Book Your First Client In 30 Days

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve just started your coaching business and are thrilled to be creating a business that helps others improve their lives.

There’s just one problem. You’re not sure how to get your first client. 

The truth is that most coaches are excited to start a coaching business yet lack the client generating tasks and marketing skills that turn a coaching hobby into a thriving business. Because let’s face it: if you’re not bringing in an income as a coach, it’s just a hobby, not a biz.

And we want to be coaches in business, right? So let’s focus today on booking your very first client (or next client) in the next 30 days – following this done for you plan. 

Know Your Ideal Client

I’ve written about just how important knowing who your Ideal Client is several times on the blog, including when we discussed how to find your niche. This is because all of your services and packages need to have your ideal client in mind. Knowing what your Ideal Client needs and wants help with is going to help you create packages that sell and blog posts that connect.

And most importantly, it’s going to help you find your first client online or in person.

By understanding your Ideal Client and their goals, you will be able to create coaching packages specifically for them. 

Everything I do in my business is centered around helping and connecting with my Ideal Client. I suggest you do the same. 

Develop A Marketing Strategy

Once you’ve gotten crystal clear on who you want to serve as a coach, it’s time to develop your 30 day marketing strategy. If your goal is to get your first paid coaching client (or next client), you need to connect with your Ideal Clients online and in person, and book as many free Discovery Calls with potential clients as possible.

Spend a few days brainstorming where your Ideal Client hangs out online and locally. This is going to be the key to getting in front of the right group of people, and letting them know about your services and free Discovery Calls.

  • Are they on Facebook or Instagram?
  • Do you they attend specific events?
  • Do they read certain blogs?
  • Where do they work?
  • Who do they follow online?
  • Who do you already know in your current network who is an ideal client?
  • Can you ask a friend or family member if they know of anyone who would be an ideal client?
  • Can you host a free meetup on to attract your ideal clients?

Your long-term marketing goal should always include list building, but if you’re striving sign your first client or next ASAP, your marketing plan for this month should be centered on outreach: directly asking people if they want a Discovery Call or want to know more about your programs.

Sounds scary? 

No one said it was going to be easy! If you want a client in 30 days you need to hustle and speak to as many people as possible.

Create a Facebook Ad

As I tell clients in my program, Facebook ads can be a game changer for your business. They have helped me double my income as a coach. 

If you are a new coach with a small list, Facebook ads are going to be your new BFF, if done right.

You see, many coaches take ads here and there and aren’t impressed with the results. They give up, and make the assumption that ads are costly and not worth it.

The reality is that if you want to get good ROI on Facebook ads, they need to be very targeted and have the right image and copy to attract potential clients to click and learn about your lead magnet or Discovery Call.

Since your goal is to sign a client in 30 days, Facebook ads can be an integral part of your marketing plan.

Spend some time watching Youtube tutorials on Facebook ads, or consider joining Business Mastery to learn how to master taking ads. You may want to have someone else create the ads for you for you aren’t tech savvy.

Either way, start at least exploring FB ads and decide if this is a route you wish to go down to help you sign clients. 


Create A Webinar 

You’re excited to create your first Facebook ad, but what are you going to link it to? Your sales page? Your latest blog post?

I suggest creating a lead magnet, in the form of a webinar, that enables you to share your ideas about your topic with a large audience. 

Why I’m recommending webinars 

Webinars are excellent tools that open the door and allows you to show off more of who you are; your passions, your voice, what makes you stand out from other coaches.  

This is your chance to put the YOU into your work, because, ultimately, that’s what clients are looking for – that one coach who knows their plight, where they are in the world, the struggles they face and the hill they are climbing.  With webinars, you are able to jump off the written page and give a bigger voice and deeper personality to your brand.

With webinars, you are able to jump off the written page and give a bigger voice and deeper personality to your brand. This often results in clients booking in for discovery sessions faster because they have built a connect with you.

The content of your webinar should deliver value, driven by your personality with a focus on what you emphasize with your particular niche.  It won’t serve you to have a webinar promoting a product from beginning to end because no one want’s to be sold to 

It won’t serve you to have a webinar promoting a product from beginning to end because no one wants to sold to for an hour – you need to give value upfront before you even suggest them working with you!

Give them something to say “Ah HA!” about!  If they have that realization moment, that revelation where the light goes on inside their brain – they will be hooked.  They will go searching for more; like that moment when you hear a really great song for the first time, then go looking for the name of the band, then start searching for more of their music.

Actively Participate In Facebook Groups

We all know Facebook groups are a great way to connect with both peers and potential clients. But how can you use the power of these groups to book your first actual client?

Make a daily habit of adding value to the groups you are a member of. Read the guidelines and find out when it’s OK to promote your latest blog post, Discovery Call, or coaching package.

You can also create your own group and create your own community of people who love you!

The key to promotion done right is to create a conversation instead of spamming. The more frequently you post helpful content that shows you know your stuff, the more interest you’re going to get from potential clients.

If your goal is to sign a client asap, make an effort to actively participate in groups your Ideal Client gathers regularly, as opposed to groups your peers frequent. This distinction is huge!

You are welcome to join my facebook community and watch how I run the group the URL to join is


If your goal is to sign a client or a specific number of clients this month everything you are doing in your business needs to revolve around signing clients. This isn’t the time to be redoing your website or planning out your next photo shoot all your activities need to get you one step closer to signing clients.

Ask yourself throughout the day…

Is this task going to help me sign a client? If it is, continue on with it. If not switch tasks.

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