How to deal when someone copies your work

Oscar Wilde once said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery;” but what if whoever is copying your work may it be your newsletter, a solo mailer or your sales page can hurt your business.

What do you do if this happens to you?!

In this video, I talk about how to deal when someone copies your work. This happened to me in December 2015 and while it was frustrating to receive the below email…I can honestly say I was proud of how I handled the situation.

Watch the video to hear exactly what I did!

Below is the email I received notifying me that someone had copied a recent email I had sent to my list. I ended up getting notified by another three people!







4 steps to take when someone copies your work

1. Look at the person with compassion.

Try to understand this person’s motivation of copying you. Maybe they are suffering a lack of self-esteem or perhaps they admire your work so much and they saw confidence and style on how you do things and they want that too.

2. Diffuse the energy by emailing them.

Never be afraid to reach out to the person that copied you. They *could* unaware that what they have done isn’t acceptable. Sharing that you have seen the newsletter, sales page or whatever copy they have copied is usually a big wake up call to the person.

3. Ask them to stop

In the email ask them to take the sales page or website copy down. Ask them not to copy your emails moving forward. You can even encourage them to find their unique perspective instead of copying your voice as it’s not going to benefit them.

4. Seek legal action

If the person doesn’t stop copying your work seek the advice from a lawyer on how to best proceed. In most situations emailing the person and asking them to take it down is enough to get them to stop. I have found in most instances people are really embarrassed and apologetic.

Jess xx

PS I’m curious to know, how do you handle situations like this? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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