How to Manage your time like an It Girl #Boss

manage your time

Thanks so much for your support for the first installment of It Girl Question Time!

I’m looking forward to sending more videos your way over the upcoming weeks!

This week’s question comes from Bridjet, and she asks, how do you  manage your time to make sure you accomplish everything you need to on a daily basis?

I thought this was a GREAT question!

I know how challenging time management can be, ESPECIALLY when you’re are starting a business and juggling other commitments (and I don’t know anyone who is starting a biz who isn’t juggling other commitments!).

Click below to watch this week’s video and discover how I manage my time, and notice how it differs from the way I used to manage my time when I was just starting my biz, and still working in my job!

What tips do you have for managing your time while running a business and still being able to have a life in the process?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Jess xx

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