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Name: Tracy Timberlake

Location: Florida, United States

I knew that I had a passion to help people, which is why i started vlogging to begin with. It really opened up a lot of doors for me!

But even though I loved making videos, I knew that I wanted to do more than just talk about lip gloss and flat irons. I had more to offer… just wasn’t quite sure what that was or how to do it.

Honestly, it left me a little frustrated and uninspired. I even took a couple months off last summer to try to figure it out on my own… And then…

Sometime last August, I happened upon a post about business coaching – I never knew that was even a thing! I saw how so many people were carving out niches for themselves and specializing in different areas. They were doing really awesome things!

I was really inspired by other women like Jess. They took something they were passionate about and turned it into a thriving business. But even more, a lifestyle.

tracy-timberlakeIt’s living life the way it was meant to be lived: with freedom and purpose! Doing what you love and helping others at the same time!!!!

Finally! I felt like I really found my calling.

So, first step, I made a decision. I decided that I wanted the same for my life.

Second, I got the help i needed! I signed up for Jess’ coaching program almost immediately. I wanted to learn from the best, and from someone who’s done it themselves!

Best decision everrrr!

Today…I actually get to spend my time doing what I LOVE!!!! I never knew it could be so much fun!

Seriously, everytime I get to work with a new client I feel like a kid in a candy store. It’s almost not fair!

I still love making videos, but now i get to teach others how to do it too, and help them use those videos to grow their business! It’s the perfect marriage!

And the fact I charge $1,800 for an 8-week course, well that’s the cherry on top!

“Update” Tracey is celebrating a $6k month (and the month isn’t even over yet!)


Here’s how you can find Tracy:

Email: [email protected]

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