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Name: Michele Rohde

Location: Inez, Texas, USA

Q. Why did you start your business?
A. Being a business woman in the financial services & insurance industry for over 15 years, I was always eager & passionate about helping other women. I wanted to make sure they were protected now & in the future with every investment, account and product I knew they needed.  Over that 15 years, I had started to see a discouraging theme… many of the women I wanted to help, weren’t in a place to help themselves.

There are many reasons behind this, which I’ve come to understand with such clarity now due to both my business experience & coaching studies, but my passion to help didn’t dissolve.  I knew I had to help women in another way.  I was putting the proverbial cart before the horse.  Even highly motivated & professional women need the tools, teachings, support & mentorship to get to a place of substantial wealth, freedom & happiness, which is why I’ve been lead to serve as a coach in that respect. I felt called to share my 7-figure business building & successful life balance skills.  I have a deep desire to help women HAVE IT ALL.

Q. Aside from your business what else do you love doing?
A. Oh, I LOVE the water! As much as I love serving my clients, my next favorite thing to do is jump in our pool with my girls or go out with my fam & friends to play on the water in our boat. I’m also really into all things spiritual & like to give Angel tarot card readings for fun :)

Michele-Rohde3 Q. What was the scariest thing about your business?
A. Gosh, I use to have mountains of fears & worries running wild in my brain. Anything from feeling responsible for my client’s financial success to worrying about judgement from others as I decided to become very visible & share myself completely & honestly with the public.  Coaching has helped me to transform all of those limiting beliefs, and if they ever creep in, I know how to squash them and choose to have AMAZING thoughts & experiences instead.

Q. What would you tell someone who is just starting out following their dreams?
A. I would first, say “You go, girl!!!”  We, as women need to support and be excited for our fellow sisters, otherwise life is lonely and void of opportunities to learn from one another. Then, I’d say “Expect fear & doubt to creep in again and again in the beginning, but KNOW that means you are getting closer to the Holy Grail & squash those gate keepers at every turn because you are meant & made to HAVE EVERYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES!”

Q. What is the best thing about your business?
A. I have no greater joy than seeing the lives of my client’s quickly transform in such a positive way they are speechless, while those positive vibes, in turn, fuel the amazing life I’ve designed with my beautiful daughters & extremely supportive husband, Rocky.

Q. What exciting plans are you working on at the moment?
A. I have so many exciting things happening right now and in the future, I can’t believe it! I’ve been told, that’s what happens when you finally get into the sweet spot energetically – God/the Universe keeps filling up your plate with more & more of the good stuff! But what is happening right now, is my new 4-month online group course, “Design a Business You LOVE ™”! Class starts Sept. 1, & I’m keeping the doors open until Oct. 1.  In the class, I show aspiring & seasoned business women the exact step-by-step thought processes, tools & systems they need in place to create a consistent & high 6+ figure annual income WHILE experiencing both the business & lifestyle of their DREAMS! You can learn more about it here:


Here’s how you can find Michele:

Instagram:[email protected]_rohde
Pinterest: michelerohde


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