On this recording, I’m going to give you my secrets on how to grow your coaching business through media exposure, so you can make a BIGGER difference through your work as a coach.

 Learn More About How To Grow Your Coaching Business Through Using Publicity & Take Your Coaching Business To It Girl Status

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Discover the secrets to being featured in glossy magazines and how doing so will position you as the Next IT Girl in the coaching industry.

  • Learn the exact steps to take to insure you are featured so you can impact more people with your message.
  • How being in magazines has helped me secure clients, book speaking engagements and sell out my programs.
  • Learn the power of including "as seen in" logos and media mentions on your website to build immediate credibility and trust from your clients.


Hi, I'm Jessica Nazarali. When I first started out as a new coach, I had no idea what I was doing. (I only knew I wanted to help people.) I had less than a handful of paying clients, and I was accepting beauty therapy in exchange for my coaching services. To be honest, I made every mistake you can imagine.

If you're a new coach, I want to share what I've learned so that you don't have to make all of the mistakes I did. Now, I sell high end 1:1 coaching packages to amazing clients, while I travel the world. My advice has been featured in on the Divine Living Radio Show, Cleo, Marie Claire and I'm in the midst of creating my first product for MindValley.

On this free call, I’m going to give you my secrets for It Girl Coach status, so you can make a bigger difference through your work as a coach.