Growing Your Coaching Business To Six Figures Using Webinars

Growing Your Coaching Business

Growing Your Coaching Business

Want in on a secret? Webinars have been key in helping me grow my business, and I know they can help you too, especially if you learn how to promote them.

I’ve found webinars are a great way to connect with your Ideal Client, demonstrate your knowledge, book more discovery calls, grow your email list, and grow a thriving personal brand.

I was an early webinar adopter and started doing them early in my business. They really helped me get my name out there in the coaching world, and I recommend you start doing them for your business too!

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In today’s post, I’m sharing my top tips to creating and promoting your first webinar.

Choose Your Topic and Goals.

What is your goal for your first webinar? If you want to use it to build your email list you may want to have a call to action at the end that asks viewers to subscribe to your free opt-in gift.

If you’re using your webinar to pitch your latest coaching package, you will want to mention it at the end instead and perhaps give an incentive to those who take action within 24 hours.

Whatever your reason for creating your webinar, write it down so that you are crystal clear on the one thing you want viewers to get out of it, and how you want them to take action at the end. Make note of how many people you’d like to attend.

Think about your Ideal Client when choosing your webinar’s topic. It should be something that helps them overcome a problem or inspires them.


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Webinar Software.

There are a number of types of webinar software to choose from, such as Instant Teleseminar and Easy Webinar. You can also use Google Hangouts and can record them with Hangouts On Air.

Whichever software you choose, spend some time familiarizing yourself with it. Watch any tutorials you can find on the site or on Youtube so you know how to share your screen and record the webinar when the time comes.

Or consider starting your own Facebook group! In this case, you can make a link to your newsletter or free opt in gift and can create challenges to help group members with their lives and businesses, depending on where your expertise lies as a coach.


Create a Converting Landing Page.

On your webinar landing page, include a video and perhaps offer a free worksheet to those who sign up. Create a confirmation email you know they’ll love; let them know you value their time and give them their free worksheet, report, etc.

Promote Your Event.

Once you’ve decided on your webinar topic and software, send an email to your list and promote the event on Social Media. Let everyone know it’s free to attend and if you are offering a free worksheet or an incentive for those that are on the call live ( as opposed to those who watch the replay).

Email your list more than once so they stay informed on the event date and can make time in their calendar to attend. Look at open rates to see if they are high or low and test subject lines to see which get the most opens and sign ups.

Create blog posts that promote what you’re teaching in the webinar and tell readers how to sign up. You can also take Facebook ads for an additional marketing boost.

Another way to increase sign-ups is through Joint Ventures. Ask friends who aren’t direct competitors to email their list, letting their subscribers know about your lovely webinar. If anyone who signs up through their promotion purchases from you, give them a referral commission.

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Start With a Promise.

In the beginning of the webinar, let viewers know what to expect and what they’ll learn. Focus on only a few bullet points so as not to overwhelm participants and to keep it fun and educational.

Next, tell them your story and why you do what you do, as well as who you work with and what you do as a coach. Announce when you will be taking questions, ideally at the end of the call)

After you’ve covered the educational aspect of your webinar, consider bringing on past clients to share their success stories from having worked with you. This is great Social Proof and can give you that added boost in sales.

Lastly, pitch your program or give viewers a call to action ( book a Discovery Session, sign up to your newsletters/free opt-in, etc.)

Try to keep your webinar about an hour and a half so participants can get to know you and learn as much as possible without being overwhelmed.

Follow-Up Emails.

When the webinar is over, send two separate emails: one to those who attended and another including the replay and your offer to those who weren’t able to make it. Help people to take action by reminding them of your fast action bonus for those who sign up right away.

Remember, your first is always going to be the weakest but it’s a blessing because you’ll learn from your mistakes! Keep doing them and in time you will quickly become an It Girl coach with a thriving coaching business!

Have you hosted a webinar, google hangout or online presentation before? How did it go? What advice do you have for some who is new to hosting webinars?

If you’re new to hosting webinars what piece of advice from this post are you most excited to implement?!

With love,

Jessica xx

Increase Your Sales Today Thru Webinars!

Download your copy of the “Webinar Sales” PDF and start increasing your sales thru webinars. 

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