Business Mistake #3 Being Afraid to Promote


During my first year, I was still working in a corporate job while starting my business. My time was limited. I knew I wanted out yet I just wasn’t earning enough to really make the transition to full time entrepreneur.

I had all the social media accounts. My blog/website was up and running. It just wasn’t growing like I wanted it too. I knew why. I wasn’t promoting my services.

How in the world was I going to make the transition if I couldn’t get over the fear of promoting my services? How was anyone going to decide to work with me if they didn’t even know what I offered?!


The truth was that I was convinced I’d be retweeted by Kim Kardashian, or be approached by a “big name” to do a partnership and all of a sudden become an overnight success.

People would be lined up around the block to work with me and life would be sweet.

It was bound to happen sooner or later so the whole promotion side of things could wait. I didn’t need it.

Plus, sales and promotion can be so gross and inauthentic, why would I want to spend time mastering that?!



Sound familiar?

I have been sharing this story with a few friends lately and it turns out I wasn’t the only doing some serious daydreaming.

We were all convinced, that at some point or another, we would  become an overnight success (because clearly we are all super smart and awesome people) and the clients would come rolling in.

However, this was a questionable fantasy. It was a way to mask the fear of putting yourself out there. We don’t need to promote because soon clients will will be banging on the door to work with us.

This could have been a fantastic strategy…if only it worked.

If you are new in a business then you need to promote your products and services. The clients aren’t just going to come to you.


When you are scared to promote your services it could be for a number of reasons.

It could be not knowing what to say. Perhaps you’re thinking I don’t want to come across as salesy or pushy, or like I care more about money than the client. Or you might be thinking that you don’t need to promote. Trust me, if you need clients you need to promote.

I had all those thoughts. If you are experiencing them you aren’t alone. If you want to create a business that makes money you’ve got to get over your fear of promotion.

Here is what to do….

1. KNOW YOUR OFFER. It can be very hard to promote something that isn’t clear or doesn’t make sense to you. If that’s the case, then it won’t make sense to others either. It also puts you in a place of constantly having to explain yourself. So get super, super clear on what you offering and what the outcomes of your coaching are.

2. KNOW YOUR IDEAL CLIENT. Once you are clear on your offer, you must know who wants it. Get clear on who you want to work with and why. It’s the uncertainty of who we want to work with and how which creates fear.

The more clarity about both your offer and your client, the more confidence you will have to promote yourself.

3. NOT EVERYONE WILL LIKE YOU. This may seem harsh but, it’s not. It is just a simple truth. It is not a reflection on your value or the other person. Sometimes you just won’t click. Sometimes people will unsubscribe or unlike your page.This is not personal. It’s normal when you have a business.

Focus on the people who do love you and your message. Ignore any unsubscribes and negative comments.

4. JUST DO IT ALREADY. Take one step forward – even if it is a baby step. Work up your courage and start posting in the Facebook group FULL of your ideal client. Go ahead and post that personal blog post. Keep moving forward by taking action.

5. GET HELP. Nothing helps you overcome fear and take action more than having accountability. A coach can help you develop an action plan to attract more of your ideal clients and move past your fear of promotion.

Having someone to share the fear with AND who can encourage you, is one of the quickest ways to overcome it; and get your business growing.

Don’t let the fear of promoting yourself hold you back from your dream business. Promotion of your products and services is the difference between making your first year successful or having to stay in your other job a year longer…

And I know you don’t want that  now, do you?!

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Have you made this common business mistake? Leave a comment and let us know what you did to overcome it.

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