What are the Top Three Business Models for New Coaches & Entrepreneurs?

Today, in It Girl Question Time we're talking about the Top Three Business Models for New Coaches & Entrepreneurs!

Here is an overview of the 3 different business models to consider implementing in your biz.

  • One-on-one Coaching or Services

This is a type of business model allows you to work very closely to your client and tailor your programs or offerings around their unique needs.

Since one-on-one coaching or services require more personal time, this type of model usually has a higher price point compared to other biz models.

Examples: 1:1 health coaching, done-for-you copywriting or private yoga lessons.

  • Group Programs, Services or Masterminds

Clients who participate in these business models benefit from peer-to-peer learning with others and the facilitator benefits from being able to work with multiple clients at the one time (thus leveraging their time effectively).

The price point for these services is usually lower than what you would charge for your 1:1 services.

Examples: It Girl Entrepreneur, group personal training sessions or conscious parenting 6-week group program.

  • Info Products

Info Products are e-books, audio recordings, or digital video recordings, or a combination of all of the above in a home-study course.

Info products allow you to create something which then can be sold multiple times without any additional work from the creator.

Info products are priced lower than group programs and 1:1 services.

Examples: Leaping from the Ladder (ebook), Sales Superstar by Gina DeVee (home study course), Make Every Man Want You (audio book).

Click the video above to watch & find out more!

Jess xx

PS After you have watched the video I'd love to hear what business model you are thinking of implementing or what biz model you started off with when you launched your business. Leave a comment below and let me know!

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