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Create It Girl Coaching Packages

As a new coach, creating the right type of coaching packages is a priority. It’s important to not only consider what your Ideal Client will be interested in, but also to incorporate what elements make you feel good including in your packages.

I teach my students in It Girl Business Mastery the importance of creating premium coaching packages. High-end one on one packages make it possible for you to focus on fewer clients and while also attracting people who are committed to working with you. If you already have a large list, you may want to offer group coaching programs (like I do) that allow you to work with more people.

Today we’re going to cover the crucial components of how to create premium packages that sell like hot cakes!

Create your package with your Ideal Client in mind.

Always do market research and ask people who meet your Ideal Client profile what interests them. What problems do they have? How can you help them as a coach? What’s their budget? Are they more interested in long term coaching or short term? Do they like in-person intensives or perhaps group coaching?
Keep them in mind as you proceed with creating your packages and think of what duration is best for them.

Focus on One Thing.

Instead of trying to be everything to everyone and a generic coach, think about one thing you can focus on in your first package. We are all multifaceted beings with many interests, but when you’re beginning your coaching business it’s important to be known for something so that people begin associating you with it.

I was initially known as a health blogger and then as a Blog Coach. I’ve since moved into other areas as my experience has grown. Chances are you will do the same but it’s important to focus on one key area in the beginning so you can build up a name for yourself. 

Choose the time frame that’s right for you (and your clients).

Some coaches feel the need to create coaching packages based off of what other coaches are doing. Instead, create a time frame for your sessions that is based off market research with your Ideal Clients and what feels right for you.

Six months may sound great but you could discover it’s too much of a commitment for a new client, especially when you’re just starting out. Plus you may not even want to work with a client for that long. Do a intution check.  Ask yourself how many sessions feels right to you and plan their duration accordingly – 30 minutes, 1hr etc. 

Be Specific.

You’ll have more clients interested in your packages if you can be as specific as possible about what they get each day/week/month. Don’t be vague. If you have a 3-month package with one session a week and email support, break that down on your sales page and if possible, let people know what the focus of each week will be.This especially applies for packages 3-6 months and up.

Your clients will be excited to learn as much as possible about what it’s going to be like working with you, and how you can help them.

Outcomes and Benefits.

Just as we mentioned above with how to be extremely clear on what your sessions will cover, be clear on what benefits and outcomes your clients will get from working with you.

Benefits are an extremely important part of copywriting that gets your Ideal Client’s imagination working when they think about just how amazing it will be working with you and how their lives will benefit from it! This is your chance to give them a glimpse of the future them- the future they can have if they devote the time to improving their health, business, etc

Be very clear on how your client’s lives will change from signing up to your new package. Go in depth! If you’re a Writing Coach, let your clients know what it’s going to feel like getting their first book published or creating a year’s worth of blog content that attract the right readers to their site.

Group or 1 on 1.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s up to you whether or not you create group programs or 1 on 1 packages. You’ll notice I offer both private premium coaching packages and group programs.

My advice and what I teach my clients is to start with premium 1 on 1 until you have built a list you can market your group programs to. The reason I suggest this is because scaling your business with group programs requires more clients to enroll, depending on the price point of your group program.

Do what feels right for your business and always do your market research to make sure you are creating a program Ideal Clients will actually purchase.


How much should your premium coaching program cost? This seems to be one of the top questions new coaches have on their minds.

When you’re doing your market research, make sure to ask your Ideal Clients how much they would pay to work with someone who can overcome their specific challenge or need. Keep in mind that most new coaches tend to undercharge, causing them to not make enough money to grow and sustain their businesses.

Set time aside before you set your mind on a price to estimate how much you will need to make to sustain your lifestyle, and factor this into your budget. Also, account for any travel and business costs, as well as the income you desire to make and any life goals you want to accomplish.

Share Social Proof.

On your sales page for your new package, share any testimonials or praise from clients as well as the places you’ve been featured, ie magazines, blogs, etc.

As I’ve talked about on the blog (particularly here and here), showing your accomplishments and associations helps you build trust. People ultimately work with individuals they feel will understand their problem or desire, and that they can trust.

Adding relevant Social Proof from Social media (comments about your Facebook group, blog posts, etc) and media mentions will give you that extra boost in the eyes of your Ideal Reader and help set you apart from others in your industry.

Share Your Values & Interests.

One of the other fun ways to make your premium coaching packages stand out is to include your personality, values, and interests as much as possible in your website.

You’ll probably notice I share my jetsetting lifestyle often as not only do I love to travel, but my clients do too. I also talk about my husband and share photos of the two of us on Instagram, and mention him in my programs. Because of my training as a health coach and interest in nutrition, I attract women who also share a desire to live healthy lives.

Incorporate elements of your personality and lifestyle into your work and online presence and you’ll stand out from the crowd!

No matter what type of coaching package you choose to create, you’ll need to keep marketing your business. As you build your list, you’ll book more Discovery Calls  and find ways to attract new clients, such as through webinars.


When you’ve created your new coaching package, make sure to announce it to subscribers and Social Media followers, as well as in targeted Facebook ads. Because you’ve done the market research and carefully crafted a package that’s right for not only your Ideal Clients but your business, you will have more and more clients asking to work with you!

What type of coaching package do you feel is right for your business? Tell us about it in the comments below!

With love,

Jess xx



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  • Jessica Nazarali

    April 27, 2016

    You’re so welcome Tia! Let me know what packages you end up offering :)

  • Tia

    April 23, 2016

    This was a really great audio.I have been trying to figure out what program I’m going to offer. I think I was over thinking it. Thanks