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Host Lucrative Webinars or Online Presentations in Less Than 30 Days


Steal my Webinar Checklist with a step-by-step task list that will guide you on what to do before, during and after the webinar so you maximize attendance, goodwill and sales.


Are you considering hosting your first webinar but you're worried it won't be a success?

Perhaps you're nervous no one will show up? Or you're not sure what to say? Or you're worried you'll sound boring and no one will stay around until the end?

I get it. I've been there.

My first webinar NO ONE showed up live and I was so upset I swore I would never host another webinar EVER again.

Today most of my sales for my $3,000 coaching program come from hosting webinars.

I was able to turn my embarrassment into a love of webinars, as I now know they're a great way to connect with my audience.

In this program, I will show you the exact steps to host a successful webinar, Google Hangout or online presentation that results in fantastic feedback from attendees and sales of your products and programs.


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What You Will Learn In The Program:

  • Steal the e-mail sequences I use to make sure people actually show up to the webinar. (This is by far the easiest way to double sales.)
  • How to structure a webinar to result in maximum sales and profits without feeling pushy.
  • What to say on a webinar to get people excited to work with you and buy your programs.
  • Discover the best tools to host your webinars without tech headaches, so you can focus on delivering great content and making sales.
  • Uncover my strategies I use to get purchases AFTER the webinar is over, resulting in bigger paydays. (Up to 3 times more revenue!)

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What's included:

  • Comprehensive Workbook outlining how to host lucrative webinars & online presentations in less than 30 days.
  • Audio training to help you implement the teachings in the workbook.
  • Access to the Jessica Nazarali Team should you get stuck on how to host your first webinar or online presentation.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


All payments are in USD.

Praise for Jessica's teachings:

I’ve got 3 potential new clients in the pipeline and signed off $18k of business with my existing (biggest) client for this year going forward.

And I’m re-running the program for the coaching academy that I did last year. (Not huge income but the last program led to 2 private clients so it’s something I’m keen to keep for now.)   :)

Holly MacCue

I'm so grateful to have been a part of this community!

I just did my 2nd webinar and 6 more people bought. Meaning, I have now got 13 ladies in the program. Thanks so much for all your support. I'm so grateful to have been a part of this community over the past 4 months!

Keeley Tomkinson

From Corporate Career Girl to Love Coach Who Charges $10k For Her Coaching Packages

Today my 1:1 coaching practice is full, I charge $10,000k for a 6 month coaching program and I’ve just launched a group program to continue to share my message of love and to create even more impact.

I’ve designed my business to meet my lifestyle needs of having family, fitness & freedom, and more time with my husband; and enjoying our dream apartment in the heart of Manhattan.

Sarika Jain

I increased my prices from $100 per month to $1000 per month!

When I first started my business I was completely lost. What changed for me was enrolling in Jessica’s program . I was able to go from no online business or presence at all and only charging $100 to $150/month to an online business fully built, an email list that grows every day, knowing how to run and grow my business, and charging about 10x what I used to charge!

Today get to work from my favorite little cafe on Melrose in West Hollywood and I’m about to go visit my sister in Sydney for 2 1/2 weeks!

Jessica Lynn Forrest-Baldini

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


All payments are in USD.