This book was written for the woman who has BIG dreams…

… who knows she is destined for more, but finds herself sitting at her desk day after day asking the same questions:

How will I make this big dream of mine come true?

How do I turn my on-the-side coaching into a full time gig?

How do I turn my blog into a full fledged business – one that actually makes money?

How do I quit my job and do what I love everyday?

… I’m here to show you how.

Leaping From the Ladder walks you through the process of how to turn your hobby or side business into a full time gig so you can quit your day job for good.

  • Learn the steps you need to take start and grow your business successfully while still working in your job
  • Discover how to quit with class and transition into your profitable and inspiring business (with money in the bank!)
  • Avoid common mistakes which can keep you stuck at your job longer, not allowing you to live your dream


Once you start thinking beyond security and predictability, your life’s possibilities will unfold before your eyes. Travel, challenging new business opportunities, helping like-minded individuals live the life of their dreams… you can have all this and MORE once you let your inner entrepreneur shine through.

Leaping from the Ladder is here to help you start your own coaching or service-based business, one that allows plenty of time & resources for travel, self-care, and spending time with those you love. This ebook aims to help you transition out of your current 9-5 day job and into your new business with ease. From Business Models 101 to Taking Over the World, each chapter helps build the foundation necessary to ensure your business’s success.

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The book details 10 steps to get you out of your job and into your business, including:

  • How to overcome any fear you have about starting your business
  • Examining your numbers to make sure your business is profitable
  • Tips to manage the demands of your career with the demands of your business and home life
  • Strategies to negotiate flexible working conditions and navigate tricky conversations with your current manager
  • Growth hacks to help expand your following, letting you get out of your career and into your business faster
  • Forward by former career girl-turned-internet sensation Jane Copeland of Coping With Jane on why, as women, it’s our time to create our own careers

If I can do it, there is no reason that (with the right support and guidance) you can’t quit your job and create a successful, fulfilling coaching business too.

Leaping from the Ladder will help guide the way!

Your special offer ends in

To take advantage of getting Leaping From The Ladder for 75% off,
click the link below and enter 23TOOLSTHANKS for your promo code.


 What are fellow coaches and business owners saying about Leaping From the Ladder?

Sarah Kate Anderson

Thanks so much for your ebook. You are such a generous soul! I loved every tip and insight. I’m still in early days of my blogging journey but have big dreams. Your advice in Leaping from the Ladder is precious and will come in handy as my future unfolds. I really liked your personal stories and lessons learned along the way.
Sarah Kate Anderson –

Shae Baxter

Jess is a results oriented business and marketing coach. If you want to quit your job once and for all and start living life on your terms, then you need to read Jess’s book. She is living proof you can do it!
Shae Baxter – SEO Coach,

Jane Copeland

There is no other book out there that gives you the support and the bridge you need to help you make the leap.
Jane Copeland – Brand & Business Strategist  Coping With Jane

Kendrick Shope

I’ve seen the backend of this book being born and I can tell you I am so impressed. Jess Nazarali really has made her dream come true of Leaping From The Ladder. I know this book is backed full of info I wish I had when I made the leap!
Kendrick Shope – Creator of Authentic Selling,

Jia Ni Teo

Jessica Nazarali totally and completely embodies her message and her brand. This book, Leaping from the Ladder, beautifully entails her very inspiring journey. Having known her from the beginning of her journey, and watching her leap from the corporate ladder into her six-figure business – I am delighted to see her share her journey in Leaping from the Ladder.

Laced with humour, this inspiring story that is her journey is also filled to the brim with practical tips that anyone who is ready to transition from the corporate career into their own businesses can implement. Get your copy right away, grab a notepad, and sink into getting yourself ready to leap into the success that is life on your own terms!

Jia Ni Teo – Success Coach,

Amanda Daley

If it wasn’t for our regular business chats while she commuted to work each day I never would have realised Jess was still working her day job while rocking it out as a leader in the coaching world. She didn’t leap with naivety nor false illusion but set up a sound and successful business in a smart and strategic way first so that when it was time, her leap enabled her to truly fly.
Amanda Daley – Business Mentor for Health Coaches 

Caroline Cain

Jess, your book will help so many women looking to create more freedom in their lives doing work they are passionate about, in a way that is financially, emotionally and spiritually sustainable.

When I started my business, gradually going more and more part-time in my office work, I thought that all I needed was a phone, a diary, a place to work and that the clients would come. The reality when it comes to creating a profitable business is quite different and your book is so helpful in several ways. You cover the practical step by step how-to – this will save a LOT of time, wasted energy and frustration for many who are starting out. So much time can be wasted not knowing exactly what to focus on, what is do-able and your book takes that guess work out. There IS a way to start your own business in a way that feels safe and sets a solid foundation in place whilst tapping into the benefit of still being in a regular job.  Seeing the path that lies ahead, the steps one needs to take is vital to create that confidence, knowing that it is possible, knowing that you can do this and seeing how this will look.

We live in a time where women are forging a new way of being, living and working in the world and that creating lives of freedom – freedom in how we spend our time, freedom of location to explore the world and go on adventures, freedom of expression to do work we love, with clients we love in a way that inspires us through businesses that support the lifestyles that we dream of. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And I know that your readers are feeling this same yearning. I believe that the key to fully living is leaning into the courage of our dreams. I believe that through creating greater freedom for ourselves and how we choose to spend our time that the world will experience greater joy, surplus for good and fulfilment. We live in a time of choice. Thank you for being a part of this shift Jess.

Caroline Cain – Lifestyle Business Coach,

Serena Sandstrom

Oooh!!! I was seriously so excited when I received my copy of Jess’s first book and when I saw the title, ‘Coaching Queen’ really grabbed me as I’ve been on the same journey. I could just see the thousands of women who would be inspired, guided and supported by this book. Jess shares juicy behind the scenes details about what it really takes to build a thriving coaching business and the pitfalls that you can now avoid by reading this book. As Jess’s colleague I’m really impressed by the knowledge she shares, and how she talks about the structure, planning and timelines for leaving corporate and becoming your own Coaching Queen…sustainably. If you dream of having your own private coaching business, or even are on the journey right now, this book is a must for your reading list…and make it the top one!
Serena Sandstrom – Entrepreneur’s Success Coach & Founder,

Cat LeBlanc

Jess has created a wonderful manual for women looking to shift out of the their corporate roles into a coaching business they love. It includes detailed advice on how to negotiate down your hours, how to quit with class and how to cope with the transition into business owner. Ready to take the leap? Get the book!
Cat LeBlanc – Business Strategist & Venture Catalyst,

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

In ‘Leaping From The Ladder’, Jessica takes you on an inspired journey, generously sharing her experiences from working in a corporate career to running a successful coaching business, and everything in between. She’s been there, done that, and has the goods to back it up.

Using a combination of real life stories and step-by-step instructions, this book is chock full of juicy tips and helpful hints for making your job work for you, asking for things you might have never thought possible, and daring to dream bigger for yourself than you ever imagined. Be prepared to be motivated in a whole new way.

If you’re ready to transition from worker bee to solopreneur, Jessica is at the ready to guide you to taking immediate action and doing what it takes to confidently quit your job. The ultimate message: if you want it, go and get it.

Katherine Mackenzie-Smith – Life Coach, The Beauty of Life

Alicia Hansen

All women considering transitioning out of their corporate job with ease, mentally and financially, to pursue their passion and start their dream coaching business, need to read, Leaping From The Ladder. Jessica has written this book with authenticity having made the transition herself into a full-time entrepreneur. She is the perfect mentor and this is the perfect book for anyone looking to successfully transition out of their corporate job, move beyond their limiting beliefs and have the confidence and strategies to move into into their full-time coaching business, thus, creating the lifestyle and freedom they desire.
Alicia Hansen – Health Coach,

Vanessa Jane

Leaping from the ladder is a wonderful guide for anyone craving more from their career or job. It’s wholly practical, gives you some seriously valuable material on how to do what so many people want to do, get out of the corporate world and into something that is fulfilling on a deeper level. If you have ever had that little voice in your head telling you, you were meant for more and you can do more or you feel like you are more valuable than just working for the dollars – then hear from someone who has done and done it well.
Vanessa Jane – Entrepreneurial Muse & Creative Strategist,