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If you want to be the next It Girl Coach and have a business that impacts the lives of thousands of women around the world, you need to create a strong personal brand. And as a service provider that works with individuals who need to find a coach that truly connect with, it's important to have great photos that convey who you are as a woman and coach. We all know the internet has changed news, headlines and information in general into a visual medium. Photos and images are always the first things you notice when you open a new window in your browser or head to a new URL. Photos of great quality or images that speak louder than any words (or perhaps it’s a combination of words and a striking image) can affect the reader faster and stir emotions quicker than words ever could.

Amazing writing can have a lasting effect that stays with the reader forever, but the perfect pic can hit heartstrings, effectively motivate, or drive passion almost immediately. Utilizing great imagery and pictures in your business is not only important, it’s necessary! But having great photography is about more than your professional head shots. It also encompasses the photos you post on Instagram and in your blog posts. All of the images you share that are associated with your brand paint a picture and it needs to be consistent with your values and services. In today's post, you're going to learn the fundamentals of great photography and how to find a photographer that understands your brand and photography goals.

Find A Personal Branding Photographer.

As a Coach, it's important to find a professional photographer that truly understands what you do and how you want your photos to express who you are. Personal branding photography is very different than generic headshots or portraits. It's an almost active form of photography that shows you doing things you enjoy, or that are associated with your work. It allows you to show off your quirks, playfulness, and general interests. Or your professionalism and go-getter attitude. Think of personal branding shots as the key for marketing who you truly are and what you give to your clients. While some photographers specify they work with coaches, bloggers, or entrepreneurs, others may not. That doesn't mean however that they don't understand what you're looking for, so take some time to browse their portfolio and get a feel for their work.

Brainstorm ideas with the photographers. It’s a collaborative adventure. If the photographer isn’t willing to sit down and discuss your ideas BEFORE the shoot, then move on and keep looking. The right photographer is out there - don’t settle on the first person you meet, just because you ‘NEED SHOTS’. If you’re unhappy with how the shoot is going because you’re not able to add input, it will show in your photos! Don’t waste the money, keep looking until you find someone you ‘click’ with. I've personally worked with a number of photographers to help shape my brand and express what I do as a Success Coach for women entrepreneurs. I've worked with photographers in America to Australia to Bali and have been overall very pleased with the photos they have captured.

Action Step

Ask your friends and colleagues if they can recommend a photographer who understands your business and photography goals, or do a google search for personal branding photographers.  Make a list of 3 and schedule an initial conversation to discuss your ideas.  Bring some examples to the table - but make sure to leave room for their creative input as well!  After all, they are the one behind the camera! blog17-quote2

Plan The Shoot.

Ok, so now you've found the right photographer for your It Girl biz. It's time to plan the shoot. Start asking yourself these questions:
What am I going to wear?
Where should the shoot take place?
What different looks/backdrops do I want to show? (Hotel, restaurant, beach, mountains etc)
What props or items do I need to bring?
Do you need to ask your friends to join you in your photoshoot?

When planning your shoot, you need to make a mental list on where you will use your images. That way you can plan your poses and discuss this with your photographer before the shoot starts. Ask yourself the following questions - are you going to use it in your website or for marketing or as a cover for your Ebook and solo mailers? Do you need vertical or horizontal images? Do you need more close-ups or full body images?

If you're doing a destination shoot, you're going to need to research where to be photographed ahead of time. If you're a Health Coach or fellow holistic living fan, find a green juice hot spot that has a good atmosphere for the shoot. Perhaps call the juice bar and ask when they are the least busy so you can have a more relaxed ambiance. Or maybe you want to be in a bustling cafe, working on your laptop. Whatever works for your brand and conveys what you love to do!

Spend some time choosing what outfits you're going to wear for the shoot. Mix and match with a friend. Put on a little fashion show for your significant other. They may have a few advice and inputs that you didn’t think of. You can also hire a stylist or service to choose your clothes and accessories.

Arrange for a makeup artist to be present during the shoot so you can have your makeup and hair professionally done. Normally, they will stay for the whole shoot and help you keep everything in place. Again, makeup and hair is a creative art as well. See if the stylists can offer suggestions - different looks with your hair to match outfits. If you have time to meet with them before hand, bring snapshots of your outfits and see if they can suggest something new, like putting your hair up with a shorter dress or adding a different color lipstick to match a waterfront shot.

Action step

Plan your shoot! Research where to have your photos taken, what you will wear, and book a make-up artist and stylist.
Photoshoots are an important part of any business. They can be a bit pricey, so make sure that you spend time researching and planning. Six months down the road, you don’t want to say ‘I didn’t feel too good about the shots’. You can overcome this by putting in the effort and discussing with the experts ahead of time. You’re the client here, you’re paying the money. But make sure to go in with an open mind. Photography is an art so be creative and share the moment with your team and have fun!


Sharing Your Photos.

Social Media is a great way to be known for your business and your brand. After your shoot, your social media accounts are the best place to share your new photos.

In Facebook, you can use these images as a profile photo and as a cover photo. You can also use these photos for sharing quotes or inspirational messages that can be on brand. It is also important to remember that you will be using these images in your Facebook ads when you promote your opt-ins, your blogs or any new product or program you may have.

While Instagram allows you to connect with your peers and ideal clients in a powerful way through visual storytelling. You are able to open the door and show the ‘story’ of your life. You post pictures of the healthy meal you had for breakfast or perhaps your latest trip to Bali. And your followers love following your story plus checking in on how you see the world.

Your Instagram photos help you to connect with Ideal Clients in a very personal way by showing them what you value and what your interests are. If you’re a health coach, that shot of your healthy lunch and green smoothie lets them know you truly value wholesome, natural food. Do you go to the next step and show the organic ingredients to your drink? It helps the viewer know more about you and realize that this part of your lifestyle - the healthy living - is something they want for themselves. And those travel pics to Bali? They help your followers know you are a digital nomad that can help them as a life coach who understands their travel goals. Your followers will want more detail on how you work and spend time abroad, where your income streams lie and how you do it all but have vacation time in the same breath!

Although Twitter is more words than images, it is highly important to keep your images consistent to all of your Social Media accounts. So make sure that your Twitter account has a good profile photo. Same goes with Google+, LinkedIn and others!

Action step

Be mindful of what you post in Social Media. Write down 5 keywords that you want associated with your brand and before you post, ask yourself if the image conveys those keywords or values.

blog17-quote1Do you wish to know more about setting up It Girl Worthy images for your brand and business? The Next It Girl Coach has a dedicated module just for this! Click here to know more about The Next It Girl Coach and create the brand and get the publicity of your dreams!

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  • Jessica Nazarali

    October 31, 2015

    Awww thank you! Trust me they didn’t in the beginning…It’s been a process of getting better and better each time ;)

  • Mona

    October 31, 2015

    Jessica, congrats on this great post. I’ve never thought about using this strategy to create my brand.. to be my brand. Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips on this topic. I hope I can find a photographer as good as yours, cause your photos always looks so goddamn perfect :)
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