Bonus Business Mistake – Saving Up to Invest in Coaching

Saving Up to Invest in Coaching

You really want to make more money from your business and you know you require additional support to turn your dreams into a reality.

However, a coach requires money and so far you are making little or no money from your business.

It’s the chicken and the egg dilemma. Do you invest in a coach now or wait until you have money saved up to pay for the coach? Do you wait until your coaching program, website, or e-book is launched- hoping you will have enough money to pay for a coach then?

This is a situation you will likely face if you are a coach or service based business provider selling your services.

It also may be a dilemma you are facing when it comes to your own development. Do you invest now or wait?


From experience if someone says they are saving up to work with you (I just have to sign 14 more clients and sell 100 ebooks!) chances are it won’t happen. This is because the reason they are coming to you to begin with is because they need coaching to get them to the next level.

It’s a little like saying I’ll sign up to work with a personal trainer when I have lost 10 kilos or I’ll hire a professional organiser when I get more organised.

If you aren’t making the money, loosing the weight, in the relationship, quitting your job or doing whatever it is you want to be doing on your own – chances are you need some support to help you achieve your desires.

Saving Up to Invest in Coaching


Waiting to invest in coaching can cost you thousands of dollars. I calculated I would have made an extra $20k if I had decided to work with a coach 6 months sooner.

Communicating this to the potential client and uncovering their fears around why they want to wait, or save up, will help you understand their situation.

Sometimes they are using it as an excuse, sometimes they really need to get creative about where the money will come from, sometimes they are just plan scared and it’s an easy card to play.


I know it seems totally crazy to pay someone to help you start a business when you don’t even have a business, and all you seem to be doing is spending money; but it’s much easier to set it up right the first time, instead of spending a year working it out on your own- getting nowhere.

Tell this to your prospective clients, demonstrate the value. Tell them why waiting is just going to hold them back in the long run.

Take time to consider places where you are stuck in your business and where you could use some extra support.

Are you able to identify areas where your business can grow?

Do you struggle with sales, strategy sessions, managing your time and your day job or promoting your services?

Do you desire to quit your job but it just doesn’t seem like a reality any time soon?

Are you sick of waiting and hoping that someone it will all magically fall into place?

Do you lack clear structure and plan to get you to where you want to be?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it’s time to consider working with a coach. TODAY.

No more talk about saving up or when you sign your first client. Life  is happening now. Why delay?

Yes, it’s scary. No, you probably don’t feel like you are ready. Yes, you could postpone it but that is only going to delay making the money you need to quit your job. And, I know deep down this is what you REALLY want to do.

Give yourself permission to go for your dreams. You deserve it.

With love,



  • Jessica Nazarali

    July 9, 2014

    Hi Ainslie,

    If the client is a definite YES (she wants to do it but she thinks she doesn’t have the money), I explore what options she has to pay for the coaching, eg credit cards, borrow money from a friend, savings etc. If the money really isn’t there I put it back onto the client and ask what she intends to do to be able to pay for the coaching and wait for her response. If she really wants the coaching she will find a way to make it work, if not she isn’t an ideal client. Does this help? Jess x

  • Ainslie

    June 19, 2014

    Jess, how do you propose those clients who legitimately don’t have the money to spend on coaching get it? This is something that seems to pop up a fair bit?