Your dreams are closer than you think (here’s how I know…)

Your dreams are closer than you think

About a month ago Faiz and I were talking about who it would be cool to get a call from and be asked to collaborate with. Of course Oprah was mentioned, along with a few other big players including Mindvalley.

Faiz mentioned how he thought Mindvalley would “love to partner with me” (being the very supportive husband that he is!) and I went into “well maybe in five years when I’m more established blah blah.”

A month later I got a call from Mindvalley…

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Mindvalley is the largest personal development company in the world. They have numerous companies across the education and tech sectors and are the creator of the popular eventsAwesomeness Fest and Zenpreneur.

Mindvalley have just launched a new company, Evercoach, aimed at coaches and they would like ME to become an Evercoach author and create a program for them!


The likes of Gabby BernsteinRich Litvin and Gina DeVee have created programs for Mindvalley so to think I will be in the same category as them is kind of amazing!

Your dreams are so much closer than you think.

Something that you once thought would take years can materialise in a much shorter amount of time.

Honestly when we played the “collaborate game,” I didn’t imagine I would be getting a call from any one of these names ANY TIMEsoon. It was all when I’m more this, better at this, have done thisI didn’t think it would happen within the month.



My client, Kym had a similar experience last week. She was asked to be the keynote speaker at a prestigious business event in Australia. (I can’t say which one because the lineup hasn’t been announced yet.)   :)





She said her dream was to speak at that event in maybe five years, if that. But it’s not happening in five years; it’s happening this year!!

If you show up for yourself, the universe will show up for you, too.

In my course, The Next It Girl Coach, I  share why you can’t afford to “wait” to be discovered/ get the phone call/ be retweeted by Kim Kardashian. You need to show up for yourself starting from TODAY.

If you are showing up, being visible and doing EVERYTHING you know to do to have a thriving coaching business, people start to notice.


The Next It Girl Coach teaches you how to brand yourself and your coaching business so you stand out in the marketplace and avoid being “just another coach.”


This means you can command premium pricesimpact more people and ultimately do the work you were put here to do at amuch larger scale.


You deserve to be the The Next It Girl Coach with the collaboration requests, speaking engagements and saying “Wow, I thought it would take me five years to _____ (insert your biggest dreams in here!)


Click on over here to join this week’s preview call to learn how you can become The Next It Girl Coach in the industry. All of this plus more is possible!


With love,

Jessica xx


P.S. I’m passionate about helping you become The Next It Girl Coach because in doing so you will impact more people and get to live out your BIG dreams in the process. It’s a win-win for everyone!


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