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What's the difference between it girl who accomplishes all of her dreams and struggling coach that is just starting out and can't seem to get enough clients?

An It Girl Coach realizes the importance of adopting a success mindset. She understands the importance of adopting a positive mental attitude and believes our thoughts dictate our actions, and it also dictates what happens in our daily lives and careers.

Successful coaches are extremely motivated people and they have a can-do attitude. They're using affirmations that are helping them attract wealth and their Ideal Clients. They shake off negative thoughts and work hard to overcome negative beliefs and their money story. Because let’s face it: all of us have some negative views on money and how we are ‘supposed’ to make a living.
In today’s post, we’re going to cover how you too can begin shifting your thoughts towards wealth and begin to know with every fiber of your being that you deserve wealth and success!

Releasing Negative Thought Patterns.

How do you feel about wealth and success? If you were to go on Oprah tomorrow, would you feel comfortable with that? Would you say yes or no?

The reality is that most people have negative thoughts that creep into their minds and after a long period of time, those thoughts become the filter through which we see the world. Many of us don’t feel we deserve success, happiness, or wealth. We’ve come to the conclusion that money is reserved for the few. Maybe people with connections or wealth families.

These are lies! Wealth and success are not negative things whatsoever.

In fact, by becoming successful you are actualizing your abilities and helping the people you are destined to serve. By saying no to this you aren’t helping anyone.

The first way to begin releasing negative thought patterns is to become aware of them. In today’s action step, I want you to write down in your journal your predominant thoughts today, especially any negative ones. Notice any limiting thoughts and where you think you may have picked them up. Were you watching a certain TV program or heard them from your parents?

Build Your Money Mindset.

Some of my close friends have told me that they spent hours reading success mindset books in the beginning of their coaching businesses. I too devote ample time each week to reading books like Think and Grow Rich and also reviewing what I learned in The Academy.

My mentor Gina Devee taught me early on just how important it was investing in the right mindset. It truly has been the driving force behind my own success, and the success of many It Girl Coaches in my programs.

My suggestion to you-whether you’re a new or seasoned coach- is to devote at least an hour everyday to reading books that will help you to expand your wealth consciousness. I also highly recommend working with a coach or mentor that can help you dive deep into expanding what you feel is possible for your life and business.

Action step

Make a list of 10 wealth consciousness books you want to read starting now. A few that I recommend:

  • The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson
  • The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
  • Leveraging The Universe by Mike Dooley

Join A Positive Community.

I’ve learned over the years just how important it is to surround yourself with a positive, supportive community of It Girl coaches to inspire you along your journey to success. They can help you overcome doubt and stay accountable to your desires.

My own Facebook group of has over 2,700 It Girl coaches looking to succeed in their lives and businesses. One of the best parts of having a group like this is that I get to see firsthand how women are overcoming their limiting beliefs of what they think they can achieve. They are excelling in life, and whenever they have a struggle they are facing, they share it in the group and find support.

I can’t urge you enough to find a mastermind group of some kind ( free or paid) that feels right to you and that you use regularly. And yes, I mean regularly! The best way to both networking and build friendship is to contribute regularly to groups.

Which brings me to the next part of this success mindset equation: communication. How do you communicate with your peers, colleagues, and in mastermind groups? Gina stresses the importance of communicating in an empowering, non-dramatic way. This can be a challenge when things aren’t going the way you want them to in your business and life, and trust me when I say we all have off days and struggles. But how you communicate them to the people who want to help you ( or learn more about you, if you’re new to a group) can be the key in getting the feedback and motivation you need.

Action step

Find a mastermind or Facebook group that is filled with positive, encouraging women who share your goals and aspirations. Consider joining my group for coaches too, and make sure to introduce yourself when you join!

This next step is important: write in your calendar or planner a time everyday ( or every few days) that you will visit your group of choice and join in the conversation. Why is this important? It will help you connect with members and get the support you need when you need it most. By answering questions or encouraging members, you’re building friendships while also showing people you’re generous and kind. Make sure to never spam groups or use them only for promotional means.

Start The Day Right.

I’m an early morning person, and I believe that if you want to have a day devoted to bringing your best self to client sessions and attracting your Ideal Clients, you need to start the day right.

Do you have a morning routine? I’m a believer in the power of starting the day with a nourishing routine that can include a health meal, organic tea or juice, and perhaps some meditation on your intention for the day. Or perhaps reading an inspiring book or even journaling.

Whether you’re a morning person or not, make an effort to ease into the day and set an intention for what you want to achieve. Don’t fret about your to-do list or how you’re going to attract new clients and book more premium coaching packages. Instead, begin with valuing yourself and have gratitude for a new day to grow your coaching business and impact the lives of people around the world in need of your services.

Action step

In your journal, write about how your perfect day would begin. Would you be drinking some organic green juice or head to the local cafe for a coffee with your husband? Would you have a client session next? Really get into how your ideal day begins and ends, and review this as often as possible.

Spend your mornings easing into the day by picking your top three intentions for what you want to manifest and accomplish. Write down all that you are grateful for the previous day too as beginning with gratitude is the perfect way to attract more of what you want.


Participate In Activities That Make You Happy.

Believe it or not, there are some people in the world that exude happiness and positivity at every turn.  But for most of us, staying positive takes constant effort and there are times when we feel the universe is working against us.  All the “Stay Positive” images and cuddly kitty videos on facebook couldn’t change that rotten mood.  

If that happens, I find it’s best to step away from the computer, move away from any social media site, and perhaps temporarily leave the internet altogether.  Release is needed - be it mental, emotional or physical.

Many times, the physical form works best - I zip over to whatever dance song that has recently caught my ear and blast it once, twice or if needed ‘replay’ until I sense a shift in my mood.  Whenever I’m feeling upset and frustrated, I know that music is there for me.  Yoga is a great second choice if I’ve been sitting for what seems like forever.

If walking is your thing, hit the outdoors and look around as you go taking in nature and the environment on your stroll.  Not living in an outdoorsy place?  Architecture works well for urban areas or grab an audio book (like from one of the list you made of wealth conscious books) and walk a simple route while zoning into positive words.

Action step

Start thinking of some of your favorite activities that don’t involve a computer.  When you put a little effort in, what makes you smile as you imagine doing them again?  Do you like baking or cooking up a gluten free recipe?  Do you find yourself always feeling better after 20 minutes of meditation?  Or is there something a friend or blog post mentioned that you wanted to try - the Silva Method, Tapping (EFT), or rebounding?

Make a list of 5 activities off the computer that make you smile when you think of doing them.  

Now add to that list 2 new ideas that you’d be willing to explore.

You’ve now got a list of 7 positivity actions - keep them posted on the wall near your workstation and look at them daily to remind yourself that you have a solution to those down moments - don’t let negative destroy another day!

So now you’ve got a list of books, actions, morning steps and a wonderful community to keep you upbeat and positive!  Want to share with us in the comments below some of your ideas?  Help others by sharing your action plan to help shift your mindset into an It Girl abundance mentality!

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Jess xx



  • Jessica Nazarali

    October 31, 2015

    Well done Shantelle! This will ensure your day starts right!

  • Shantelle Hannah

    October 31, 2015

    Thanks Jessica for a great blog post! I really took my time reading it and envisioning my days before they actually happen..manifestation and meditation and visualization.