Coach of the Week – Kristina Norman

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Name: Kristina Norman                            Location: Denver, Colorado, USA   

Q.  Why did you become a coach?
A.  I became a coach because after I’ve ran my business, I discovered that there’s so much to running a business one can waste a ton of time and money doing it themselves.  I wanted to coach other women to start and grow their businesses to provide proven guidance and support to reach success much quicker than what I’ve experienced. Until I got a coach, my business started to make big shifts and growth immediately!

Q.  Aside from coaching what do you love doing?
A.  I own a cake design business so I absolutely love designing cakes for weddings and special occasions and also bake for fun.  In my spare time, I frequent the local theatre scene, travel for leisure and business, spend time with my friends and family, especially my two little nephews!

unnamed (1) Q.  What was the scariest thing about starting your business?
 A. The scariest thing about starting your own business is believing you made the right decision once you decide you want your business to be your full time business. Self-  doubt makes your dreams seem impossible.  But once you believe you have what it takes to make your business a full-time business, everything will work itself out for you.

 Q.  What would you tell someone who is just starting out as a coach?
 A. For someone who is just starting out as a coach, I would say to deeply understand the big WHY behind why you want to be a coach.  When you uncover the real reasons why you want to be a coach, always have those reasons in your mind each and every day.  They will help get you through the frustrations of starting a business.

 Q.  What is the best thing about your business?
 A.  The best thing about my business is creating a business that serves both me and my ideal clients. I love that when you start a business, you can make it uniquely you, and  either people will love it or not.  But, that’s the fun part! The business fits seamlessly into your life, your schedule and your dream clients will love to work with you because  they in turn love you and your brand.

Q.  What exciting plans are you working on at the moment?
A.  Very exciting things! I am hosting a free webinar January 20th, 2015 on Go From Frustrated to Fabulous: 6 Steps to Make $6k Months Your New Normal. To learn more information and register, join my list at

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