1:1 mentorship for ambitious & high achieving women who want to become an industry leader and create a highly profitable business.

Chances are you’ve heard that coaching is THE hottest career move at the moment.

The industry is growing like crazy. The demand is high.

Through being a coach not only do you make a difference in people’s lives but YOU get to live out a pretty incredible life in the process...

Like travelling the world, building life changing relationships PLUS making a handsome income in the process.

Want some of this too? I bet you do :)


You’ve likely been coaching friends and family members for years…

You know you're cut out to be a coach. It's your time to make this dream of yours happen.

But here’s the thing...

You want to really help people and get them results and not come across as someone who is just in it for the good times and lifestyle.

(of course you enjoy this but your main reason for wanting to be a coach are to change people's lives and do work that is meaningful - everything else is just a bonus).

You want to create a legitimate business you're proud to tell your friends and family about - putting up a average website and hoping for the best just isn't going to cut it.

If you can relate to this...

I hear you. I get it. 

After doing well at university and working for a HR company where I was dealing with large corporations like Cisco and Ford creating a successful business wasn’t a maybe it was a requirement.

If I was going to do it, I was going to do it well.

So when people started to reach out and ask me if I could help them to start a blog (I was the creator of a popular blog at the time) and coach them through the process I threw myself head first into learning everything I could about coaching.

2 coaching certifications, one master coach certification, over 2000 coaching hours later and a business which will make over $1 million in 2016, I’ve learnt a thing or two about what smart and intelligent women want when it comes to creating a coaching business.

And I'm ready to show you how to create this type of business too (if you're ready :) 

From ordinary to It Girl. This is your new path - if you're ready for it!

But be warned...this program isn't for everyone.

This program is for exceptional women who are hungry for success and have a no matter what attitude when it comes to their dreams. After working with all different type of women I know who I can help the most.

1:1 coaching is for women who:

  • Have a goal of making minimum five figure months in their business.
  • Stay solution focused when up against challenges because guess what? Even superstars like you will have challenges.
  • Have skills, expertise and experiences to bring into your business, because I can only do so much...you need to bring something to the table that we can work with:)
  • Can afford to sign up to high level coaching and don't have to mortgage their first born or sell a kidney to get themselves into the program. (If money's tight I have many other programs to choose from).

What's included in the private coaching with Jessica?

I work with no more than 3 private clients at a time so you get the attention you deserve. During this exclusive program, you will gain...

  • A signature high end coaching program and a steady stream of clients enrolling in the program.
  • Advanced marketing systems and structures to help you to attract your ideal clients.
  • A business plan with suggested products and courses to grow your income and leverage your time.
  • The beginnings of a powerful social media following and plus an assortment of media mentions.
  • Introductions to my contacts and colleagues to help you to build your network in the industry.
  • A partner to work with you each and step of the way as you grow your business.

What's included...

The mentorship is completely tailored around you and your unique goals. Below is an idea of what we can cover in the coaching:


Your Brand Essence and Signature Offering

Discover who you desire to help and create coaching packages your ideal clients can't wait to buy. Create and infuse your own style and personality into your website, sales page, opt in and coaching package so you stand out in the marketplace.

circle07Meaningful Sales

Finally have sales conversations that no longer feel pushy and icky. Learn how to overcome every objection and handle discovery session with grace and ease so you turn your I'm not sure and I need to think about it into Yes's!

circle06Mastering Internet Marketing

Set up internet structures and launch sequences to enable you to find your ideal clients. Master webinars, preview calls, Facebook ads, auto responders and landing pages so you are being sent prospective clients while you sleep.

circle-new09Spread your Message

Learn how to work with affiliates and referral partners to grow your coaching business even faster. Uncover how to write copy and leverage social media to build your community to become the next "It Girl" in the coaching industry.

Your coaching program will include the following...

  • 24 weekly 45-minute coaching calls where you will receive strategy, feedback, accountability, and support to have five figure months as coach.
  • Access to a private membership portal to access customised templates, workbooks and scripts tailored to you and your unique business.
  • Personal introductions and connections to people in the industry who will help your business grow.
  • Access to my team when necessary for guidance on Facebook ads, tech, branding and copywriting.
  • Email support from me throughout the coaching program so you are never stuck or unsure about your next steps moving forward.


A Ticket to It Girl Business Mastery - Valued at $495

In this one day event with Jessica, you will learn the latest and best strategies and tactics to leverage your personal brand to become the next highly sought after coach, expert or online brand.

There are four 2016 event locations to choose from and if none of these dates works for you, you are welcome to request an event recording.

Total Investment

 $24,000 USD

Pay in full discount - $20,000 USD 

*Payment Plan*

6 payments of $4,000

Have questions about the program? Want to make sure it's a good fit for you and your business?

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Please only book a decision making session if you are serious about having a successful business and can financially afford to take the program. 

What Industry Experts are saying about Jessica:

"Jessica is the most powerful coach I know for new coaches"

Jessica is the most powerful coach I know for new coaches. If you are a new coach looking to be a real business owner and fast track your financial success & influence in your industry then working with Jessica will definitely get you there.

Gina Devee

Multi Millionaire Coach and Founder of The Academy International Coaching Certification for Women

"If you're looking for big results..."

Jessica is leading the way in helping women create profitable online businesses and the right mindset to be a success. I highly recommend working with her if you're looking for big results.

Victoria Gibson

Director, BreakoutSuccess

Have questions about the program? Want to make sure it's a good fit for you and your business?

Apply for a complimentary decision making session to make sure the coaching package is the right fit for you.

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Praise from women like you


"I've made $6k per month my new income"


Michele Rohde

"10 signed up for a discovery session with me!"

I just needed to share the results from a business luncheon I spoke at... We had close to 40 women there today, 10 signed up for a discovery session with me, 12 signed up for my newsletter & 100 new likes on Facebook plus LinkedIn connections :D AND I signed up my first EVER client for $4,000 last week!

"I just signed a new client for a Six-month package @ $6,000!!!"

I’ve been a bit discouraged that I haven’t been able to put as much focus on my coaching as I’d like lately (less than 3 weeks to due date & my financial advisory firm is crazy busy right now) but wanted to share that, despite that, the last 2 weeks I’ve been trying harder to be more grateful & feel/do better instead of the pity party I was stuck in for a month or so & lo and behold…I just signed a new client for a Six-month package @ $6,000!!! My husband & I are sooo thrilled!

Michele Rohde


Sam Morrisey

"I just made $10,000 in 2 days ;)"

I just HAD to message you and tell you that I just sold 2 packages in 2 days!
$10 000 in my bank account!!! It feels awesome!
Sam Morrisey - SamMorrisey.com

Lauren Zink

"She KNOWS my business, she KNOWS me, and she KNOWS the strategy that makes it all click."

I hired Jess in August, and in September I made $7,092 (and 62 cents). I don’t think that’s a coincidence. In the last month, I have doubled my list size, filled my schedule with clients I love, and gotten handpicked to guest blog in the Huffington Post. And that was just in 30 days! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!I consider Jess a partner in my business. When I’m stuck, I call Jess. When a discovery session flops (it happens to the best of us!), I call Jess. When I have a big win to celebrate, I call Jess. She’s always there for me, and she always has the answer. What’s more? Working 1:1 with her has taught me to be a better coach for my own clients—and they deserve that.

I’ll admit that I was nervous at first. Mostly, I had no idea how I was going to pay her! But she held my hand and walked me through it. I had invested in my business before. (In fact, I truly believe that’s the path to success.) But Jess was different. Hiring Jess wasn’t like buying an off-the-shelf online marketing course (and I have several of those). This was the big time, and I wasn’t sure I was ready. Looking back, I never would have grown so rapidly and accomplished so much if Jess hadn’t been behind the scenes pushing me forward. She KNOWS my business, she KNOWS me, and she KNOWS the strategy that makes it all click. It’s the tiny, happy trifecta of ass kicking, and that’s just what she helps me do. Working with Jess makes me braver, richer and smarter, and I know she'll do the same for you.

Lauren Vanessa Zink - Queen of Copy Clarity at Tiny Happy Empire


Have questions about the program? Want to make sure it's a good fit for you and your business?

Apply for a complimentary decision making session to make sure the coaching package is the right fit for you.

Click here to apply for a decision making session!