It Girls Give Back Video Training

Many women say the reason they want to start their business is to help other people. BUT before you can help others, you need to help yourself first.

Getting your business financially profitable means you have the resources to fund all your big dreams & give back in a much bigger way than ever before. 

By being an It Girl Entrepreneur, not only will you be able to travel, have freedom over your schedule and create a unique business around being YOU…

Imagine ALSO being able to:

Support charities and causes you believe in (much more than you currently are now).

Giveaway scholarships to your programs to the women who need them the most.

Become the new Oprah and build schools or houses in Africa!

I know for It Girl’s like us getting into business isn’t just about making more money so we can stay in 5 star hotels and buy designer clothes (although we enjoy this, there is more to us than that!) 

We want a career that allows us to use our unique skills and passions...That gives creative fulfillment and control over how we choose to spend our time....(I know, lots of women are talking about that! )

But It Girls want more: work that allows us to give back to our customers and clients and wider community in a much bigger and more meaningful way. 

In this video training  I discuss the steps I personally take when I have goal to bring in a certain amount of money so I can fund all my big dreams and give back at the same time. :)

We will cover:

1. How to set goals and create effective business plans that actually work in real life.

2. How to make sure you have a business idea that will make you $$$ to fund your dreams and your passion projects and not leaving you high and dry!

3. High payoff income generating tasks I do daily when I’m in launch or have a BIG income goal - you will get your very own list you can print out and put on your pinboard just for attending the training.

You will also learn how YOU can help 1000 woman in the Philippines start a business (while helping yourself!!)  through my not for profit program It Girl International 


Hear about my exciting plans to bring in $1.8 million in sales this year in the process!

Click the video above to watch & enjoy!

Jess xx

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