How To Build An 11,767 Newsletter List

How To Build An 11,767 Newsletter List

How To Build An 11,767 Newsletter List

As a coach and entrepreneur, one of your top priorities must be to grow your email list. Your email list is your most valuable asset as it keeps you in touch with people who are interested in your blog posts, newsletter, and services. They want to hear from you and receive tips and updates.

Focusing on list building helped me earn over $355K in 6 months. My mentor and colleagues agree that frequently have a small list can be the top issue a new coach faces when it comes to scaling their business and earning a living as a coach.

But growing your list can be challenging, especially if you are just starting out.

In today’s post, we’re going to cover  in depth into how to grow your email list as quickly as possible. By taking daily action to get new subscribers and to deliver value to those who have already joined your list, you’re going to book more Discovery Calls and have more abundance and success!

Targeted Guest Posting.

Perhaps you’ve heard that guest posting is a great way to build your list. While I agree with this, it’s important to note that where you guest post (and how you promote your free opt-in offer) can make the difference between getting zero subscribers to getting hundreds.

When considering where to pitch guest post ideas, make sure that your Ideal Clients are actually reading the blog.

Writing for sites that have targeted traffic and ideally where your guest post is promoted to the blog owner’s newsletter can greatly help you get more subscribers from your efforts. Avoid writing for sites that have little engagement; take a look at the blog’s comments and social media to see how engaged they are.

Action Steps

  • Make a list of 10 blogs that your Ideal Clients are reading
  • Find the contact information for the blog owner or editor
  • Email them a pitch ( your guest post idea) or the full post

Post in Groups.

If you’re a member of my free Facebook group for coaches, you’ll see that we have members from across the world connecting and supporting with each other. Facebook groups are an excellent way to make friends, find clients, and grow your list!

When it comes to networking in Facebook groups, remember to add value over promoting your products and services. Check the group’s guidelines as to when you can promote and mention your free opt in gift when relevant.

Or consider starting your own Facebook group! In this case, you can make a link to your newsletter or free opt in gift and can create challenges to help group members with their lives and businesses, depending on where your expertise lies as a coach.

Action Steps

  • Research groups by using the search function on Facebook.
  • Read the group’s guidelines as to when and how you can promote.
  • Introduce yourself in the group, and begin adding to the conversation!
  • If/when relevant, mention your free opt-in gift.


Facebook Ads.

Using Facebook ads to promote your free opt in gift, webinar, or tele series is a fantastic way to grow your list! It’s affordable too!

As I teach coaches in It Girl Entrepreneur, Facebook ads are one of my favourite marketing tools. You can choose your budget, demographics, and other specifics that will help you best target your Ideal Client.

Make sure to use appropriate copywriting that includes a call to action. Test ads against each other to see which copy and photo do the best.

Action Steps

  • Create your first Facebook ad!
  • Test the ad against a second one to see which copywriting converts better
  • Create a spreadsheet that tracks your Facebook ads and how many subscribers you get
  • Consider using a Facebook ads expert to run ads for you.

Have a Great Opt-in Gift.

If you are creating a free opt-in gift for people who choose to subscribe to your list, make sure it’s awesome. One of the best ways to get more list subscribers is to make sure the Ebook, workbook, webinar, or teleseminar you create is offering  a lot of value and show you are the expert you are.

It should solve a problem your Ideal Client is facing.

Do some market research and see what your Ideal Client would prefer. Is a workbook best suited for them? What about a Google hangout?

Presentation is important. Your opt-in gift must not only be valuable but should have a nice cover and design, and be on brand. Additionally, copywriting is always important. Make sure that what you name your opt in gift is appealing to your readers.

Action Steps

  • Get in touch with people you know ( online or in person) who meet your Ideal Client requirements.
  • Ask them what free opt in gift would be the most helpful and appealing to them?
  • Create your new opt-in. Hire a designer to do the branding and design.

Targeted Ads.

In addition to Facebook, you can take ads on many different social media platforms (such as Pinterest) and on targeted blogs.

Pinterest allows you to promote pins to Pinners. Have your designer create a Pinterest-size image for your opt-in gift and promote it, or pin it to group boards.

You can also take ads on blogs that you feel your Ideal Clients are gathering. Bloggers usually have a media page or sponsorship information for you to read and may offer discounts on long-term sponsorship. Remember to always promote your opt-in landing page to capture traffic from your ads.

Action Steps

  • Make a list of blogs that your Ideal Client reads and that offer sponsorship opportunities in your budget.
  • Investigate other places you can take ads or promote your opt in gift, such as on Pinterest.

Be Diligent With Promotion.

One of the keys to succeeding as a coach and as an entrepreneur is to be diligent with promotion and marketing. Make building your list a priority by creating a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly promotional plan.

Build a team that can help you with your marketing endeavors so you can get more accomplished. As we covered in how I made $355k as a coach in 6 months, creating marketing systems will also help you grow your list and book more discovery calls.

Action Steps

  • Pick one day this week to spend a few hours planning your marketing and promotion strategy.
  • Investigate hiring a Virtual Assistant to help with promotional tasks.

Meet Up Groups.

Promoting your business offline is just as important as your online marketing. This includes listbuilding!

Meet up groups and networking events where your Ideal Clients gather are excellent ways to get people on your list in person. You can collect their business cards and ask if they want to get your free opt in gift and subscribe to your weekly newsletter. Always ask for permission when adding people to your list.

Action Step

  • Find a group that interests you and where your Ideal Clients gather.
  • Attend the group and ask if people are interested in getting to know your work better by getting a free copy of your ebook, webinar, etc.

In Person and Online Workshops.

Consider hosting your own in person or online workshop or event, such as my It Girls drinks. Certain registration services allow participants to enter their email when they buy tickets. Conversely, you can attend in person workshops and network similar to how you would in meet ups.

Action Steps

  • Create your first in person workshop!
  • Use a site such as Eventbrite for registration



Engagement and high quality posts are the key to success on Social Media. Instagram is no exception. My favorite Social Media platform, I use it to show my lifestyle and personal brand as well as promote upcoming events, free classes, blog posts, and any opt ins.

Perhaps the best way to promote your opt in is to have a call to action in your description area with a shortened link to your free gift. You can also create an image using and with the same or similar copywriting and shortened link to a landing page.

Remember to focus more on value based images than promotional to keep engagement and interest high.

Action Steps

  • Share 5 inspirational or educational photos/images then every sixth photo promote your blog post, opt in, or event.

Building your email list takes time and daily effort, but it’s important to develop a strategy you can implement on a daily basis that will help you to get more subscribers. Through regular promotion and marketing plus sending out high quality, informative posts to your list, you’re coaching business will have the abundance and success you desire!

What tips do you have for growing your email list? Share in the comments below!

With love,

Jessica xx

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  • Jessica Nazarali

    August 1, 2015

    Hi Lauren,

    Thank you so much for you comment. I hope we will get to work together in the future! xx

  • Lauren

    July 31, 2015

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for your blog posts. I have been reading them consistently and each one is absolutely packed with quality and value.

    I am an experienced success coach for holistic & intuitive practitioners, and I’m in the process of bringing my services online. I have been focused on listbuilding so it’s great to receive some new inspiration and confirmation that the techniques I’m using are recommended.

    I would love to coach with you one-to-one and I know the money will be available to me soon. (10K months, here we come!) :)

    Kindest Wishes,

    Lauren x