A year’s worth of 1:1 support PLUS
Business Mastery Certification to give you the support you need to massively uplevel your business.

Ready to get your business started NOW?

Do you know yourself well enough that without a personal coach you easily get distracted?

Perhaps you like the idea of having someone on hand to run ideas past so you consistently move forward in your business?

Business Mastery VIP is exactly what you need.

Business Mastery VIP gives you access to Business Mastery Certification with bi-weekly private coaching calls for a year!

What you’ll get:

  • Everything that’s included in Business Mastery Certification
  • 45 minute coaching calls with Stephanie on a bi-weekly basis for 52 weeks
  • Support over email in between sessions
  • Quarterly progress reviews including roadmap for the next quarter
  • Laser coaching calls for FB Ads and Tech support throughout the course of the coaching

About your coach: Stephanie Wasylyk

Committed to transforming your business, Stephanie understands how hard it is to stay the course (or even know what the course is) when you’re stressed, financially struggling, and unsure what to do next.

That’s because she’s helped hundreds of businesses with a concrete, action-based plan, incredible insight, and ultimate support so you know what to tackle first. Overwhelm becomes obsolete leaving only room for serious results. Those results look like this: gain more dream clients, create that major impact you’ve always wanted, and increase your profit – while enjoying more freedom and flexibility in your day.

Stephanie gets results like this because she’s never relying on a cookie cutter strategy. By focusing on your systems (what’s working and what isn’t), seeing your overall big picture goal, while dissecting the little details for you and troubleshooting challenges along the way, Stephanie saves you time (and money!) by creating a plan for your business that’s exclusively tailored to you and what your business needs.

Even better? Clients return to Stephanie again and again to continue their work to keep taking leaps forward and never looking back. No overwhelm, no stress: just real solutions with an honest, experienced guide along the way.

Most importantly, Stephanie holds you, your business, and herself to a higher standard. The result?

The business you’ve always wanted: genuine, relatable, and one that makes a difference, while making money. Stephanie makes it simple, straightforward, and with you every step of the way as you meet your business goals and create the life you’ve always wanted.

Stephanie will take the framework from Business Mastery Certificate and apply it to your unique business.

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