Launch your own business, replace your 9-5 salary and live life on your own terms!

Have you been wanting to start an online business,

but don't know where to start?

Do you envision a life for yourself beyond the typical 9-5,

where you use your unique talents & skills?

Do you think "I want that too" when you see other women

launch their own successful businesses?

Yes? You do? Then today's your lucky day!

The Out of the Office home study program was created to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you launch sustainable online businesses while continuing to work their day jobs.


Hi! I'm Jessica.

In February 2014, I quit my job to be full-time entrepreneur. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. Up until that point I was working in my job while coaching and running my online store in the evenings and on the weekends.

For months I had dreamt that "one day" I would be able to coach full time and #workfromanywhere...that day had finally come!

When you're trying to start a business while working full time, I completely understand how far off your dream can feel. I want you to know it isn't when you have the right support.

That's why I created It Girl: Out of the Office. My goal is to give you the first steps to creating your dream business so you can get out of the office and live the life you have always wanted!


In my first year working as a full time entrepreneur, I made multiple six figures ($257,000 to be precise) and was able to travel to Bali, Hawaii, LA, Paris (twice!), London, Spain, and Dubai - something I would have NEVER been able to do if I was still working on my day job...

and in 2015 my business made over $600K  (which I still can hardly believe - it's crazy!)

I guess you could say I made the right decision to quit my job...BUT at the time it was a REALLY scary decision. That's why I put It Girl Out of the Office together, to help fellow entrepreneurs start building a successful business before they leave their day job to eliminate some of this stress.

itgirl-logoOut of the Office

is a home-study course for women who desire to...

  • Create a side income that allows you to have additional income to support yourself and your family.
  • Become laser clear on how you will actually make money in your business and put in place a step by step plan to make it happen.
  • Put together packages and programs which work for you and your lifestyle. Work when you want and no longer need to report to a boss!
  • Move past fears that are holding you back from your dream of being an entrepreneur and “selling yourself”.
  • Attract clients (right now!) who are willing to pay premium prices for your services - it's not as hard as you think!
  • Create your own out of the office plan and be a full time entrepreneur in control of your own destiny.
  • Figure out the perfect way to get paid for your existing talents and interests.
  • Have a passion project outside from work which gives you creative fulfilment and the opportunity to be of service.

Ready to create a side income and pursue a passion outside of work?

Ready to get out of the office and become a full time entrepreneur?

All payments are in USD.

Make your Dreams a Reality


Your It Girl Out of the Office plan

  • Develope your Out of the Office escape!

Set a plan to leave your job and start your dream business.

  • Discover how much money you need to live out your ideal life (and leave your job!)

Get into reality about how much income your biz needs to be making to support yourself and enable you to leave your job.

Video & Audio Training on...

  • Overcoming fear & self doubt

Banish these common fears and step confidently into your business.

  • Testing your biz idea

Learn how to test your business idea before you leave your job to ensure you will have a viable and profitable business and avoid thousands of dollars wasted and countless hours building a business that won't work.

  • How to create packages and services that sell!

Learn how to put together packages and services your ideal clients can't wait to buy!

  • Build a gorgeous website

Create a gorgeous website that represents you, for as little as $8 per month!

  • Create beautiful photographs

Style and direct standout photo shoots for you to use in your business to attract high value clients.

80+ Page Workbook on...

  • How to make money in your biz

Discover the different It Girl business models and choose one that works for you and your lifestyle. Put a plan in place to start bringing in money into your biz ASAP. (See testimonial below from Michelle who signed her first client the week she signed up to the program!) 

  • Gaining clarity on who your business will serve

Get crystal clear on who you are creating your products and services for, so you speak directly to them in your marketing and eliminate the competition. 

  • Packaging your skills and talents successfully

Create the best packages of your skills & talents to command premium prices and get the best results for your customers & clients. (Yes, people will pay you a lot, and love you for it!

  • Crafting beautiful photography

Learn the best practice steps and actions for having an incredible photoshoot (Kendall Jenner you better watch out) to position yourself as THE It Girl and expert in this space. 

  • Website design

Create a website and brand that empowers you to stand out online as THE It Girl that you are.

  • Hiring your first team member

Discover what to outsource and how to hire the perfect assistant (it's not as expensive as it sounds!) to free up your time and spend it on the activities you enjoy most!

Private Facebook Group

Join an exclusive Facebook group filled with other coaches who are just as committed to quitting their day job and becoming a successful coach as you are! Have access to Jessica within the Facebook group to ask her your questions.

All payments are in USD.

Want to change lives?
Why not Start NOW?!


When you sign up to It Girl Out of the Office you are not just helping yourself, you are helping one woman in the Philippines come out of poverty and learn life changing business skills.

By joining It Girl Out of the Office YOU will sponsor one women to take my business foundations program -  It Girl International, which helps women  use their skills and talents to make money online as freelancers and virtual assistants to support themselves and their families.

Thank you for making her dreams of financial security, freedom and flexibility come true!

Meet the Program Director

I used to work in the call center industry in the Philippines before starting my own business - which meant working the night shift, working during the holidays like Christmas and New Year and having shifts change at short notice. Being a solo parent, this was particularly hard for my children.

When I started working online, it allowed me to be at home with my kids and still have a sustainable income. I was even able to have the money to travel and go to different countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Macau! I was able to learn different skills and meet new friends and colleagues.

By joining the program, you are giving another woman here in the Philippines, an opportunity to create a better life for herself and for her family. This program is exactly what they need to get started with their online career and be an It Girl in their selected industry.


Jessica Nazarali

Jessica Nazarali is the creator and founder of It Girl Entrepreneur, a $600k company dedicated to providing coaches and online entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create a meaningful career while living out their best life. She is also the Founder of It Girl International, a not for profit which sponsors women in developing countries to take business education programs so all women have the opportunity to be It Girl Entrepreneurs - no matter where they live.


Jessica is the most powerful business expert I know for new coaches.

If you are a new coach looking to be a real business owner and fast track your financial success & notoriety in your industry then working with Jessica will definitely get you there.

Gina DeVee

Multi Millionaire Coach and Founder of The Academy International Coaching Certification for Women

I left my corporate career, I now have a list size of 1750+ and am earning 10k per month!

My new normal is an average of 10K per month (almost double my full time corporate salary), I have a list size of 1750 (that list is the main key to my success and it's grown from like 300 since February 2015) and I really only "work" 3 days per week.

Sam Morrisey

Jess quickly became THE success coach for aspiring IT Girl coaches

I don’t know anyone better to learn from, that from someone who has done it herself.  Since “Leaping from the Ladder” and moving out of her corporate role, Jess has quickly become THE success coach for aspiring IT girl coaches – and has quickly built an extraordinary successful business in the process. She’s a good operator and knows her shizzle. As they say the proof is in the pudding. Jet-setting around the world with her husband while building a million dollar business, yes please!

Jane Copeland

CEO of

I had my first $15k month in my 3rd month of business!

In the third month of Jess' course I signed 5 clients (my goal was 4!) Without a doubt I credit this early success to having my own coach! From the very beginning I had the support and guidance from Jess, who I seriously admired and who had already been exactly where I wanted to be. I know wholeheartedly that having a coach is the reason why my business succeeded in a big way so quickly!

Dia Marie Spangler

Jessica is somebody who was able to do it in a small amount of time!

Ajit Nawalkha

Senior Partner at MindValley & CEO of MindValley Media

From corporate employee to celebrating +12k Euros in revenues.

I wanted to thank publicly Jess Nazarali, I've signed up three clients in three days, and I've found a renewed sense of purpose all thanks to her support and encouragement! And I'm now celebrating +12K in revenues since the beginning of the month. Yahoooooooooooo!

(Watch the video below to know more)

video placeholder

Sabrina Fusaro

I increased my prices from $100 per month to $1000 per month!

When I first started my business I was completely lost. What changed for me was enrolling in Jessica’s program . I was able to go from no online business or presence at all and only charging $100 to $150/month to an online business fully built, an email list that grows every day, knowing how to run and grow my business, and charging about 10x what I used to charge!

Today get to work from my favorite little cafe on Melrose in West Hollywood and I’m about to go visit my sister in Sydney for 2 1/2 weeks!

Jessica Lynn Forrest-Baldini

All payments are in USD.