial as you'll have the chance to become a leading expert in your chosen specialty. The best part? You'll get to learn from some of the world's best in various categories (our exciting list of experts include Princess Diana's therapists, TV stars and multiple 6 and 7 figure coaches).

Have Questions? Here are The Answers!

What happens when I sign up? +

You'll then receive a welcome email from us with the login information to the membership site. From there you will be able to access orientation and a link to join the private FB group.

When does this program start? +

The program begins on 1st June and will continue for six months. On enrolment you will receive orientation so you can start preparing for the next six months.

By December you will be a certified coach!

What type of industries are right for Coaching Mastery? +

Examples within the program are given across a variety of different industries including health, fitness, mindset, business, career, confidence and relationships. In the final module you will have the opportunity to learn from experts from a variety of different industries so you see firsthand what it's like to coach in the area you would like to specialise in as a coach, consultant or course creator.

Is Coaching Mastery ICF Certified ? +

Coaching Mastery Certification is not ICF certified. ICF doesn't agree with including additional skill sets (e.g. teaching and consulting) in their approved coaching programs. As this is a big part of Coaching Mastery Certification we weren't willing to make these changes to comply with their certification criteria.

Still on the fence? This will help you make your decision.


Coaching Mastery Certification program is perfect for you if:

  • You're ready to be more than just another coach who's restricted to asking clients about how they are feeling but not really helping them get results.
  • You have skills, talents or expertise and you want to work with clients either in groups or 1:1.
  • You agree that it is critical to go beyond “just coaching” to help get your clients result.
  • You want a tangible step by step program and to learn from some of the best in the business.

Coaching Mastery Certification program is NOT for you if:

  • You want to be a coach because you think it's a great way to make money fast. Yes, you can make a great income as a coach but if you have no passion for it and you just want to “get rich quick” then this program isn't for you.
  • You have zero skills, talent or life experiences you can tap into to coach, teach or mentor your clients. You are expected to bring some talent to the table!
  • Your life is a mess. You have no clue what you're doing and you can hardly get through your day without some kind of drama or major problem interrupting your peace of mind. If this is you, make it your goal to work on yourself, sort out your problems and then help others.

These Next 6 Months Could Change Your Life Forever...

The Coaching Mastery Certification program is designed for smart, ambitious women like you...

Women who want to create positive transformations that will change lives (including your own). You'll learn to become a world class, outcome-driven coach and you'll consistently help your clients create real world results.

Even if you're:

  • Completely new to coaching
  • Unsure how you'll packages your skills and expertise so you standout
  • Have fears and doubts about entering the industry
  • Not a native English speaker. I've had people from all around the world take my programs with great results. Coaching is exploding in Spanish markets, Europe and across Asia.

Would you rather struggle to work with clients and coach effectively (which negatively impacts your income and client satisfaction) ...

OR get the support you need so you feel confident working with clients and as a result can charge more for your coaching and programs?

A few final thoughts...

This isn't a run of the mill coaching program. We are going far beyond typical coaching - because I know you, and you are far from typical :) There are many coaching programs which just offer coaching skills but you get to the end of the program and have no idea how to work with clients or even sign your first clients.

(Which doesn't help you or your future clients, at all.)

Coaching Mastery Certification is about doing something different so you become a different type of coach.

One who is using all your work and life experience, one who has something new, interesting and exciting to bring to the table.

Imagine sitting right where you are now...

Exact same chair, same room, same time in 6 months...everything is the same except you are a certified coach working with clients confidently.

As the saying by Stephen Anderson goes...

“When everyone zigs, zag”

This is your chance to zag and get ahead of the curve. To position yourself as more than "just another coach" but a woman of substance, knowledge and expertise to share with others.

Don't sell yourself short by being anything BUT that.



Pay In Full

Payment Plan

Or request a call to speak to a team member about Coaching Mastery Certification.


What other entrepreneurs have said about working with Jessica?