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Alexandria Harvey

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Name: Alexandria Harvey                   Location: Byron Bay, Australia   

Q.  Why did you become a coach?
A. I became a coach because I have a burning desire and passion to help the people that need me. I was working full time as a civil engineer but I was so passionate about health, lifestyle, sexuality and all the science between. My face would light up when I explained to people what I did with myself outside of work, and they would comment on it. I also started to have an impact on other people’s lives with the ‘coaching’ and advice I gave them.

IMG_0133It got to the point where I realised that I was only going to get so far in my professional line of work – but where I had passion, my potential was limitless. I realised that if I had already started to touch people’s lives through the contact I had with them, imagine what I could do if I put all of my energy into that full time and lived a life of my own design.

And so that is just what I did.

Q.  Aside from coaching what do you love doing?
 A.  I love to travel and adventure all over the world. I have so far travelled to over 40 countries across 6 continents, from bungee jumping in Africa, to couch surfing in India. The more I see the more I realise there is to see!

I also love to create raw food recipes and delights, photographing them and sharing the on my Instagram account.

And yoga, I love yoga. Deep, powerful yoga practiced with conscious awareness. It is the food for my body and soul. Oh and one more, dancing. I love to dance. It is free creative expression of my body.

 Q.  What was the scariest thing about starting your business?IMG_0257
 A.  The scariest thing for me was when I had to start actually charging people money for my time. That was by far the most challenging thing, which I did not anticipate. It brings up a lot of ‘stuff’ you might not know you had.

 Q.  What would you tell someone who is just starting out as a coach?
 A.  Do as much work on your self worth as possible and learn how to sell. You need to be able to charge money for yourself. Value yourself and your time, without apology for doing so. It is harder than you think! And you can’t do what you love unless you learn how to sell your gift to someone and show them how you can help them.

 Q.  What is the best thing about your business?

 A. The best thing about my business is that I am working on and talking about the things I care about all the time. It is awesome. I get to give myself extra permission to work on myself and my own personal self development, because it is in the highest good of my clients. The more I learn, the more tools I have to assist them. How fun is that? I love it.

 Q.  What exciting plans are you working on at the moment?

 A.  At the moment I am working on starting to gather speaking engagements. I’m really keen to start talking to groups of women and reaching more people.

I love to share my story and share my message about becoming empowered through understanding and embracing The Feminine.

This is so perfect for me because I really want to inspire women and give them hope and ‘another way’ when they feel blocked or disconnected from their feminine sexual energy. Story telling is the perfect way to do that.


Here’s how you can find Alexandria:

Instagram:[email protected]

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  • Prue Morrison

    March 4, 2015

    Sweet article!! And amazing coach – love your work Alex! And loved reading more about you….