11 Steps To Book Discovery Sessions

11 Steps To Book Discovery Sessions

11 Steps To Book Discovery Sessions

The best way to discover if someone who takes an interest in your services is a right fit for you is to get them on the phone and explore if you’re the right coach for them. Discovery calls truly are the best way to get more clients and build relationships with people who can turn into clients further down the road.

But you’ve tried getting Discovery Calls and may have run into challenges along the way, causing you to feel frustrated and wonder what you’re doing wrong.

This post is designed as the ultimate guide to booking more Discovery Calls with ease. We’re going to explore how to promote your services through not only online marketing but also in person at local events.

1. Massive focus on list building.

List building is one of the most important business tools you will have in your marketing arsenal. Approximately 1-3% of your list will buy from you, so the more Potential Clients you have attracted into your list, the more will book Discovery Calls and become clients.

I hear you saying Jess, I know this already. But how do I grow my list?

For starters, get clear on your message and learn how to tell your story in a compelling way.

Everything on your website and in your emails needs to stay focused on who you serve, and how you serve them. The clearer you are on your target market and Ideal Client, the higher the chances are of someone wanting to sign up to your list and book a Discovery Call with you.

Secondly, focus on outreach activities such as guest posting on larger, engaged sites where your Ideal Client frequents. Do free teleclasses where people get access to your online class or call in exchange for their email address.

Take Facebook ads to your free class or webinar. I cover list building in depth in my online course Find Your First Paying Coaching Clients but these tips will get you started.

2. Survey your list and see what they want.

Are you offering services that your audience isn’t interested in? Offer what they want versus what you think they want.

There is a huge difference between creating programs that you think will sell versus creating programs you’ve been told by your Ideal Clients that they actually want.

Survey your list and ask them what they want, and ask Ideal Clients in person or over Skype. Creating packages your Ideal Clients and list have stated is of interest to them will increase your Discovery Sessions and in turn create more clients.

3. Use your existing networks.

Instead of just marketing online, talk to your friends and family about your services and let them know you offer free discovery calls. Be clear and concise about what you do and who would benefit from your services.

Ask if they know anyone who would be interested, and consider giving whoever refers you a commission or discount working with you if that feels right to you.


4. Speaking.

Speaking at local or national events can be an excellent way to book more Discovery Sessions and get more clients. If you are a Health Coach for example, ask your local natural foods store or yoga studio if they ever have speakers talk for free about subjects pertaining to health.

Coaches focusing on helping first time Mums get more rest can enquire at a Mummy Group that meets up if they want to hear a pitch-free talk. If the Mums take your advice and know how to reach you, you’ll definately be hearing from Mums who want to benefit from your coaching and want to know more about you.

5. Call it something other than a “discovery session.”

Actually naming your Discovery Session something different can increase the amount of people who want to say yes to talking with you. Use your imagination and what would sound like something your Ideal Client would be interested in.

Offer free assessments where you give something of value before speaking about your service. For Health Coaches that help working women have more energy, a Discovery Call could be renamed Free Energy Assessment.

6. Create a private Facebook group and engage with members.

Create an engaged Facebook group community around your niche, where your Ideal Clients can gather to connect, ask questions, and learn more about your services and how you can help them. Connect with the members and offer discovery sessions.

7. Segment your list.

Set up different email sequences depending on how interested they are in your services. Eg if someone is clicking but not booking in for a session, you can email them and ask why they haven’t booked a Discovery Call.

Pay attention to who is clicking and opening your emails. Segment based on that. Email people who click more and engage with them, asking if they are interested in a complimentary call with you.

8. Hustle.

Make sure you are focusing on tasks that will result in you booking discovery sessions if that’s your goal. Don’t do anything else aside from tasks that will help you achieve this. Stay focused and spend time every day to growing your email list and asking anyone who may be interested to sign up for a free call.

9. Create a funnel.

Create a free video series, workbook, webinar, audio etc and then take people through an email sequence educating them on your coaching, story etc and then at the end, encourage them to book a discovery session with you.

10. Referrals.

Create a referral program or affiliate program, and make your program well known to current and past clients and peers. Have them help you spread the word about not only your services but your free calls, which will be an incentive for those who are sent your way to get to know you better.

11. Offer a bonus on colleague programs.

I’ve had guest experts on Find Your First Paying Coaching Clients and The Next It Girl Coach offer bonuses to participants, and each time the expert has found clients from the experience as well as gotten exposure. You could offer a free session or call, or perhaps a discount to a joint venture partner’s list.

With love,

Jessica xx
If you feel overwhelmed, remember that clarity is key. Print or save this resource guide for reference and to come back to later, and make sure to check out my newest training on getting clients!





  • Jennifer Dent

    July 9, 2015

    I will be trying #7- Segmenting my list. I am going to filter out the people who open all my emails but haven’t booked a Discovery session with me and email them specifically.