Coach of the Week – Marsha Shandur

Marsha Shandur

Marsha Shandur

Learn how successful coaches started out and learn from their success!

Name: Marsha Shandur

Location: Toronto, Canada 

Q.  Why did you become a coach?
A.  I knew I was done with the music industry, and wanted to do something I loved that really helped people. I’d been mentoring people for years who wanted to get into the radio, tv and music industries. If I’m honest, it never occurred to me that this information would be useful to people other than 21 year-old boys trying to get into the media! But once I discovered that the advice I was giving also worked for business owners, artists and freelancers, I felt THRILLED that I could get paid for doing what I was doing for free anyway!

Marsha Shandur Full-Length PicQ.  What was the scariest thing about making the transition into your business?
A.  Putting up my first sales page… and hearing crickets. I think I thought that, as soon as I put it up, the news would spread like wildfire and I’d have hundreds of customers! It was then that I discovered that people won’t buy your services…if they don’t know they exist!

Q.  What would you tell someone who is just starting out as a coach and not sure if they can really do it?
A.  Do a handful of practise sessions on friends and acquaintances. Make sure you draw a limit (pick a number of sessions you’ll do for free then start charging). Doing free sessions really built my confidence when I first started – and gave me some awesome testimonials!

Q.  What are you working on at the moment?
A.  As well as teaching people how to boost their business or career through networking, I also run a storytelling show. I coach all the storytellers on how to get their stories from 40 minutes down to a compelling 10, so I’m in the process of working out how I can weave this into the networking coaching I do!

Here’s how you can find Marsha: Banner

Instagram: @yesyesmarsha
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