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Name: Melanie Toner                       Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA   

Q.  Why did you become a coach?
A.  Honestly, I fell into coaching by accident.  I had the desire to improve my life – how I was living, my health and my overall well-being.

I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition because I had the desire to learn a better way to live.  The program included a coaching certification.  After my first session I was hooked.  I set a plan in motion to shift my career.

Q.  Aside from coaching what do you love doing?
A.  Reading books on personal development, spirituality and business, spending time with my children and husband, traveling, and pampering myself – yes, moms can make time for this.

MJFC-309 (2)Q.  What was the scariest thing about starting your business?
A.  By far the scariest part of starting my business was taking the leap without my husband’s support.  He truly believed (and still does) that I should wait until our children are grown and off to college to have a business but I chose instead to go for it when I was pregnant with my first son and then left my full-time job when he was 1. He’s almost 4 and I’m still loving my work and my family is better for it.

Q.  What would you tell someone who is just starting out as a coach?
A.  Be willing to start where you are. Don’t get paralyzed by perfection. Follow your heart, make a plan and go for it.  Be flexible and open to what will show up.

Q.  What is the best thing about your business?
A.  The flexibility and freedom around how I spend my time.  Being a busy mother, wife and business owner the flexibility around my time is the best perk.

Q.  What exciting plans are you working on at the moment?
A.  With the turn of the New Year, I’ve launched a new program to mentor mothers who are interested in starting or taking their online business to the next level.  This 7-month mentorship is the most comprehensive program I’ve offered providing a realistic way to build a business that fits into their lifestyle, allows women to make great money while raising their family, and provides the freedom and flexibility they crave.

Here’s how you can find Melanie:

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: |
Twitter:[email protected]

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