Imagine being an influential coach or a famous online personality as your full-time career...

Doing work that really makes a difference and impacts people from ANYWHERE in the world...

Earning a FANTASTIC INCOME through spreading your positive messgae, while NOT being chained to a desk 40 hours a week...

If that's your dream then you are in the right place because there has NEVER been a better time to make a career move like this. Seriously. Just look at the numbers!

Did you know...

There has been a 74% increase in women creating their own careers from entrepreneurship from 1997-2015. (That's about 900 businesses being launched every day.)

Coaching is the 2nd fastest-growing industry in the USA after tech. The International Coaching Federation estimates the coaching industry makes $2 billion per year in revenue.

THE TIME TO BECOME A COACH OR ONLINE PERSONALITY IS NOW! There's NEVER been a better time to become a highly-paid coach or expert and kiss the 9-to-5 goodbye - for good!

Can you imagine...


Working directly with people in your area of expertise (instead of through a j-o-b) and making great money doing so?

Being 100% in charge of how much you earn, how many hours you work, and what projects and clients you choose to work with.

No longer being ignored, passed over, undervalued or under appreciated by your boss who doesn’t understand you - and let’s be honest... likely never will.

Ready for something more? Join us in Business School!

How I can help YOU.

Hi! My name is Jessica Nazarali - Business Strategist and Certified Master Coach.

I support women to build a thriving coaching or online personality businesses and become THE It Girl in their industry.

Definition of an It Girl  -  a woman who is confident, successful, well respected in her industry, a leader, an expert and an influencer.

And let me tell you...

To be at the top of your game in your industry you need to be an It Girl.

To make the impact you want to make you need to be an It Girl.

Through being an It Girl you can make great money doing work you love and give yourself real financial freedom and job security...

The ability to be in charge of YOUR life on a day-to-day basis. For me, this means being location independent and flexible in the hours I work. (Sometimes I work during the day; other times it’s at night if I’m feeling creatively inspired! Sometimes not at all.)

For other women it could mean being able to finish work at 3pm or having the autonomy to only take on projects you feel really excited about. And that’s the great thing about being an It Girl.

YOU are the one who gets to decide what it looks like :)

I’ve put all the exact strategies, systems, tactics, templates and tools you need in my 8-week business and influencer training program Business School, so you too can have this type of impact, influence and income as well.

All payments are in USD.

All payments are in USD.

It Girl Academy gives you the business & influencer training you need (and nothing you don't) to become the next highly sort after coach or online personality. 

  • Stop waiting months to get the training you need to grow your coaching business or standout in your chosen field.
  • In It Girl Academy you have absolutely EVERYTHING you need to start and grow your coaching business to a $10k per month income and beyond.

AND you will start as soon as you click the "JOIN NOW" button.

Imagine being able to charge top dollar for your time, sell out programs and products easily and being asked to contribute and speak around your area of knowledge in the media and on stage. Let me show you step-by-step how to create coaching business using your expertise & skills in 


This experience was created for...

  • Women who want to be an influential coaches and online influencers, who impacts women all around the world.
  • Professionals who want to recession-proof themselves and their financial future by creating a following and demand for their expertise.
  • Coaches and aspiring coaches who desire to travel, have incredible experiences & live a BIG life outside of the office.

What do clients & colleagues have to say?

Gina DeVee, Multi-Millionaire Coach and Founder of The Academy International Coaching Certification for Women

Jessica is the most powerful business expert I know for new coaches.

If you are a new coach or business owner looking to be a real business owner and fast track your financial success & notoriety in your industry then working with Jessica will definitely get you there.

Cristina Samper PearlFounder of Fluent Productions

I launched my first group program and made over $10k in profit!

When I first started the program I had no email list - now I have a community of women who are excited to learn from me and my goal is to take 100 people through my flagship program - "The Event Planners Academy" this year!


  • A business model that works for you - we will work out how YOU can make money out of your unique skills and put a plan in place to hit your income goals.
  • Be working with fantastic clients and making consistent income as a coach or online personality.
  • The confidence to be a successful coach and/or online personality, one who knows her unique value and impacts the lives of people across the globe.
  • The clarity of your message that is unique to you and will make you stand out in the marketplace as the It Girl and expert that you are.
  • A brand & website that is professional, beautiful and is a true reflection of what you stand for.
  • Sales conversations that feel authentic and non-sleazy; never again feel icky when having sales conversations.
  • The knowledge of where to find your perfect customers and clients who need and want your services.
  • Learn who to hire and what to delegate so you work in your zone of genius and outsource the rest.
  • Cool new strategies to explode your reach (far beyond the typical Facebook ads everyone talks about!) which enable you to quickly grow your and following without breaking the bank.
  • Meet your new work colleagues. While some solo professionals miss having colleagues when they leave their role this won’t happen to you! You will meet your new colleagues and business contacts in this program.

You can view the  pre-training, Module 1 and even ask me personal questions during 14-day guarantee. And you only decide whether to keep the program or not at the end of it. And if you’re not over-the-moon with your results, simply email my team [email protected] and your entire investment will be instantly refunded. It’s that easy.

All payments are in USD.

All payments are in USD.

In 8 weeks, this program will teach you how to leverage your existing skills, expertise and talents into a coaching business or online personality based business and how to create a fan base around your message.

(I will even help you find and choose which talents and skills to focus on if you’re not sure!)

What's included:

  • Two live group coaching calls with Jessica to get your questions answered and show you the quickest way to get results.
  • 4 comprehensive modules to support you to build and scale your coaching or personality based online business and gain PR and media for your message.
  • Get my own personal checklists, scripts, PDFs, email sequences as well as audio programs and videos to help you package, position, launch and scale your business.
  • Keep on growing with lifetime access to the community and materials. Get complimentary updates to the training material to ensure you always have the most up to date information to grow your business!
  • Build lifelong connections: Gain access to a private Facebook group for fostering powerful connections and meeting other powerful women who are claiming their success and turning their dreams into reality.
  • World class customer support from the It Girl team so you are never stuck when it comes to your next steps!

Keeley Tomkinson, Founder of Urban Feministas

I'm so grateful to have been a part of this community!

I just did my 2nd webinar and 6 more people bought. Meaning, I have now got 13 ladies in the program. Thanks so much for all your support. I'm so grateful to have been a part of this community over the past 4 months!

All payments are in USD.

All payments are in USD.

Imagine how HAPPY, EXCITED and FULFILLED you will feel when you:

  • Are a full-time coach or online personality doing work you love every day!
  • Your 1:1 coaching packages, group programs or services are completely sold out!
  • Have your own brand which is well respected and admired in your industry.
  • Are surrounded by other cool and inspiring friends and colleagues who are up to big things in their lives and businesses!
  • Get rid of that niggling feeling that your skills and expertise are being wasted in your current work environment.
  • Recession proof yourself by creating a following and demand for services and products that don't tie you to one specific company.
  • Have freedom and flexibility to set your own hours and choose what projects and clients you wish to work with.



Get excited! As soon as you enrol in the program, you will get access to an inspiring Orientation Module that will empower you to make the very most out of everything It Girl Academy has to offer!


  • How to prepare like a boss for the next 10 weeks so you leave nothing to chance and set yourself up for your best success!
  • Proven techniques to work through and conquer any fear or self-doubt that could hold you back from creating your dream business and living the It Girl Entrepreneur lifestyle.
  • Fabulous mindset and inner-work resources (that I still use myself!) for you to turn to any time you feel stuck or overwhelmed.
  • Your very own mastermind partner, because accountability rocks! Select your perfect match mastermind partner for mutual support and as you move your businesses forward together.


Your It Girl Brand

In the first module, you’ll explore who you want to coach, what topic you want to coach on and start building a brand that stands out in the industry. 


  • Choose a business models that works for you and your goals.
  • Become clear on who you want to coach and what topic you want to coach on so you can attract clients easily.
  • Create a website and brand that empowers you to stand out online as THE It Girl that you are.
  • Create packages and start engaging with potential clients for your coaching services.
  • Learn the best practice tips for having incredible photos to use in your business so you look professional and reputable.


Confident Communication

In this module you will develop your unique message and discover what parts of your story and business brand to put in the spotlight, so you always know exactly what to write on your website, newsletters, blog posts and social media updates!


  • Use your own story and personality to shine through in marketing, stand out and build trust and loyalty with your followers.
  • Understand how to clearly communicate the benefits, features and outcomes of your work so potential clients are excited to work with you.
  • Get my step-by-step proven template for writing high-converting sales pages using my proven sales page template.
  • Write newsletters and email communications to your email subscribers. Know what to put into these communications for maximum engagement and results.
  • Discover how to effectively write for social media for brand awareness and to attract clients.


Master Your Marketing

In this module, you will create your very own marketing system (the proven online way to attract clients on autopilot!) & start to set up the simple internet marketing structures to help prospective clients and customers find you (and buy from you!) from anywhere in the world!


  • Create and implement a proven marketing plan so you are being sent a steady stream of prospective customers & clients.
  • Discover the easy-to-follow system for conducting powerful, persuasive webinars that inspire clients to say "yes"!
  • Create free content that show off your brilliance and have tons of new people rushing to join your mailing list! Build a community of raving fans who love you and can't wait to buy what you offer.
  • Build your first landing page to offer your lead magnet and share it on social media and other channels to build your email list.
  • Write an email sales sequences (a series of emails) that sell your coaching services on autopilot.
  • Learn the secrets to creating a great-looking video series to sell your courses & programs and make you look like the professional and likable person that you are!


Business Building

This is where the rubber meets the road! In this module, you will learn how to have powerful sales conversations with potential clients and customers that feel effortless & elegant - not awkward and embarrassing!


  • Conduct sales conversations that aren't pushy, pitchy or icky and get clients happily saying "yes"!
  • Handle common objections like "I'd love to but I can't afford it" that may occur when you are speaking to potential clients.
  • Laser-focus on the high-payoff tasks can result in customers and clients this week - and do them daily to fill your roster faster.
  • Learn the secrets to creating a great-looking video series to sell your courses & programs and make you look like the professional and likable person that you are!


PR, Media and Collaborations

Build relationships with magazines, bloggers, colleagues and the top influencers in your industry to support you to build a credible and reputable brand.


  • Create affiliate and referral programs so you have peers sending referrals your way - yes!
  • Approach the industry leaders and know exactly what to say to make them eager to support and collaborate with you.
  • Understand how to pitch guest posts, podcast interview requested and magazine features to reach a wider audience.
  • Partner with your colleagues via webinars, telesummits, interviews and events to help grow your following.
  • Learn how to actively promote your media mentions to capitalise on the exposure.


Get Social

In this module, you will learn how to set up Facebook ads to build your list and pool of potential clients and customers from all around the globe! You will also learn about other social media platforms and how to use them to build your global following!


  • Use the magic of highly-targeted Facebook ads to build your list and to find the perfect customers and clients.
  • Write killer copy & identify the most irresistible images to use for your Facebook ads.
  • Optimise your landing pages to skyrocket the number of people opting in from your Facebook ads so your list grows steadily. (This is how I added thousands each month!)
  • Learn how to grow your influence and relationships by leveraging other social media platforms Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Periscope, Twitter & Snapchat.


Client Love

Refine your coaching package, image and marketing so you can continue to reach more of your ideal clients.


  • Discover how to deal with difficult client scenarios so you increase client retention and satisfaction.
  • Hear a REAL client coaching session and deconstruction so you learn how to be a better coach.
  • Design a client on-boarding process that's smooth and supportive for both you and your client.
  • Referring out.


Being a #Girl Boss

It’s your business....but no one succeeds all alone. In this module, you will discover how to hire and manage your first contractors (and eventually permanent team members) so you have more time to focus on your zone of genius and delegate what you don’t enjoy.


  • Hire your first team member and learn exactly what to outsource and delegate to support your growing business.
  • Choose an online collaboration platform to seamlessly communicate with employees and contractors all over the world & conduct meetings that get things done.
  • Step into being a leader and create a productive and happy team culture where everyone wins!
  • Use free online reporting tools to troubleshoot and improve the process of signing clients & growing your business.
  • Trouble shooting - what to do when stuff isn’t working.

Dia Marie Spangler, Online Sales and Success Coach for Coaches

I had my first $15k month in my 3rd month of business!

In the third month of Jess' course I signed 5 clients (my goal was 4!) Without a doubt I credit this early success to having my own coach! From the very beginning I had the support and guidance from Jess, who I seriously admired and who had already been exactly where I wanted to be. I know wholeheartedly that having a coach is the reason why my business succeeded in a big way so quickly!

You can view the  pre-training, Module 1 and even ask me personal questions during 14-day guarantee. And you only decide whether to keep the program or not at the end of it. And if you’re not over-the-moon with your results, simply email my team [email protected] and your entire investment will be instantly refunded. It’s that easy.

All payments are in USD.

All payments are in USD.

Jessica Lynn Forrest-Baldini, Founder of FastPass Coaching

I increased my prices from $100 per month to $1000 per month!


When I first started my business I was completely lost. What changed for me was enrolling in Jessica’s program . I was able to go from no online business or presence at all and only charging $100 to $150/month to an online business fully built, an email list that grows every day, knowing how to run and grow my business, and charging about 10x what I used to charge!

Holly MacCue, Director of Holly MacCue Coaching

I’ve got 3 potential new clients in the pipeline and signed off $18k of business with my existing (biggest) client for this year going forward.

And I’m re-running the program for the coaching academy that I did last year. (Not huge income but the last program led to 2 private clients so it’s something I’m keen to keep for now.)   :)




Why not Start NOW?!


When you sign up to It Girl Entrepreneur, you are not just helping yourself, you are helping one woman in the Philippines come out of poverty and learn life changing business skills. By joining It Girl Entrepreneur, YOU will sponsor one woman to take my business foundations program -  It Girl International, which helps women  use their skills and talents to make money online as freelancers and virtual assistants to support themselves and their families.

Thank you for making their dreams of financial security, freedom and flexibility come true!

What exactly is an It Girl?

What if I’m not sure which of my skills, talents and expertise I can channel into a business?

I’m still working in a job. Should I take this program?

Is Business School only for people who want to be life coaches?

I’m worried I won’t understand the technical elements of setting up a business..Help!

I’m not a certified coach. Do I need to be certified to take this course?

How much money can I expect to make?

How does Business School differ from other business courses?

I’m traveling, getting married, moving halfway through the program. Can I still join?

All payments are in USD.

All payments are in USD.

What do other entrepreneurs have to say about Jessica?

***Individual results vary from client to client. How much you get out of the program will directly relate to how committed you are to your business and the program :)***

Louisa Zhou, Money-Magnetizing Business Architect

I went from no business to $10K per month and became a full-time entrepreneur.


Yogeeta Mistry, Founder of Yogeeta Mistry Coaching

I had my first $10,000k month!

I had my first $10,000 (7,087 Sterling) in October!!!! :) Onwards and upwards!

Michelle Rohde, Certified Transformational Coach

I had my first $10,000k month!$10K in my coaching business and released a group program.


Alicia Civile, Founder and Guide at Sacred Soul Discovery

I went from health blog to selling $3200 coaching programs.


Tracy Timberlake, Vlogger & Video Marketing Strategist

Total Sales for the month $13,400, my first 5-figure month!


Sabrina Fusaro, Owner of

From corporate employee to celebrating +12k Euros in revenues.

I wanted to thank publicly Jess Nazarali, I've signed up three clients in three days, and I've found a renewed sense of purpose all thanks to her support and encouragement! And I'm now celebrating +12K in revenues since the beginning of the month. Yahoooooooooooo!


Michelle McGlade, Success Coach for Holistic Practitioners

I have 2 clients. I've made $7k and I have my branding in place.


Sophie Wright, Performer and Mindset Coach

I went from no business to 9 clients and went full time in my business.


Prema Srinivasan, Owner of Inspired Vision Business Coaching

After finishing the program, I had 3 paying clients!


Ajit Nawalkha, Co-Founder MindValley & Evercoach

Jessica is somebody who was able to do it in a small amount of time!

Jane Copeland, CEO of

Jess quickly became THE success coach for aspiring IT Girl coaches.

I don’t know anyone better to learn from, that from someone who has done it herself.  Since “Leaping from the Ladder” and moving out of her corporate role, Jess has quickly become THE success coach for aspiring IT girl coaches – and has quickly built an extraordinary successful business in the process. She’s a good operator and knows her shizzle. As they say the proof is in the pudding. Jet-setting around the world with her husband while building a million dollar business, yes please!

Sam Morrisey, Founder and Managing Director of Sam Morrisey at Your Freestyle Life

I left my corporate career, I now have an email list size of 1750+ and am earning 10k per month!

My new normal is an average of 10K per month (almost double my full-time corporate salary), I have a list size of 1750 and I really only "work" 3 days per week.

Michelle McCormick, Owner of

I was up from 1 to 5 clients and I had doubled my rate with my existing clients.


Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley, Founder of Thriving Healer

This course is the missing piece that coaching schools are lacking.

This course is the missing piece that coaching schools are lacking. It's the answer to that super important question - 'How can I actually make money as a coach?' Through Jess' program, I've learned about how to set up a marketing funnel, do marketing research, plus how to utilize Facebook ads to help me reach my goals! I can't recommend this course enough! Thank you, Jess, for the wealth of information you've bestowed upon me; my life has been forever changed.

Cassie Howard, Biz Consultant for Biz Entrepreneurs

I've finally just gone over my number and I wanted to celebrate that I signed on 6 new clients earning $27,500!

I've learned a lot about coaching in this program and I'm so proud of myself for putting pedal to the metal and getting the quick results I was after. I'm now almost completely booked with 1:1 clients!

Sarika Jain, Love and Relationship Coach

From Corporate Career Girl to Love Coach Who Charges $10k For Her Coaching Packages.

Today my 1:1 coaching practice is full, I charge $10,000k for a 6-month coaching program and I’ve just launched a group program to continue to share my message of love and to create even more impact.

I’ve designed my business to meet my lifestyle needs of having family, fitness & freedom, and more time with my husband; and enjoying our dream apartment in the heart of Manhattan.

Jessica Nazarali is the Creator and Founder of It Girl Academy, a company dedicated to providing coaches, consultants and solo professionals with the tools they need to create a meaningful career while living out their best life.

Her business came to life through starting a blog at the end of 2011 and over time, due to her seeing a need for her expertise in the industry, her blog transitioned into a coaching business, one that in 2015 made over $600,000.

After reaching this level of success Jessica decided to create It Girl International, a not-for-profit program which helps women in developing countries learn how to become Freelancers and Virtual Assistants, so they too can embrace an independent lifestyle and support themselves and their families.

Jessica is an Australian, who last year fulfilled her dream of splitting her time between Australia and North America with her Husband and Business Partner, Faiz.

All payments are in USD.

All payments are in USD.