From beginner coach to keynote speaker requests… this is possible for you, too!

In this post, I want to introduce you to my client and fellow It GirlCoach, Kym.

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Kym always knew she was meant to do something big in the world. Being the go-getter that she is she started her business while working full-time and studying.

Despite her other commitments she was able to start seeing her influence and audience grow. Quickly.

What really impresses me about Kym is how unashamedly herself she is and in doing so she has grown her following quickly to It Girl status. 

In a few short months Kym has:

  • Published an eBook.
  • Created a highly engaged Facebook group of loyal followers.
  • Hosted two live events.
  • Spoken on podcasts.
  • Spoken at a live event.
  • Been asked to co-host a podcast.
  • Started a YouTube Channel.
  • Studied towards her ICF Accreditation.
  • As well as holding regular coaching sessions with her clients.

And most recently, Kym was asked to be a keynote speaker andhold a workshop at a prestigious business event (I can’t say which one because the line up hasn’t been announced yet!).

Want keynote speaker requests?

Want an engaged and fast-growing following on social media?

Want to be asked to joint venture with big names?

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I lay out all the steps to make the path simple – no guessing needed.

With love,

Jessica xx

P.S. Kym is just a girl who took action on her dreams and in doing so she has rose to It Girl status very quickly. You can do so, too. Sign up here.

P.P.S. Email me if you have any questions. I’d love to speak to you! xx


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