11 Steps to Become an Influencer

11 Steps to Become an It Girl Influencer-Facebook


11 Steps to Become an It Girl Influencer-pinterest

As a coach, you're passionate about making a difference in not only the lives of your clients, but to people around the world in need of your message.

By becoming an influencer, your work and values will spread when you create a platform that reaches thousands of women across the world. In today's post, I'm going to give you action steps to create a thriving platform that will help you become the next It Girl influencer!

Create a Strong, Professional Brand.

The secret to becoming an influencer is to develop a strong, authentic brand that connects with the clients you seek to serve.

You need to cultivate clarity and hone in on your message as much as possible. Why is this? By making it very clear who you are and what you do as a coach (plus who you serve) you eliminate confusion and build trust amongst your readers, as well as with the media.

A clear brand makes a big impact and is professional. Think about it. When you land on a new website and can't figure out what it's about in the first few minutes, or the design is bad, chances are you'll leave it. And you definitely won't be purchasing from a site that's vague and unhelpful.

It Girl coaches and business owners become influencers by developing trust in their industry and beyond, and they do this by creating an intentional, professional personal brand.

Action Step

Make a list of ways your brand can be improved. Can you make what you do clearer? Ask a friend to evaluate your brand and list three words that come to mind. Are those words in alignment with your brand message?

Contribute To Reputable Sites.

Guest posting on established sites that your clients and peers respect is going to help you even further gain trust. Media outlets love seeing where a coach has been featured as it adds credibility to them as an expert and influencer. And Ideal Clients love learning where you've been featured too.

Influencers regularly contribute to online publications they find inspiring, even if pitching the site makes them feel nervous. Remember that even if  a blog is extremely popular and you're a new coach, you still have a chance at getting your work published with them. Just make sure that you're familiar with the publication's content and craft a post that would best suit their audience.

Being interviewed on podcasts is another excellent way to established your credibility and grow your platform. Podcasters are regularly looking for guest experts to share insights with their listeners. This can be an excellent way to introducing yourself and what you do to a new audience, which will help you expand your reach.

Action step

Make a list of reputable sites you admire that accept guest posts. Find the contact information of the editor and pitch them you guest post idea. Make sure to follow up if you don't hear back from a site.


Partner With Another Influencer.

One excellent way to grow and become an influencer is through partnering with someone in your industry, or in a complimentary industry.
Becoming a joint venture partner in another coach's course, program, or online summit will help you connect with that influencer's customers and show you are a trusted expert in your field. It can also help you grow your list!

Action step

Make a list of potential joint venture partners that are in a complimentary industry.

Grow Your Social Media Platforms.

You probably already know that influencers tend to have a large reach on Social Media. This takes time to grow but can be accelerated by being strategic with your Social Media.

It's important that what you share online be of relevance to your Ideal Client and personal brand. Your posts paint a picture of who you are- your values, desires, passions, and services- to followers who are interested in getting to know you better. Make sure that you are consistent in what you share!

Another important tip is to realize each Social a Media network is its own culture. Pinterest is geared towards visual posts ( such as fashion, travel, and recipes) while Twitter is more for short quips. By understanding the Social Media networks you choose to focus on, you're going to master them sooner and thus grow your reach.

Newer networks like snap chat and the extremely popular periscope offer potential clients the chance to look more into your daily life and routine.  It gives them more of an opportunity to connect and share an “I do that TOO!” moment.  Choose the ones that work for you and dedicate time growing your following on there.

As your Social platform and blog grows, you’ll find your email list and Discovery Sessions will also grow.

Action step

Make a list of the Social Media networks you want to focus on. Write down any observations about what posts do well on those networks, as well as how you can improve your blog posts and content to get more shares and engagement.


Public Speaking.

Speaking at local and international events really helps coaches gain credibility while helping them get more clients and become an influencer in their field.

Even if you're new to coaching and speaking, you can still find events in need of presenters, or you can hold your own event. Say you are a Wellness Coach. Contact your local health food store and ask if they would be willing to have you offer a free event at their store. You could also speak at a gym or health club.

Workshops are another way to not only make an income as a coach but to grow your platform even further. Local meet ups of any kind introduce you to your readers and Social Media followers who, in turn may introduce their friends, colleagues, and even family to your site and events.

Action step

Brainstorm potential meet up or workshop ideas. Contact venues you could host your event at, or if you find an event happening in your industry, ask them if they would be interested having you as a speaker.


Connect With VIPs.

Many of us have at least 2 established experts we desire to connect with. Whether you are yearning to have drinks with Oprah or go to a luxury retreat with Gina Devee, you can take steps to help connect with industry experts in the long run. 

One way to meet VIPs is to leverage your current network. Do you have a friend of a friend who knows the person, or has written for their site? Get introduced through your connection and find ways you can be of service to them.

Another excellent way to connect with high level experts is to join one of their programs or workshops. This is how I met my mentor Gina and established a relationship with many of the leading female coaches in our industry.

Action step

What VIPs do you desire to connect with? Make a list of ways you can be introduced to them, whether it’s through a connection or by joining their mastermind group.


Partner With Brands Outside Your Industry.

A great way to stand out from the crowd (which is a key step for an influencer) is to connect and collaborate with brands outside of your industry. Perhaps you could contribute to say a stationary store’s blog or do a giveaway with an organic clothing line. Remember to choose brands that are complementary to your industry and that your Ideal Client would respect and trust. The goal is to position yourself as an expert and introduce your work to a new audience, as well as to partner with companies your Ideal Client loves.

Action step

Write down 10 brands in different industries that you could collaborate with. Write several pitch drafts and email them to the right marketing or editorial department that would be interested in hearing your collaboration ideas.

Create Referrals By Doing Great Work.

Perhaps the oldest and wisest key to becoming an influencer is to get word of mouth referrals about your business, and the best way to do that is to produce content, courses, and services that are stellar.

One of the reasons my business has flourished is because I put my all into my coaching packages and courses. I offer not only high quality content, but excellent mastermind groups for clients in my Facebook groups. By focusing on helping my clients to the best of my ability, I’ve gained dozens of testimonials and get referrals regularly.

Aim to do the same with your business!

Action step

Take a look at your current offerings and ask yourself what’s missing from them. What could you add to make them really wow clients? Ask your Ideal Clients about your offerings too and see what they have to say. Perhaps you could be offering a bonus or a Facebook group to your packages.

Create A Regular Publishing Schedule.

The best way to grow your business and become an influencer is through your email list. By focusing on list building and creating a regular publishing schedule, you are going to establish yourself as a reliable expert in your industry.

As well as including useful tips and information about your offerings, share your passions, desires, dreams, and interests in your posts so readers can really connect with you personally. Include photos from your travels or daily life too. I regularly include my Instagram photos in my emails to show my subscribers what I have been doing while traveling with my husband.

Action step

Make sure you are emailing your list at least once a week! Analyse your newsletter and see how you can improve it. What extra tips can you offer subscribers, and what personal quips can you share to help them better connect with you and your brand?

Say Yes To Opportunities.

As your coaching business grows, your going to be pitched various opportunities to collaborate with companies and industry leaders. But sometimes we can feel intimidated when it comes to doing something new ( like public speaking or writing a book). Instead of saying no, ask yourself if stepping out of your comfort zone and saying yes will aid your business and position you as an expert It Girl Coach.

Action step

Be on the lookout for new opportunities that can help you grow your business.Has someone asked you to be interviewed on their site but you haven’t gotten around to doing it? Make time this week to work on anything you have put off and consider saying yes to opportunities as they arise.

Keep Going!

Keep on putting yourself out there even if it feels scary.  And when I say out there, I mean stepping up and owning what you do, and letting the world know about it! You never know who you may meet or see your work when you are guest posting on a blog or collaborating with a brand. Join my free Facebook group and let fellow It Girl coaches know if you have any hesitations or reservations about marketing your services and hustling to grow your business.

Becoming an influencer takes time as all relationships grow from trust. If you keep doing the points listed in this post ( and don’t give up), you are going to become an influencer and will have an even larger reach that you ever dreamed!

Action step

Make a list of friends and fellow coaches you can turn to when you feel stuck. Create several affirmations to say daily, especially when you don’t feel like putting yourself out there. Remember that the world needs your work and by hustling and marketing your brand and offerings, you are helping women improve their lives.

Becoming an It Girl Influencer

If you're looking to grow your platform by getting more media and PR exposure and developing a strong brand, I'd love to have you as a student in my It Girl Coach program before it closes! I'll teach you how to become the next new and noteworthy chic coach in your field, whether you’re a Life Coach or Copywriting mentor.

You can connect with me thru Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Pinterest!

Leave a comment below with your next action step on the path to becoming an influencer in your field.

Jess xx




  • Jessica Nazarali

    October 27, 2015

    Thank you for your comment Queen – love you! xx

  • Queen Chioma

    October 22, 2015

    I think this is a brilliant blog post Jess :-) I love the idea of looking at ways to improve my brand and also contributing to sites and being featured on podcast shows etc. I also like the suggestion on consistently improving my newsletter and creating referrals by doing great work   as it’s true we should also be looking to improve and deliver excellently. Love from Queen xx

  • Jessica Nazarali

    October 19, 2015

    Hi Jen!

    I actually have a FB group called “Creating a Coaching Business” and based off your idea I have started publicity Fridays where you can connect with other It Girl Coaches about JVs and anything to do with publicity! Thank you for the inspiration and I hope you join the group! xox

  • Jen

    October 16, 2015

    Awesome post Jess! My action step: schedule 1 hour to sit down and write my action item list. So many great ideas all in 1 place!

    I wonder: could you introduce a forum where It Girl coaches can set up joint ventures?