How I Made $355K in 6 Months as a Coach ( and how you can too!)

How I Made $355K in 6 Months As A Coach

How I Made $355K in 6 Months As A Coach

Many new coaches want to make a six figure income but feel that monetary goal is out of reach and aren’t sure what steps to take to create the income they desire.

In this post I’m outlining how I created a coaching business that has brought in over $355K in the first 6 months of 2015 and give you steps as to how you can go from worrying about getting clients to bringing in as much money as you desire.

You can go from having zero clients and just starting out in your coaching business to creating a six figure freedom based business as a coach (and it doesn’t have to take 5 years).  But it does take daily focused action plus the marketing and branding know-how that you can learn in my courses or on your own.

Let’s begin by discussing the most important elements to creating the foundation of a successful coaching business.

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Premium Branding and Positioning.

One of the most important elements in your marketing arsenal that will help you attract your Ideal Clients is having premium branding and positioning. I cover these elements in depth in my courses but want to help you understand the basics about building a solid brand in this post.

Ask yourself: What is it that attracts an Ideal Client to a brand, specifically a coach or personal brand?

The brand usually appeals to a potential client because the client gets the feeling that the coach knows and understand their problems and is trust-worthy plus has the answers to their problems.

Trust is established by getting to know the coach through their free (or paid) material such as blog content, courses, guest posts, social media, and media appearances.

Having great branding also helps you gain trust and credibility which is why in my previous post “How to Use PR and Media To Be An It Girl Coach”, I placed an emphasis on just how important clarity and consistency are in both your overall design and also content.

Copywriting and blog content is also how a reader learns if a coach understands their problems and also if said coach has the ability to help them solve their problems.

Action Steps

  • What can you do to position yourself as being a trustworthy leader in your niche?
  • Make a list of any branding items that need improvement. Contact a designer to help you create images for your Social Media that are in alignment with your brand.
  • Take a look at your blog content, newsletter, guest posts, and copywriting. Does your content and copy help your readers/Ideal Clients know that you’re the coach for them?
  • Make a list of 5 websites your Ideal Client reads and pitch them a guest post.

Create A Strong Personal Brand.

One of the critical aspects of building a thriving coaching business that brings in 6 figures or more is having a strong personal brand.

Coaches are personal brands and therefore they need to have ample professional photos of themselves. Having photos that convey who you are and what you stand for is imperative.

It helps potential clients connect with you and get to know you better.

If you’re a Health Coach, just imagine the difference between having a bland headshot versus a photo of you drinking green juice at your favorite local health store can make in the eyes of your Ideal Client!

Traveling is something I’m passionate about, and I show this in both my professional photos as well as on my Instagram. I also value healthy living and helping women build businesses they love, and I make sure my photos convey this.

Action Steps

  • Take a look at your current photos of yourself. Do you feel they accurately show who you are as a person and as a coach?
  • If not, make a list of photographers you feel would help you capture your brand.


Create Premium Coaching Packages.

In my course It Girl Business Mastery, I tell my students to focus on creating premium coaching packages over doing hourly coaching sessions.

If you desire to make 10K a month as a coach, it’s easier to attract 10 clients per month paying 1K than it is to find say one hundred clients paying 100 dollars for a single session. You will also need to place more of an emphasis on building your list if you are starting out and offering lower cost group programs.

Action Steps

  • Create 1 to 2 premium coaching packages your Ideal Client will love
  • Announce your new packages to your friends, previous clients, and list subscribers.


Develop The Wealth Mindset of a Six Figure Coach.

If you are committed to your success, you must work on raising your wealth consciousness on a regular basis. Feeling comfortable charging premium rates and creating premium packages plus having the confidence to market your coaching services, in general, comes from believing in what you do and knowing you can charge what you want for what you offer.

Most coaches begin charging a smaller fee for their packages. If you want to make 6 figures as a coach, it’s important to charge according to the value your clients will get from working with you. What benefits will they receive? Will their lives change in some way?

Action Steps

  • Identify any limiting beliefs you have and replace them with positive affirmations.
  • Evaluate your current rates and consider raising them!
  • Read wealth mindset books such as Think And Grow Rich

Build your email list.

One of the key ways to stay in touch with Ideal Clients and readers who have just discovered your site and brand is via email. Building your list takes time and effort, but it’s an important asset of your business and worth taking the time to grow. This will enable you to have more people to sell your services to and assist you in creating a multiple six figure coaching business.

There are several ways you can build a profitable email list of Ideal Clients interested in your services. From guest posting to taking Facebook ads to your opt-in gifts or free webinars, you can begin it get in front of your target audience and let them know how to subscribe to your newsletter.

Action Steps

  • Make a list of where your Ideal Client hangs out online.
  • Create a free opt-in gift – eg webinar, video series or PDF that you can promote through guest posting, ads, and joint ventures.
  • Mention your free opt-in within your own blog content and social media when relevant.

Use Facebook Ads.

I’m a huge fan of Facebook ads and how they can help you build your list and promote your packages and courses. Facebook ads were the reason my income increased from $10k months to $70k plus months this year. They are a great way to increase your income and readership in a relatively short period of time.

Action Steps

  • Create your first Facebook ad to promote your free opt-in.
  • Consider using a social media agency to help you create and manage your Facebook ads.


Develop Products at Different Price Points.

When you are fully booked for 1 on 1 coaching, consider creating different products that your Ideal Clients will be interested in.

For example, I wrote my book Leaping From the Ladder for women still at their 9 to 5 who are considering taking the plunge and starting a coaching or solo professional business. I then created It Girl Personal Mastery for the women looking to develop the right mindset for success and It Girl Business Mastery for coaches ready to take the next step and want more in-depth training. Each course has a different price point and focus.

Action Step

  • Make a list of possible courses or group programs you could create in the next 6 months to help you reach six figures and above.

Develop and Train Your Team.

Perhaps you can do everything in your business, but why should you? It’s better to focus on money making activities than trying to do it all, and we all only have so many hours in a day.

Finding a virtual assistant, designer, and other team members can help you scale your business even further than if you were trying to do everything yourself.

Having a team that I can rely on has been crucial to my success and has made it easier for me to focus on my clients and not trying to do everything myself.

Even if you feel you don’t currently have the budget to hire help, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant for only a few hours a week to begin with. Notice if this in itself help you free up time and attention, allowing you to focus on other money making activities.

Action Steps

  • Make a list of activities you don’t like, don’t have the time for or aren’t good at.
  • Ask friends for recommendations for designers and virtual assistants, and check out freelancing sites such as
  • Set up interviews with potential new team members
  • Set up a one month trial and assess at the end of the month if they are good fit for your team long term.


Create Daily Systems For Your Business.

What activities do you and your team ( or future team!) need to do daily to help maintain and grow your business? Creating systems that incorporate things such as processes and tasks that need to be done by a certain time each day, or for certain situations can make your life a lot easier and more organized.

For example, look at the process a new client goes through when they work with you. What steps do they go through from beginning to end, from when they first discover your site to signing up to your list to then purchasing a session?

Action Steps

  • Make a list of systems, tasks, and processes that are an integral part of your business.
  • Train your staff on how to systematize steps to make their tasks easier

It is possible for you to make six figures as a coach or solo professional, and if you follow the action steps listed in this guide you will become closer to your income goals. Building a  business takes hard work, but the more systems you create and team members that can support your vision, the easier it will become over time. 

What step from this post are you going to implement this week to help you grow your business? Leave a comment below and let me know!

With love,

Jessica xx

Learn about exceptionally powerful ways of scaling your coaching business!

Download your copy of the “The # 1 Difference Between 6-Figure Coaches and Average Coaches” PDF. 

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