Dream of launching a sold-out group coaching program? Here’s how you do it…

Launching a sold-out group coaching program

At the end of 2014 I was looking at my next steps in my business and it was clear a group coaching program was on the horizon…

But I was SO nervous!


Did I have a big enough following?

Did I have enough “star quality” that someone would sign up to my group program as opposed to the millions of other group programs out there.

Was my message and topic fun and interesting enough that it would encourage people to press buy?

I still remember how scared I was when I was launching the program and praying it would be a success. I had put my heart and soul into it and I really didn’t want it to be a disaster.

For the first launch 52 awesome women signed up to Find Your First Paying Coaching Clients from countries all around the world including- France, England, US, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa!

How did this happen? Well despite doubting it, I did have a strong following that I was able to leverage for the launch.

If you desire to have your own thriving group program, your own version of B-School or The Academy, then you need to have It Girl Coach status.

In The Next It Girl Coach I will be teaching you how to stand out in the sea of coaches and really take your spot as the leader and expert in the industry.

This results in a bigger list, a bigger audience and bigger chance for you to impact the people who need you the most and live out your biggest dreams in the process!

Dream of launching a sold out group coaching program? Sign up to The Next It Girl Coach and get your coaching business to It Girl status so you actually have people to sell the program to once you launch!


With love,

Jessica xx

P.S. I have some AMAZING bonuses for people who sign up early – you don’t want to miss them.

P.P.S. Email me if you have any questions. I’d love to speak to you! xx


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