You’re About to Discover a Proven System To Create Incredible Income in Your Business Every, Single Month...(And It Works Even if You’re Just Starting Out Online)


The Business Mastery Certification program gives you the critical structures and marketing guidelines to create a successful, consistently profitable business with the unique Evergreen Model™

This is about taking your big business dreams and making them your new reality (without feeling inauthentic or selling out on your values).



The good news? You're not alone!

When you have big dreams and you want to create positive transformations in people’s lives, using your gifts and expertise, you need the right support, connection and guidance...

This Certification Program is centered around a dynamic group of successful women just like you. You'll be surrounded by inspiring peers and mentors as you follow this step-by-step program inside an exclusive, private community (take a peek at a few of the hundreds of success stories below).

As a conscious, purposeful business owner, you want to create a system of personal growth from a place of generosity, service and authenticity.


Having your heart in the right place doesn’t guarantee success or create income in an increasingly competitive and sophisticated industry...


If you are building a business you should ask yourself why...

WHY do you nurture that dream of becoming a successful business owner?

You already know the answer…

You want to experience true freedom.

But here's the thing...


And a one-off spike that comes from periodic launches, or promotions won’t get you there.

In Business Mastery Certification, I’ll teach you the method (it’s called the Evergreen Model™ – check it out below) that will generate leads, recover marketing costs quickly, and lead qualified buyers to your flagship offers…

Here’s the thing…

Right now, what most people are teaching about online marketing isn’t working.

Not anymore.

And there are some scary numbers that prove this…

Research shows that more than 80% (some sources peg this number close to 90%) of online businesses fail not in 5 years or even 3 years…

The shocking reality is that most fail in less than 6 months!

Industries are changing, workstyles are shifting, and more people are coming online using what I call 'pointless marketing'...

This is marketing without a solid game plan that will show your value and create profit in your business.

Even as you read this, more and more people are diving into an already crowded industry with their hopes and dreams of making it big online.

Here’s what I’d like smart business owners like you to know right away…

While it’s good to understand your niche, area of expertise, and your target audience - say you have tested out your services and people like what you offer...

It’s not enough. Just having this information on hand won’t get you any sort of freedom.

You need to set up a lot more structure than that to achieve the kind of impact and income that you want and deserve.

Business Mastery Certification is designed to get you the results and profits you’re looking for - fast.

Plus, you’ll get my focused, personal attention and guidance

Business Mastery delivers true freedom through a process that will ensure you are making an impact AND generating a high monthly income via your business (that can eventually be put on autopilot!)

This is all backed by an active community of go-getters that keep each other accountable. I am personally active and present, across the board, to make sure you move forward.

Let me guess…

Right now, you’re probably experiencing self-doubt, confusion, overwhelm (or all 3) about your business.

This prevents you from starting and/or scaling your business.

That's precisely where Business Mastery can support you. Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Many of the entrepreneurs who join the Business Mastery Certification community have already made some progress in their business (or they’re quite sure about the direction they want to head toward) BUT they haven't made enough progress to see lasting results or sustainable profits in their business.

If you’re lucky, you’ve...

  • Had a designer create a beautiful website (but it’s more of a glorified business card and you're not getting anywhere near the number of targeted visitors you need to bring in the number of clients you want).
  • Created offers and found smart ways for people to work with you (but clients aren't signing up consistently)
  • Booked a couple of clients or sold a few products (yet you’re constantly fighting feelings of anxiety, because you can't seem to consistently fill your client schedule).
  • Managed to book out your 1:1 client schedule (but you’re working nonstop and you have zero freedom in your personal life because you've fallen into the trap of selling your time for money)

If you’re reading this far, I know you have a deep desire to create a business that gives you true freedom. A business that reflects who you are and what you stand for...

But right now, it all feels like a far off fantasy.

Right now, you're feeling frustrated. Maybe you're thinking of reasons you can't make this happen. Maybe you’re even starting to panic.

You're wondering if you'll ever get to a place where you have a steady stream of ideal clients knocking on your virtual door instead of enduring that neverending, painfully slow process of looking for clients...

You're wondering if you'll ever achieve your monthly income goals WITHOUT having to sacrifice your peace of mind, your personal wellbeing and ALL of your time...

I know what you're going through...

I can tell you all about the fun activities and relaxing weekends you're giving up because you’re working on your business while people are out having fun.

The countless times you say, “no” when you want to say yes to yourself and the ones you love...

The sleepless nights, the anxiety and self-doubt, the crushing exhaustion…

I know all of this because I was there once too.

I worked pretty much all day and all night when I first started my business because I was tied to my full-time job while I worked on my business, on the side.

It was one of the most difficult times in my life and I don’t want any other woman to have to go through what I did….

If I had done a few things differently at the start, my life would have been so much easier (even with a full-time job to go to!)

Don't get me wrong, there is a cost to greatness and nobody gets there for free.

However there are effective ways and there are slow, painful ways.

My mission is to help you (and every single person in my community) to get there faster with results that crush the average.

If you don't already know me, I’m Jessica Nazarali and I’m glad to see you’ve already come this far!

Decisions shape our lives and making a decision to work with a mentor can be a monumental one.

I know a ton about that as I've invested in myself immensely to get to where I am.

I'm a Business Strategist and Certified Master Coach, and I am driven to the core to support ambitious women who are ready to create highly profitable, successful businesses and become known as the leading authority (or It Girl) in their field of expertise.

Years before I started my business, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I was working in corporate and to say that I wasn’t in love with my 9 to 5 job is an understatement!

It paid well, yes, but it was just a job. Something I did to earn a paycheck.

I kept asking myself, “Am I was selling myself out?”

There had to be more to life than doing work that didn’t really seem to make much of a difference to anyone

It was not what I believed in and it didn’t reflect my values.

I was raised by “New Age” parents who taught me about the importance of being true to my purpose and to being of service to others (my job couldn’t have been further from that)

I knew, almost from the start, that I would have to leave that job or risk my happiness and possibly my sanity…

But I was terrified.

I had no idea if I had what it took to create a successful business or how I'd ever make enough money to leave my job.

I was scared I would end up with a failed business, my self-confidence smashed to bits and my dreams in a hundred broken pieces.


My journey began as a lifestyle blogger. I also ran an ecommerce health food store. This quickly grew into a thriving profitable coaching business, and later a 7-figure academy where I get to help other entrepreneurs achieve rapid success.

Looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way but it was definitely a journey with many challenges and setbacks.

Back in the early days many of my blog readers wrote to me, to ask for advice and guidance around health and other aspects of life (and I helped them for free, initially)

As my website became more and more popular, and even relatively famous Health Experts started to reach out to me for advice on growing their own blogs to build their profile and find clients.

I felt alive when I was able to help these women achieve the results that they were looking for and that’s when I knew…

This was my calling.

I made more money than I had ever seen in my life, and I was fulfilled in my work. It energized me instead of draining me. I would wake up in the mornings looking forward to adding value and helping my people.



But I’m NOT here just to tell you a feel-good story. I’m here to tell you the TRUTH.

The messy, sometimes ugly, hidden part of the “fairy tale” that no one ever talks about.

That's where you get the real lessons – the disappointments and failed experiments I’ve used to course correct and create a business that grows day by day with or without my personal input.

Here’s what I want you to know…

Financial success is not enough without the freedom and flexibility to control your time.

There was a certain point where I gained some serious financial abundance before I implemented the Evergreen Model™.

Yes, my 1:1 schedule was full (there was actually a point where demand on my time was so high, I was serving 21 clients in the same period of time – I know – crazy!)…

Yes, I was making a great income...

BUT I was depleted on a physical and emotional level and at the height of my popularity as a coach, I was constantly anxious and had no idea how I was supposed to “do it all”.

Instead of enjoying my newfound “freedom” as an entrepreneur…

In many ways I felt like a prisoner.

There was zero time to work on my business and to grow and scale it in any way because I barely had time to breathe as I juggled one client coaching call after another.

I knew something had to change. Fast.

So I grabbed precious minutes between client sessions to start creating a group program.

I eventually completed the program and when I finally launched it, it created precious time in my calendar...

Time I could leverage to grow and scale my business (I was so relieved I almost started crying when I realized I wouldn't EVER have to serve 21 clients at the same time, again!)....

But I wasn’t out of the woods yet because I wanted to build a business that would last and produce consistent, sustainable profit...

So, I followed what most of the internet marketers still do today (which is getting tired). I did a formal product launch and built buzz around my product.

The launch process was ultra stressful as I was still juggling some 1:1 clients at that time. It was nonstop marketing in addition to being on coaching calls.

This went on for weeks and weeks at a time.

Then I began to shift to something that would enable me to really grow. I discovered a process to enroll consistent customers and clients into my business on a daily basis (not a launch by launch basis) and my life has been completely different ever since...

I call that process the Evergreen Model™

Testimonial from Sherina Mayani - Mindset and Business Coach

The Evergreen Model™ is the proprietary step-by-step formula and the exact strategy that I’ve used to help my clients build highly successful, consistently profitable businesses (and go beyond the million dollar revenue mark in my It Girl Academy).

I went from being an overbooked, overstretched coach struggling with the 1:1 coaching model...

And then barely surviving an endless cycle of stressful launches…

To using the Evergreen Model™ and enrolling an ongoing stream of clients into my programs month after month.

I want you to know this is possible for you too.

It isn’t rocket science. You will learn the strategies that support some of the worlds biggest online brands (and the secret of how most of them fund their marketing investments through clever low cost offers - to generate leads at a fraction of the cost that most others pay.)

All you need to have is the willingness to learn & implement what I’m going to show you…

Don’t worry, you've got this!

Here are the central pillars of the Evergreen Model™, which I designed specifically to give you the additional freedom, income and impact that you’re looking for...

Maximize the immense power & instant reach of the online world and use it to create an ongoing flow of ideal customers & clients, so you can create a consistent monthly income (imagine never having to worry about selling yourself in FB groups to find clients or struggling with another stressful launch ever again!).

Practice highly persuasive sales strategies & techniques to sell your programs, products and services. I’ll show you how to banish any fear you have around offering your products and services for money (the secret is to have a solid, sustainable, marketing plan that’s based around giving, NOT asking for the sale in a way that pushes others away).

Build incredibly valuable and authentic connections with the influencers, movers and shakers in your industry. This will instantly position you as a leader in your field of expertise (what I like to call an It Girl!). You’ll learn exactly how to become an authority in your field. This is explained in detail within the program (including outreach email templates you can literally copy and paste to suit your needs).

I’m going to show you exactly how to achieve all of the above, and much more!

Business Mastery Certification is a unique, program designed especially for high-achieving women.

This powerful, results-driven program unveils the ins and outs of online marketing in a way that is easy to understand. You’ll also receive guidance that makes it even easier to implement.

I’m talking about step-by-step strategies, critical high performance tools and 80/20 techniques that will create the ease, the income and impact that you’re looking for in your business.

All of this is based on my own results and on the results that I’ve helped scores of clients achieve (I’ve worked with some of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the online world for over 5 years).

So everything you learn in Business Mastery Certification isn’t just a bunch of theoretical projections or ideas with no basis…every strategy, tool and technique inside the program has been tested and proven to work.

Before we go any further, I’d like to talk numbers. I believe in telling it like it is (with kindness!)

So I’m going to go ahead and do this…

It may feel a little uncomfortable to you but bear with me!

Let me ask you this…

How much money are you aiming to make in your business per year?

Really think about this. What do you truly want? What sort of lifestyle do you envision?

What level of financial freedom do you want to achieve for yourself and your loved ones?

You need to know this and you need to know this NOW. Here’s why…

Let’s say your first goal is $100,000 per year (or adding another $100,000 per year to your income without added stress), and you're not taking action to move towards your dreams

What you’re actually doing is LOSING $8k per month ($8k per month is $100,000 per year)

Not to mention countless days, months or even years of your time, which could be leveraged to create more freedom, ease and income in your business if you had the systems that can constantly help you enroll clients and sell products.

If you’re serious about building a purposeful business, with consistent income, now is the time to take action!

In Business Mastery Certification I will show you how to hit and even exceed that elusive $100k per year goal that may feel like a dream right now without the stress of BIG one-off launches or needing to work with a 1:1 million clients.

You’ll do this by maximizing the power of marketing automation, paired with the immense reach of the internet, to find customers and clients - the types of qualified clients who will purchase your products, programs and services everyday, using my proven Evergreen Model™.

There are literally millions and millions of people spending money on the internet.

We will position you to take advantage of this growing marketplace with your smaller upfront offers, then position your flagship offer, and high end offers to a captive audience that you can build with the right marketing strategies. You will see that this system is a proven way to create lasting success.

It's a great idea to start with 1:1 coaching or services to get your foot in the door and build a solid reputation, but this model is not applicable in the long-term...

Why? Because there are only so many hours in a day and there are only so many clients you can serve on any given week.

It's okay to stay with the 1:1 model if you don't want to grow or scale your business but if you're set on creating true freedom in your life...

If you truly want to have full power and control over your schedule, you need to move beyond 1:1 services just like I did...

I invite you to take part in our Business Mastery Certification program featuring The Step-By-Step Evergreen Model™

Learn How to Leverage the Latest, Most Effective Online Marketing and Business Strategies to Attract Ideal Customers and Grow Your Business (While also Creating More Time + Freedom in Your Life).

What Will Business Mastery Certification REALLY Do For Your Business & BRAND?

Great question! When you participate in this exclusive 12-week training program, you will…

  • Discover how to create an ongoing stream of dream clients and customers who buy your 1:1 programs, products or services everyday, so you can say goodbye to stressful launches (or only launch once or twice a year IF you feel like it).
  • Create a consistently high income from your business so you can quit your job and create a lifestyle and income that is based on YOUR desires and needs.
  • Create a range of high quality products, programs and services with individual email sequences that all link together so you can enjoy multiple income streams with half the effort (or less).
  • Build your personal, unique and authentic brand that reflects your values and feels like the real you so you can automatically attract perfect clients who are aligned with who you are.
  • Enjoy absolute freedom by creating a business that’s location independent so you can travel for business or pleasure if you choose.
  • Have the flexibility to set your own hours and work when you choose.
  • Wake up every morning feeling inspired and motivated about the day ahead because you have a business you truly love and that works for you (not the other way around!)

Jessica is the most powerful business expert I know for new coaches.

If you are a new coach or business owner looking to be a real business owner and fast track your financial success & influence in your industry, then working with Jessica will definitely get you there.

Gina DeVee, Multi-Millionaire Coach and Founder of The Academy International Coaching Certification for Women

Here’s what you’ll find inside the Business Mastery Certification program:

Module 1

Gain Clarity And Confidence As You Set Yourself Up For Success

  • Discover all the segments of the Evergreen Model™ and how it can get you on the right track toward your first $100k if you’re starting out (or your next $100k if you’re already established) without the stress of big launches.
  • Go through a product suite overview and learn how to craft a range of products that connect together beautifully to create smooth, cohesive income streams.
  • Identify exactly who you want to help, so you can speak directly to your ideal clients, create authentic emotional connections and build relationships that will grow and expand and keep them coming back for more.
  • Learn insider secrets and production tips so you’ll have incredible photos to use in your business – without looking like you are trying too hard (because that’s not cool!)
  • Build a website and brand that engages and mesmerizes (or improve your current brand) so you feel empowered to stand out online as the It Girl that you are.

Module 2

Build the Perfect System That Will Move You Toward Your First (Or Next) $100k With Ease

  • Map out an extraordinary suite of products (everything from a $10 product to a $20,000 product) so you have a wide range of quality offerings that will be affordable for customers with every kind of budget.
  • Identify and start to design your signature, flagship offer so you can start testing it in the market. This way, you know right away if you’re creating a product that people will purchase.
  • Discover the easy way to create the critical backend system that will help you accept payments on your website without a hitch.
  • Build an incredibly effective email marketing funnel and set it up to automatically sell your products and services.

Module 3

Integrate the Evergreen Model™ For More Time & Freedom in Your Business

  • Design lead magnets that will highlight your brilliance so you are always receiving tons of new subscribers to your mailing list.
  • Create an amazing “upfront offer”(this is your low cost offer) and then watch how this simple move helps you close in on that $100k target at lightning speed!
  • Learn everything you need to know about high converting landing pages, the importance of conversion rates, and how to optimize your sales funnels (if all this sounds like a different language to you – don’t worry – I’ll explain all of it inside the program!)
  • Create multiple email sequences for your multiple products and learn how to fit them altogether in a beautiful, cohesive way so you can create multiple income streams.
  • Receive my step-by-step, tried and true, templates for high-converting sales pages (that actually sell!). These are my personal, proven sales page templates that make writing your sales pages, simple, straightforward and maybe even fun!
  • Understand the power of upsells, downsells, and profit maximizers and how they all work together to sell your multiple products and services (at the same time).

Module 4

Use the Hottest Lead Generation Techniques to Build an Ever Growing Tribe of Clients Who Love You

  • Use the magic of highly targeted, high performance Facebook ads to build your list and attract perfect customers and clients without investing hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
  • Discover how to create and run retargeting ads, brand building ads, and email capture ads, so you can maximize the power of each one to build your brand and create a steady stream of ideal clients.
  • Know the simplest, fastest way to identify ads that aren’t working so you can troubleshoot and tweak them without draining money.
  • Receive your beginner’s guide to Google ads so you will know how to attract customers in droves.
  • Discover advanced conversion and funnel optimization techniques to enhance lead generation and take your results from good to out-of-this-world!

Module 5

Unleash Your Inner Sales Vixen and Hit an Incredibly High Sales Success Rate (With Integrity + Authenticity)

  • Dissolve your money blocks, and actually have fun bringing in sales so you can start to make more and more money each month.
  • Learn how to structure discovery conversations (or sales conversations) with potential clients without feeling icky, pitchy, or awkward (don’t worry, I’ve been there and this is the method I used to get to easy, fun, selling)
  • Discover the difference between an assessment and a discovery call and learn how to do both well so you are always working with clients who are a perfect match for who you are and what you have to offer
  • Laser in on the high-payoff tasks that can result in paying customers and clients within 7 days. And if you do these tasks everyday, you’ll have full client books!
  • Discover and implement the easy-to-follow system to conduct powerful, persuasive webinars that inspire clients to say “yes”.

Module 6

Create Killer Content that Magnetizes Your Ideal Clients (and Keeps ‘Em Coming Back for More)

  • Create an organized and clear social media calendar so you always have topics to talk about and write about (you’ll never be stressed about content ever again!)
  • Create incredibly valuable content that showcases your expertise in the following mediums – Blogs, Newsletters, Videos, Facebook Livestreams – and learn how to use these to sell consistently.
  • Discover how to “cross promote” across different mediums so you can leverage your time & energy with every piece of content you create and achieve high levels of engagement with your target audience.
  • Learn how to use the extraordinary power of Facebook groups to grow your following and influence in an unbelievably short period of time.
  • Fine tune and improve your current content with a special content review process that’s inspiring, helpful and that creates anticipation and excitement for your next piece of content.

Module 7

Practice Ninja Marketing Techniques to Skyrocket Your Income and Impact

  • Learn exactly what A/B testing is, how to use it, why you need it and how it can shift the entire trajectory of your business.
  • Discover important and effective Instagram growth strategies so you can build your brand in the shortest possible time.
  • Deep dive into the marketing tools I personally use and learn exactly how they work so you can use them to achieve your income and business goals.
  • Learn fast, reliable content creation techniques and discover how you can ensure your content is legit and well researched so it positions you as a trusted source of information and an authority in your field of expertise.
  • Get the secrets of sales page design, split testing, and optimization to maximize sales for every page you publish.

Module 8

Form Powerful Relationships to Accelerate Your Business So You Can Get to The Next Level and Beyond

  • Build relationships with renowned magazines, respected bloggers and colleagues, as well as top influencers in your industry so you’ll have the support you need to build a credible and reputable brand that everyone wants to engage with.
  • Put together a solid, effective marketing plan where social media, blogging, guest posting, interviews and traditional media all work together to get you the exposure and influence you desire.
  • Create affiliate and referral programs, so you have peers sending referrals your way & you have consistent income coming in from promoting affiliate programs to your community.
  • Understand how to pitch so you will be featured on your favorite podcasts or blogs and in the hottest magazines where you will reach a wider audience.
  • Partner with your colleagues via webinars, telesummits, interviews, and events to help grow your following.

Business Mastery Certification is specifically designed for smart, high-achieving women who want to become industry leaders, impact millions of people with their message, and have a highly profitable business.

Total Investment

Invest in Yourself Once and Create Freedom that Lasts.

Once you invest in Business Mastery Certification, you'll start to receive all of the insights, insider secrets, techniques, tips, systems, structures and strategies that will have you automatically signing customers so you can create lasting freedom in your business and in your life…

I offer a ton of value as I offer a premium program like no other. My 1:1 coaching program is $30,000 and my mastermind is $15,000 but you can join Business Mastery Certification today at a fraction of the cost.

Best Value

Payment Plan

Buy now before the price goes up by $500!

Here's my Promise to You...

I know that when you do the work, Business Mastery Certification will give you the results you’re looking for in your business and I’m so confident about this that I promise you this…

Still have questions? We’re happy to chat with you! Book a call with me and my team for more information. Click here to schedule a time.

Here's what you’ll receive, experience and achieve when you invest in Business Mastery Certification:

  • A one-of-a-kind 12-week program with me, Jessica Nazarali (your success mentor). You’ll discover insider secrets and actionable strategies that will have you implementing advanced online marketing into your business in the shortest possible time.
  • 8 comprehensive, in depth learning modules to support you to build your business and expand your reach online plus gain coveted PR and media attention that will propel you and your message out to countless people around the world.
  • 4 Implementation Weeks that will give you the time you need to absorb and begin to implement everything you learn, as you learn it, so you can start to see results even before the program is over.
  • 6 live group coaching calls with me! We’ll get to connect (I’ll admit that this is my favorite part of the program!) and I’ll get your questions answered and show you the quickest way to achieve your goals.



  • An abundance of shortcuts & swipe files. You’ll get my personal email sequences, checklists, scripts, PDFs, as well as audio programs and videos so you can immediately begin to package, position, and scale your business without having to spend hours and hours trying to figure out the details.
  • Lifetime access to all the material inside the program plus complimentary updates so you’ll always have the most up-to-date information that will bring you results even if there are unforeseen industry trends and changes in the future.
  • Unlimited access to a powerful, private Facebook group. This is a dynamic, go-getter community of kindred spirits just like you! This is where you get the support and camaraderie that we all need as we grow and scale our business. The group is perfect for fostering powerful connections, collaborations and lifelong friendships as you meet other powerful women who are claiming their success and turning their dreams into reality.
  • World class customer support from the It Girl Academy Team so you know that you’ll have any and all of your questions answered throughout the program so you’ll never feel stuck and alone (don’t worry, we’ve got your back ☺ ).

Oh, and I haven’t even started on the bonuses yet! They're going to freak you out (in a good way!)

You won’t find these bonuses anywhere else and they’re valued at a whopping $4,000:

Successfully Write and Self-Publish Your First Book. Discover how to make your book an amazon bestseller in this bonus training with Dr Neeta Bhushan and yours truly!

High Level, High Value Legal Protection. By the time you need legal help, it’s often too late. That’s why I’m providing incredibly valuable and critical legal templates (you could easily spend thousands on these templates alone if you hire an attorney to do this for you). These templates cover everything you’ll need for your business including comprehensive client agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and contractor agreement that will provide you with must-have legal protection for your business. This alone is HUGE!

Million Dollar Tools And Resources. This is a comprehensive list of tools & little known resources that I use to run my own million dollar business. You won’t find this list anywhere else and let me tell you that I wouldn’t be where I am in my business today, without these resources. This is priceless!

Crazy Easy & Effective Social Media Planner A highly effective, easy-to-use social media planner that will help you to schedule every single piece of social content that you need. The result? You’ll consistently get all of your social media content pieces published without missing a beat and start creating valuable visibility and authentic connection with your audience, pretty much on autopilot

• Powerful Email Kickoff Course. I compressed years and years of my personal experience writing emails that resulted in an ever growing list of happyily engaged email subscribers. In just 7 days, you'll learn everything I know in this easy-to-follow course.

DIY Tech Training. This is tech training to end all of your tech woes. It’s perfect for you if you want to run the tech side of things yourself (or if you’d rather shave your eyebrows than touch tech, you can go ahead and share with an assistant who can implement for you). You’ll receive 17+ step-by-step videos on how to set up WordPress website, SquareSpace websites, MailChimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, LeadPages and ClickFunnels.

Testimonials That Position You As THE Expert. Just take and tweak my templates so you can easily extract testimonials from your peers and clients that will position you as the authority in your field expertise.

The It Girl Meditations Collection. Train your subconscious mind and rewire your thinking so you can start building your dream business. Some of these meditations are mixed with house music to make them extra fun!

And Here’s An Ultra Special Bonus...the BEST Digital PR Secrets in the World....

Directly From Our Featured Influence Expert and Top Digital PR Strategist

Selena Soo

Business & Publicity Strategist

"Selena is one of the very best Digital PR Strategists in the industry and her Rolodex of clients reads like a “Who’s Who” of the online world. She’s has worked with personalities like Farnoosh Torabi (bestselling author and monthly columnist for O, The Oprah magazine), Kimra Luna (social media and personal branding authority and online personality) & she’s been personally endorsed by scores of industry leaders including Marie Forleo, Derek Halpern & Danielle LaPorte."

In Module 8 of Business Mastery Certification, I team up with Selena in special, custom training that will have you navigating the world of PR and Media with the kind of confidence that will grow your network of influencers (even if you’re new, nervous and/or an introvert) so you can walk away with expanded reach, priceless media attention and support for your business and of course life changing relationships.

Cristina Samper Pearl, Founder of Fluent Productions

I launched my first group program and made over $10k in profit.

When I first started the program I had no email list – now I have a community of women who are excited to learn from me and my goal is to take 100 people through my flagship program – “The Event Planners Academy” this year.

Cristina Samper Pearl, Founder of Fluent Productions

How Is Business Mastery Certification Different From Other Programs and Courses Out There?


Glad you asked because there’s a world of difference!

To start with, Business Mastery Certification is focused on online marketing and online business following my one-of-a-kind, proven Evergreen Model™ that will create a consistent, reliable income.

I’ll walk you through all the pieces of the puzzle – everything you need to start and run an amazing profitable, purposeful online business. This includes how to set up email sequences in various email platforms, run FB Ads, set up landing pages, identify what to analyze and how, optimize conversions so every page, post and piece of content you create brings in more sales than you ever thought possible.

At the end of the program you also have the opportunity to take a test and submit your work to earn the title of Certified Business Strategist.

There are countless business programs out there which offer extremely basic information and give you what you need to get started, but due to the lack of advanced material there’s no way you’ll hit $100,000k.
You’ll have to invest more – maybe hire a high level coach and other experts or purchase a bunch of different courses and then piece together what you learn in each one (do you feel exhausted just reading this?!) just to get the full picture that you’ll receive here in Business Mastery Certification.

The strategies I teach and share in this program, have been tried, tested, and implemented by me to grow my 7-figure business all while being location independent and travelling the world and dare I say it - enjoying my life! :)

This is because I use the Evergreen Model™ to consistently enroll customers and clients without stressful launches.

Everything in the program is tailored for women who value good design and style.

Because I know looking at an ugly sales page makes your eyes hurt and you would NEVER want to create a brand that isn’t a true reflection of your style and taste :)

I designed this course specifically to support you so you can make money by setting up the RIGHT online marketing structures with ease – the kind of structures that will scale with you as you grow.

Unlike some online courses, this program is designed to help you make money in your business without having to constantly reach out to people and beg them to work with you.

Plus you have that built-in accountability to help you to implement what you learn in record speed, the days of taking endless courses with no results are over - thank goodness!

Jessica Vazquez, Wealth Creation Coach

I sold out my first coaching program in 4 days!

I sold out my first coaching program in just 4 days and recouped the investment to join Business Mastery. From there I implemented a funnel that attracted 2 private clients, podcast requests and the opportunity to be a regular host for a online radio show every Monday. I now receive at least 3 application request for discovery calls daily.

Jessica Vazquez, Wealth Creation Coach

Have Questions? Here Are Your Answers...

When does the program start? +

The moment you join the program you’ll receive orientation information and a day later you will receive Module 1. You will receive modules on a weekly basis, aside from implementation weeks which are weeks 3, 6, 9 and 12...

Trust me you will be grateful for the implementation weeks to take action on outstanding strategies that you need to incorporate into your business.

I’m not a certified coach. Do I need to be certified to take this course? +


No, you don't need to be certified to take this program. You also don't need to be a coach to take the program. Any service-based business owner who wants to grow their business and online presence will greatly benefit from this training.

You can also choose to take the Business Strategist Certification component of Business Mastery Certification which will enable you to call yourself a Certified Business Strategist by the end of the program.

Is this program too advanced for me? I'm already established in business... or the other side of the coin...will this program be too basic for me? +


This course is for anyone who wants to be enrolling consistent customers and clients into their various products, services and offers without doing launches. If you are not at this stage yet then this program is for you!

I've worked with clients who are already at six figures and above but have no systems to automate the enrollment of their customers and clients (and to top it off they had a heavy 1:1 client load with hardly any digital products to make passive income)...

I also work with clients who are new to business but know they want to adopt an evergreen business model so they can continuously enroll customers and clients without launches - this could be 1:1 clients in the beginning and then scaling to group programs.

Does this course show you how to set up the technical elements of an online business and running the Evergreen Model™? +

Yes! You’ll have access to a library of how-to-videos that provide step-by-step training on how to set up email sequences, landing pages software, FB ads, install WordPress and many other technical elements you don't even know you need yet :)

Still have questions? We’re happy to chat with you! Book a call with me and my team for more information. Click here to schedule a time.


Best Value

Payment Plan

Buy now before the price goes up by $500!

If you’re reading this, I know two things about you:

(1) You’re an ambitious woman and you’re looking for a way to build and sustain a dream business that will change your life and make a difference in the world.
(2) You’re probably a little worried that this is just another one of those “run- of-the-mill” programs…

If I'm right, I’m guessing you might still be on the fence about joining this program…

I hear you and I’ve been where you are right now so I’m not going to insult you by throwing a bunch of tired, motivational clichés at you!

Instead, I’m going to get straight to the heart of the matter…

Creating your dream business (one where you are not constantly chasing clients and worried about money) isn’t rocket science… it’s actually unbelievably simple.

This is a fact that a lot of experts and “gurus” will hide from you because hey…

If you figure this stuff out yourself, you’re not going to need them as much and well…their PayPal balance dries up!

But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need dozens of expensive courses and you don’t need to hire 6-figure experts for every single aspect of your business…

All it takes to make that dream business a reality is for you to know what YOU want, have a strategy and plan in place on how to get there and take action to make it happen.

Because the end of a dream is the day that you stop believing that you can make it happen...

Wouldn’t you agree?

So here’s my promise to you…

No matter how much I want to, I can’t take action for you (no one can), but I promise to share what I’ve learned in my years of running an incredibly successful online business (all of the honest-to-goodness behind-the-scenes stuff and no fluff) — to make this journey IMMENSELY smoother, easier and faster for you.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel of online marketing and business to achieve success.

I’ve done that for you in this course and everything you learn has already been tested, improved, and simplified. Now I’m serving it up to you on a silver platter.

And please know that you’re not alone.

I remember how lonely I felt when I first started my business. No one IRL (In the Real World!) knew what I was going through and how I felt about my online dream and they all stared at me strangely when I started talking about email sequences and sales pages!

That’s why I’ve designed Business Mastery so you'll have help and human connection all the way…

You’ll receive my personal support, expertise and coaching of course but you’ll also be part of an incredible community of talented, committed and high-achieving women who will keep you inspired, motivated, engaged and accountable.

Women who will understand what you’re going through.

This alone is worth its weight in gold.

It took me years to discover that running a dream business online isn’t impossible…

BUT you need to take action to get there.

You can't enjoy a garden full of gorgeous flowers if you don’t do the work of planting the seeds and taking care of the seedlings.

You can't create a beautiful meal, without purchasing the ingredients and doing the work you need to do…

You can't reach your dreams and goals if you don't learn and grow…

You can’t change the world if you don’t take action.

You know it’s time…

See you inside!



Still have questions? We’re happy to chat with you! Book a call with me and my team for more information. Click here to schedule a time.


Best Value

Payment Plan

Buy now before the price goes up by $500!


Still have questions? We’re happy to chat with you! Book a call with me and my team for more information. Click here to schedule a time.

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Best Value

Payment Plan

Buy now before the price goes up by $500!