7 Steps To Running A Business While Travelling

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My husband and I have the pleasure of being in beautiful Tuscany right now. I feel blessed to be here, spending time with my mentor and enjoying my time in Europe.

But am I on vacation? No! I'm still running my business as usual.

I know you are probably eager to learn exactly how I do this, and today I’m going to give you actionable tips to help you create a business that allows you to travel, work from anywhere while still making really good money!

Manage Your Time.

How much time do you spend surfing the Internet instead of working on your business?

When you're in Facebook, are you focused or do you find yourself looking at green smoothie recipes and travel photos your friend's post?

Your greatest asset is your time. If you want to take your coaching business on the road, you need to track what you do and where your hours are spent online so you stay focused and get the important things finished.

That may mean using a timer or app (such as Toggl) that you set for the time you have available to work on your marketing, blogging, or admin tasks.


Create A Vision Board.

One great way to begin attracting your travel goals as an It Girl Coach is to create a vision board. Post images of destinations and hotels that excite you. Research restaurants you want to dine at, and even people you want to meet.

This will greatly help you feel excited as you work towards your trips!

Create Systems.

Your most important task when creating a lifestyle business ( aka being a coach that travels and lives life on your own terms) is to create systems that practically let your business run itself.

That doesn't mean erasing yourself from the equation. You are still the coach that needs to deliver services to clients and offer Discovery Calls.

But all those tedious daily tasks that are time consuming and energy-draining? Find a way to automate them, whether through software or hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Build Your Team.

Whether you are a new coach with a limited budget or have been coaching for some time, you need to work on building your team so that you get the assistance you need ( and deserve!) in your business.

It Girl coaches are lifestyle entrepreneurs with a dedicated team to help them along the way.

Because you know what? Just because you can do everything in your business doesn't mean you should. Even if you're not traveling, putting together a team will help you grow your business much faster than if you tried to do everything yourself, which is draining on not only your time but your energy too.

Your team can include your designer, copywriter, photographer, and Virtual Assistant. And anything that you can outsource? Assign it to someone on your team.

Let your team know about your travel plans ahead of time so they can prepare for any extra work or tasks.


Research Hotels.

If you're working online, you need great WiFi, right? It's important for having clear Skype sessions, Discovery Calls, and uploading files. It's extremely important to have a good connection when you're streaming or doing webinars too.

Before you plan your first trip as a coach, read reviews about hotels you're interested in and see if anyone has said the wifi is sub par. Contact the hotel directly and ask for their speed test if you can't find any reviews about it.  Hotels can have good internet one day, but as more guests arrive, their WiFi gets used up quickly and your internet speed can go from usable one day to downright awful the next.  Just think of all the devices that EACH person in EACH room could have - computer, phone, tablet…) If the hotel doesn’t have good cable tv, you can bet everyone will be watching videos, playing candy crush and YouTube-ing all night long.

And have a backup plan!  If you’ve got important one-on-ones or interviews scheduled - locate and make note of nearby internet cafes and their hours.  Most internet cafes have webcams and headsets, but it always helps to have one or two extra locations written down if the one across from the hotel isn’t setup for video chat.  You don’t want to be googling “Venice internet cafe near me” 15 minutes before a potential client!

Certain locations tend to have better wifi than others too. But almost everywhere you go will have good wifi somewhere, so start researching!

Offer Destination intensives.

One great way to get clients while traveling is to offer in person live intensives in the location you are planning on visiting. Announce to your email list about your travel plans and in person intensive and consider running Facebook ads to promote it.


Create Content Ahead of Time.

Plan and/or create and schedule blog posts before you leave for your dream destination. This will make you worry a lot less on the plane when your mind wanders on what you could be doing online to grow your business.

For all the beauty and freedom that comes with traveling while owning an online business, hiccups can and do happen along the way. Try to be as flexible, calm and prepared as possible. But have a glass of champagne and relax! Get enough sleep so that you can do any calls when you arrive or spend the day at the spa. Congratulate yourself on taking the plunge ( or flight rather) in not only traveling but running a biz that allows you the freedom to do it.



Do you have any happy or horror stories that can help others be more prepared in the future? Leave your comments and favorite business travel destinations below!

Jess xx

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