11 Graceful Steps to Leave your Job and Become your Own Boss

steps to leaving your job_clarity{Step #1} Gain Clarity

You know that state of confusion, when you feel so uncertain about what you’re meant to do —you talk about it with all of your family and friends, weigh your options, and toss and turn at night? As truly confused as you may feel, you CAN move forward with confidence when you find clarity.

Clarity comes from asking yourself the right questions about your true desires. What is my ideal day? What contribution do I want to make? How can I add value to people in my life?

{Step #2} Work with fearsteps to leaving your job_fear

Fears and negative thoughts are the number one reason women don’t take action towards their dreams.

The more you give in to negativity and fears, the stronger they become and the weaker your resolve and confidence becomes. I’d like to use imagery to explain my point: Equate your fear to a small snowball rolling down a mountainside. It starts off small and insignificant, but as it rolls, it becomes bigger, gaining momentum and speed.

Learning how to working with fear is essential in being able to leave your job and go out on your own as a coach, consultant or solo professional.

steps to leaving your job_3_4{Step #3} Negotiate Flexible Working Conditions

Going into a negotiation with your boss can be a daunting prospect. Trust me I know! Remember that you deserve to pursue your dreams and bringing this mentality into the negotiation can dramatically increase your chances of success.

How can you make the best case for what you want? Things like brainstorming creative solutions in advance (that will work for both parties) and keeping your cool will definitely help.

{Step #4} Hire a Coach (or paid mentor)

As a fledgling business owner, the goal is to keep moving forward. But sometimes you find yourself stuck or even going in reverse. Don’t let all that you’ve worked for slip away! Check out my video about why hiring a coach is the keystone to accountability and ultimately success.

{Step #5} Set a Leaving datesteps to leaving your job_5_6

Setting goals is the first step towards achieving them. Set a date to quit your job and make it your goal! Make your plans and decisions around your goal. By doing so, you will point yourself toward success and naturally be more enthusiastic and focused.

{Step#6} Make Connections

Who can you reach out to? Who is your #girlsquad?

Business is can be a lonely game. Reach out and make new colleagues, peers and friends. When you finally take the plunge and leave your job you will be grateful to already have a new support system in place.

{Step #7} Perfect Your Product or Service Offering

Before you leave your job, test your product. Are your clients going to get real results? Does your product deliver on what you say it will?

Testing your product before you leave your job ensures that when you do go full time in your business you will (hopefully) get off to a flying start! Make any necessary changes before you go all in and leave your job.

steps to leaving your job_7_8{Step #8} Build a Beautiful Brand

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” ~ Michael Jordan

What does your brand say about you? What does your website say about you? Build an online presence that represents you and what you stand for. Do this before you leave your job so when you do take the plunge you can focus on client and income-generating tasks.

{Step #9} Communicate With Your Communitysteps to leaving your job_communicate

“Some people think they are in community, but they are only in proximity. True community requires commitment and openness. It is a willingness to extend yourself to encounter and know the other.” ~ David Spangler

Regularly communicating with your audience is necessary to create raving fans and a committed community.

Being consistent in your communication will create three important factors of any businesses success.

People buy from people they…

steps to leaving your job_visible{Step #10} Be Visible

Know. Like. Trust.

The fear of being seen publicly is a very common roadblock to success, especially among women. We worry about what people will say and think about us way too much.

Putting yourself out there is hard, but it’s essential to success. Start promoting your services before you leave your job. This way you will already have a group of clients or potential clients who are excited to work with you!

{Step #11} Start Working With Clientssteps to leaving your job_clients

Working with a number of paid clients before quitting your job is ideal before you go ahead and leave your job. Why?

You don’t really know if you will like doing something until you actually do it. You can’t anticipate how much you will enjoy the act of coaching, consulting or supporting someone until you are in the process.

Working with clients will give you experience, confidence and testimonials you can then share on your marketing materials.

Comment below and let me know what step you’re going to work on this week to make you one step closer to leaving your job! If you would like to learn more about this topic check out my book Leaping from the Ladder – How to Go From Corporate Career Girl to Coaching It Girl.


  • Jessica Nazarali

    June 9, 2016

    Thank you for your comment Nicole :)

  • Nicole Jackson

    June 8, 2016

    Hello. How are you. Jessica you are awesome. I saw and follow you on pinterest. I am going to school to become a life coach in a year and half near 2018. I have been in direct selling for almost 5 years with AVON. I plan on getting with more direct selling companies. I have classes next month for my crochet for online store. I am working on my blog. I was very sick so I just return back to work. Thanks for the inspiration.