Discover how to train yourself to easily take action on your BIG GOALS without resistance...

Even if your past actions and results have been kind of disappointing (and you're starting to wonder if you'll ever be able to create the life and business you truly want).


Personal Mastery will teach you distinct mindset techniques to help you build a dream business, attract incredible relationships and experience true abundance...

Maybe you even don't even know where to begin to start to make your dreams happen... Or perhaps you fall short in feeling adequate & commanding genuine confidence from yourself...

If you are feeling this way (even just slightly) fear not, because you're in the right place...

Personal Mastery is a 3-week total immersion course designed for you to master your mindset...  (so you can literally live a life most people only dream of)

You Are Just One Decision Away from Becoming the Best Version of Yourself & Living a Life Others Only Imagine!

In Personal Mastery, we take you through a powerful 3 Part Process to create beliefs that serve you, train your subconscious mind for abundance, and give you the structure & support you need to work towards any goal you desire.

Throughout the program we use a combination of learning styles to immerse you into your own, Personal Mastery, so you can form meaningful relationships, get clarity on your mission, and live a life you truly love! 

 This is done through:

  • Passive learning (Training your subconscious to serve you)
  • Conscious learning (Guiding yourself toward action)
  • Solidification Techniques (Powerful implementation techniques)

By the end of Personal Mastery you'll be projecting the energy of someone who is happy, confident and sure of herself (because guess what?! You will be!) 

In Personal Mastery, we work with different parts of the brain and incorporate strategies that train your subconscious mind (so it can work for you behind the scenes).

Through the right thoughts, you can change your entire world in a positive way and hack your beliefs to become the greatest version of yourself.

When you harness your mind in this way you can literally change your body’s chemistry... Which then goes on to have a domino effect on every area of your life.

How do I know this is possible?


I’m often told by others that I’m “lucky”. But I’ll be completely honest with you.

In reality, I am successful because I have literally reprogrammed my brain, which then allowed me to follow my dreams without (much) resistance and attract into my life incredible people and opportunities.

I get to travel the world with my husband who I’m madly in love with, I have meaningful connections with amazing friends from over 30 different countries, a business that inspires me, a family I love, and a healthy body and mind…

This comes with consistent and persistent action. Which turns out is the missing ingredient I find in most people struggling to meet their BIG GOALS.

But it’s not to say I haven’t been without my challenges.

Like having my long term boyfriend break up with me on my birthday outside my house when my whole family (grandparents, cousins and aunties and uncles were inside waiting to wish me happy birthday) - that was not fun!

Or seeing my Dad in the ICU and being told he probably won’t make it through the night four times - he did! And seeing him go through cancer treatment has not been a walk in the park....

The normal ups and downs (and still sometimes overwhelming) challenges of running a business….making mistakes and learning the hard way at times.

However, one of the reason’s I’ve been able to get through the big challenges (and the smaller ones) is through being clear on my life’s goals and keeping a positive mindset (despite what’s going on around me) and taking daily action towards my dreams.

This doesn’t need to be hard. It is actually easy if you have the right guidance and framework.

I’ve personally designed for you to have this type of breakthrough and made it so affordable that pretty much anyone reading this can afford to take action immediately.

It is a distilled three-week mindset and clarity program, so you can follow my step by step process and become the greatest version of yourself (and be one of those so-called “lucky” one’s too).

All payments are in USD.

In these three weeks and beyond, you will...

  • Dive into the world of self-love and self acceptance, stop the inner critic from running the show once and for all.
  • Increase abundance in your life, love in your relationships, and clarity of your life's mission. Become clear in what you want out of your relationships, lifestyle goals, health, career, business and finances.
  • Reprogram your brain so you really believe success is possible. Remove beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good and preventing you from creating the life you want.
  • Set goals you will actually follow through on - hooray!
  • Create an easy to follow visualisation process to call in your dream life - especially designed for busy people on the go!
  • Gain increased confidence and become unapologetic about going after what you truly desire.
  • Stop worrying about what other people think of your choices and focus on what makes YOU happy.
  • Start having fun and become the women everyone refers to as “so lucky”.
  • Uncover your life’s mission (or finally give yourself permission to go after your mission) WITHOUT fear and self doubt.

As soon as you enroll in Personal Mastery, you'll receive:

  • The complete 21 day course designed for you to live your best life! We’ll cover everything from your Mindset and Health to your Relationships, levels of Contribution, Finances, and Career.
  • 3 full meditations (tuned with amazing uplifting music) to listen to for the next 21 days and beyond to keep you motivated, inspired, and on track towards the success that’s meant for you. (trust me, even if you find meditations boring you will love these)
  • 3 comprehensive trainings: Uncover Your Dreams & Set Big Goals; Confidence & Overcoming Challenges; and Abundance & Relationships. Each of these is designed to help you in specific ways to start living out your dream life!
  • Videos, audios, and workbooks from Jessica that will guide you through the course content.
  • Before you start, you’ll receive a simple pre-training and other supporting materials so you can make the best use of the program.
  • An unconditional 7 day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.
  • Plus, as with any It Girl Academy program, you get Incredible customer support so you are always taken care of. :)

All payments are in USD.

Personal Mastery Curriculum

  • In Part 1, you’ll uncover what you really want from your relationships, career, health and lifestyle so you can start to call it into your life NOW.
  • This part will help you move past resistance and stop caring what others think of your goals + dreams so you start materialising them faster.
  • You’ll create your 90 day plan of highly actionable short term goals that you FINALLY follow through on.
  • Map out your long term goals for your life and really start to dream BIG! I’ve set up a easy to follow framework for you to do just this (and it’s simple enough that you won’t resist mapping it all out).
  • Last but definitely not least, you’re going to seal the deal & express gratitude for what you currently have in your life and get ready to embrace more love, fun, purpose, abundance, and joy.


  • In Part 2, you’ll train your subconscious mind to support your new goals by using practical tools and techniques to reach success much faster!
  • You’ll build unwavering self-confidence and belief in yourself and  your abilities through repetition of meditations and audio trainings.
  • Discover how to overcome resistance and let go of that fear based mindset that currently feels automatic.
  • Learn how to continually move forward regardless of challenges (because they will come up) and understand how to break through old thought patterns by replacing them with positive habits and affirmations.
  • Finally, I’ll show you how to adopt self care and wellness practices into your lifestyle so you feel more happy, vibrant and productive in your work.
  • In Part 3, you’ll discover how to create an abundant mindset and learn how to see the abundance of love and money that is around you.
  • You’ll build a plan to help you to bring in money to fund your dreams (through starting a business, asking for a promotion or having a career change) and get into reality about how much your dreams actually cost - this will make your dreams and goals seem much more achievable.
  • You’ll also discover how to Invite more love into your friendships and intimate relationships. Surround yourself with people who really light you up (and politely remove those who bring you down).
  • Build relationships with friends and connections who will help you on your new path to live out your life purpose and mission.

Why Order TODAY: Here are the Advantages When You Sign up NOW as a Founding Member

The Lowest Price EVER offered for Founding Memebers

The usual price for this program is $295. However, for the first round of this course the investment is only $95 (for founding members only)– making this is a $200 saving… when you order today.

We’ve made the investment as affordable as possible. (Note that 1:1 coaching packages with Jessica are $20k). All we ask is you share your experience of the program once you’ve completed it, if you feel comfortable doing so. We truly want to be part of your success story. (This is a course we built for impact rather than profit)

Lifetime Access to the Program PLUS all Future Updates

By signing up today as a founding member you receive the entire program, as well as all the new material that is added over time FOR LIFE!

We will be continuously adding new trainings to make it better and better. So we'll make sure you have full access while supporting you to reach your highest levels of success.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee (or Your Money Back)

The information in this program works. That's why I stand behind it with a strong guarantee.

It’s what I’ve personally used to expand my consciousness, grow my business, fulfill my deep desire of travelling the world with my incredible husband, build life changing connections, and ultimately be happy in my body, mind and spirit.

But you don’t need to just take my word for it...

Purchase Personal Mastery today and get a full refund within 7 days if it’s not right for you.

It means you get to try the whole program and if you don’t LOVE it - My team will give you a full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!



All payments are in USD.

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