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Imagine being able to set your own schedule... Each and every single day.

No longer needing to report to a boss and having full control over your work and creative pursuits...

Knowing that you are having a huge impact on the lives of your clients, and loving every minute of it…

Being 100% in charge of your own earning capacity, no more glass ceiling for you!

As women these days we have two choices. There's the old way, where  we go to college or university and ---if we are lucky--- get a job, slave for 20, 30, 40 years and then retire.

Or today we can follow a whole new paradigm: we can create our own careers and freedom through starting a business -- one we can run mostly online from anywhere! 

So, maybe this sounds like you:

  • You know what you don’t want out of your career but you don’t know what else you could do instead or that another option is available to you.
  • You have a job that's "okay"... but you know you are destined for so much more than to be stuck behind your desk for the rest of your life.
  • You’ve seen or heard about other women starting online businesses basically selling their advice and expertise (services, coaching or online products) directly to clients, but you don’t know if or how you could do it too.

If any of these rings true for you, guess what?!

Today, there absolutely is another way of doing life and business, that doesn’t involve working for someone else, having a zero control of your life and the contribution you make to the world.

You can become an It Girl Entrepreneur!

It's time to claim the life of your dreams...

Hi my name is Jessica Nazarali and this is the life I’m fortunate to live as an online business owner.

It's what I playfully call an “It Girl Lifestyle”.

What does that look like? I lead a life I love and make a living from it. I have a certain online celebrity (that you can develop too) that makes my clients want to work with me, and only me!

I’ve gotten to travel to the world’s hottest cities like New York, Dubai, Hong Kong and Vancouver and meet fantastic clients and other incredible people. I have the freedom and financial means of a celebrity without the annoying paparazzi.

And the best part? I get to do all this and have a meaningful career of my own unique design. I can work from anywhere in the world and still run my businesses just as if I were sitting at my desk. And make a much bigger difference than I could do at any job, like creating a not-for-profit-program (more on this later :).

Your whole life can turn around. Mine did!

Looking at me now, you might think I was born with everything going my way. Well, think again! I came from humble beginnings — there was no trust fund, unfortunately! In fact, growing up there was even a period where my family was on government assistance.

So I did the responsible thing. I went to university and got a degree in business because I thought this would give me a job with a good income.

Like most people, I believed this path would not only make me money, but also make me happy and give me the life I wanted. Not the case!

Even though I landed a "great" job and excelled at it...I realised pretty quickly that working for someone else, “paying my dues” and climbing the ladder pretty much guaranteed that I would never get to do the things I really loved, like travel and see the world, impact people’s lives or experience the finer things in life.

So I decided to try my hand at starting a business...and I was determined to make it work, BUT...

Do you know what I learned? It’s hard to do it alone.

Ideas and passion matter, but I found out quickly that they’re not enough. How was I going to market myself, and actually make money? How was I going to manage the technology, or pay someone to do it for me? What was I really offering, anyway?

I realized I was going to need some serious help if I wanted to be a company owner and make enough money to be able to realise the goal to leave my day job.

So I took a deep breath, I invested (a LOT) in high-level support and learnt about the Internet marketing systems, structures and sales skills required to be a thriving business woman.

It was worth every penny.

In February 2014 I quit my job to be a full-time entrepreneur and coach, and I haven't looked back since...

I've met super cool people, visited places I was dreaming about, worked with amazing clients and...

In 2015 hit over $600k.

I’m a living example that with the right support, teachings and skills, coaching can definitely replace the salary from your 9-5 career through an online business and give you the lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

I call this a It Girl business and lifestyle, because this is IT, the way life should be.

Now I want to pass on all the knowledge, skills and support I received, so you can design your own It Girl career and lifestyle too!

Now you, too, can get the business foundation you need to create an amazing business and life filled with travel, adventure & fun! With the It Girl Entrepreneur Program.

In only four short months, you can be well on your way to having exactly what I have -- a job-free life where you love every day and you make a real difference.


  • Women who want to have the freedom to call their own shots, make more of their lives, and find the financial success they always dreamed of.
  • Aspiring business owners who want to command premium prices, and create a beautiful stand-out brand.
  • Coaches or online business owners who are are not yet making $10k per month consistently.
  • Entrepreneurs who desire to travel, have incredible experiences & live a BIG life.
  • Business owners who are committed to delivering tremendous value to their customers and clients, while making a positive difference in the world.


Jessica is the most powerful business expert I know for new coaches.

If you are a new coach looking to be a real business owner and fast track your financial success & notoriety in your industry then working with Jessica will definitely get you there.

Gina DeVee

Multi Millionaire Coach and Founder of The Academy International Coaching Certification for Women

I left my corporate career, I now have a list size of 1750+ and am earning 10k per month!

My new normal is an average of 10K per month (almost double my full time corporate salary), I have a list size of 1750 (that list is the main key to my success and it's grown from like 300 since February 2015) and I really only "work" 3 days per week.

Sam Morrisey

Have you longed to do work that lets you use your unique talents and personality to impact lives (where you are NOT chained to a desk)?

Would you love to create a business you are passionate about -- but don’t know what to do next (or if anyone would actually pay you for it)?

If you could trade your current situation for being your own boss and earning $10k per month or more doing something that lights you up...would you?

You CAN!


This program is specifically designed for newer coaches and online entrepreneurs (both current and aspiring) who want to create a business full of meaning and excitement, that allows them to be totally independent, travel the world while doing work they love, and live a “celebrity” lifestyle ...only better, because you’ve truly earned it!


  • Having your business built and running. Be working with clients you love (and who love YOU) and making consistent income as a coach or online entrepreneur.
  • A business model that works for you (1:1 coaching/consulting, group programs, information products, affiliate sales or a perfect combo for you) and a plan in place to hit your income goals.
  • The confidence to be a successful coach and/or business owner, one who knows her unique value and impacts the lives of people across the globe.
  • The clarity of your message that is unique to you and will make you stand out in the marketplace as the IT Girl in your field.
  • A brand & website that is so YOU and is a true reflection of your personality and style. Vital for any committed It Girl Entrepreneur!
  • Sales conversations that feel authentic and non-sleazy; never again feel icky when having sales conversations.
  • The knowledge of where to find your perfect customers and clients who can't wait to work with you.
  • Finally feel like a real boss in your business. Learn who to hire and what to delegate so you work in your zone of genius and outsource the rest.
  • Cool new strategies to explode your reach (far beyond the typical Facebook ads everyone talks about!) which are free to enable you to quickly grow your and following without breaking the bank.
  • A community of global women. Just like Taylor Swift has her circle of girlfriends who support one another, you will meet your new business BFFs and joint venture partners in It Girl Entrepreneur.

Total Investment

Pay In Full $3,000! (Best Deal)

All payments are in USD.

Pay 4-Payments of $825

All payments are in USD.

In 4 Short Months, My Program Can Teach You The Secrets To Entrepreneurial Success.

You’ll meet with me and my team twice per month for 4 months and learn my proven step-by-step system to to launch and scale your business:

  • Learn to create the systems, structures and content you need to be a successful coach or online entrepreneur.
  • Get my own personal checklists, scripts, PDFs, email sequences as well as audio programs and videos to help you package, position, launch and scale your business.
  • Get continual support from the It Girl team: we'll answer your questions and keep you on track as you create your It Girl business.
  • Receive personalised feedback and accountability from ME & my team on the live group calls and Facebook group. Know if you are on track to reach your goals and realise when you need to make changes so you can create the business you desire.
  • Build lifelong connections: Gain access to a private Facebook group for fostering powerful connections and meeting other powerful women who are claiming their success and turning their dreams into reality.
  • Learn from experts across a variety of industries to help take your coaching business to new heights.
  • Keep on growing with lifetime access to the community and materials. Get complimentary updates to the training material to ensure you always have the most up to date information to grow your business!

Jess quickly became THE success coach for aspiring IT Girl coaches

I don’t know anyone better to learn from, that from someone who has done it herself.  Since “Leaping from the Ladder” and moving out of her corporate role, Jess has quickly become THE success coach for aspiring IT girl coaches – and has quickly built an extraordinary successful business in the process. She’s a good operator and knows her shizzle. As they say the proof is in the pudding. Jet-setting around the world with her husband while building a million dollar business, yes please!

Jane Copeland

CEO of

Jessica is somebody who was able to do it in a small amount of time!

Ajit Nawalkha

Senior Partner at MindValley & CEO of MindValley Media

Total Investment

Pay in Full $3,000 (Best Deal!)

All payments are in USD.

Pay in 4 Payments of $825

All payments are in USD.

Imagine how incredible your life will be when you:

  • Are a full-time entrepreneur doing work you love every day.
  • Have your own personal and business brand which is well respected in your industry.
  • Can travel the world and work from anywhere.
  • Never again have to say, “I can’t afford that.”
  • Have freedom and flexibility to set your own hours and work when you choose.
  • Are surrounded by other cool and inspiring women who are up to big things in the world. (Hint, hint: you will meet a ton of them in this program!)
  • No longer wondering, "What am I meant to do with my life?" Or, "Surely I’m meant for something more than this?"
  • Tell your boss “see you later” as you hand in your resignation letter.



Get excited! As soon as you enroll in the program, you will get access to an inspiring Orientation Module that will empower you to to make the very most out of everything It Girl Entrepreneur has to offer!


  • How to prepare like a boss for the 4 months ahead so you leave nothing to chance and set yourself up for your best success!
  • Proven techniques to work through and conquer any fear or self-doubt that could hold you back from creating your dream business and living the It Girl Entrepreneur lifestyle.
  • Fabulous mindset and inner-work resources (that I still use myself!) for you to turn to anytime you feel stuck or overwhelmed.
  • Your very own mastermind partner, because accountability rocks! Select your perfect match mastermind partner for mutual support and as you move your businesses forward together.


Your Biz Direction

In the first module, you’ll explore and map out exactly how you will make money (there are so many ways -- you’ll pick what fits your unique style and personality) and design what product or service you’ll sell in your business!


  • Learn about the different It Girl business models and choose one that works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Create a website and brand that empowers you to stand out online as THE It Girl that you are.
  • Learn the best practice steps and actions for having an incredible photoshoot - Kendall Jenner you better watch out!
  • Create the best packages of your skills & talents to command premium prices and get the best results for your customers & clients. (Yes, people will pay you a lot, and love you for it!)
  • Set yourself up with an It Girl Biz plan for the next 4 months. You’ll feel energized and super-confident knowing exactly what to focus on every day, what you are selling and your price points!


Rock Your Marketing

In this module you will create your very own marketing funnel (the proven online way to attract clients on autopilot!) & start to set up the simple internet marketing structures that help prospective clients and customers find you (and buy from you!) from anywhere in the world!


  • Create and implement a proven six-figure marketing funnel so you are being sent a steady stream of prospective customers & clients daily.
  • Discover the easy-to-follow system for conducting powerful, persuasive webinars that inspire clients to say “yes”!
  • Learn the secrets to creating a great-looking video series to sell your courses & programs and make you look like a rockstar!
  • Create free offers that show off your brilliance and make tons of new people people rush to join your mailing list! Build a community of raving fans who love you and can’t wait to buy what you offer.


Making Money

This is where the rubber meets the road! In this module you will learn how to have powerful sales conversations with potential clients and customers that feel effortless & elegant - not awkward and embarrassing!


  • Conduct sales conversations that aren’t pushy, pitchy or icky and get clients happily saying “yes”!
  • Handle common objections like “I’d love to but I can’t afford it” that may occur when you are speaking to potential clients.
  • Follow up with a client who hasn’t said yes but is very interested in working with you, and seal the deal over email.
  • Design a client on-boarding process that’s smooth and supportive for both you and your client.
  • Laser-focus on the high-payoff tasks can result in customers and clients this week - and do them daily to fill your roster and bank account fast!


Go Global (& Social!)

In this module you will learn how to set up Facebook ads to build your list and pool of potential clients and customers from all around the globe! You will also learn about other social media platforms and how to use them to build your global following!


  • Use the magic of highly targeted Facebook ads to build your list and to find the perfect customers and clients.
  • Write killer copy & identify the most irresistible images to use for your Facebook ads.
  • Optimise your landing pages to skyrocket the number of people opting in from your Facebook ads so your list grows steadily (this is how I added thousands each month!)
  • Learn how to grow your influence and relationships by leveraging other social media platforms Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Periscope, Twitter & Snapchat.


Compelling Copy

In this module you will develop your unique message and discover what parts of your story and personality to put in the spotlight, so you always know exactly what to write in your newsletters, blog posts and social media updates!


  • Write compelling copy that sounds like YOU and inspires potential clients & customers to book consultations and buy your products & services.
  • Use your own story and personality to shine through in marketing, stand out and build trust and loyalty with your followers.
  • Collect glowing, raving-fan testimonials that inspire other clients to decide to work with you.
  • Write a winning sales sequence by following my proven template - view my whole email sales sequence for It Girl Entrepreneur and have me dissect the sequence for you.
  • Write online newsletters and emails and know what to put into these communications for maximum engagement and results.
  • Craft an enticing sales page that turns readers into eager buyers of your products and services.


Being a #GirlBoss

It’s your business....but no one succeeds all alone. In this module you will discover how to hire and manage your first contractors (and eventually permanent team members) so you have more time to focus on the money-making tasks only YOU can do, while also enjoying your It Girl lifestyle!


  • Hire your first team member and learn exactly what to outsource and delegate to support your growing business.
  • Implement best practice hiring procedures to support you to high A-player team members (and avoiding the problem hires!).
  • Create the perfect job descriptions using my proven templates for various positions.
  • Craft easy-to-follow employee onboarding materials so your team members know their roles and are just as excited about your brand as you are!
  • Choose an online collaboration platform to seamlessly communicate with employees and contractors all over the world & conduct meetings that get things done.
  • Step into being a leader and create a productive and happy team culture where everyone wins!


Squad Goals (AKA Collaborations & Partnerships)

Just like Gigi, Kendall and Taylor have a close knit group of friends and colleagues who support one another - you will soar as you develop relationships with the top influencers in your industry.


  • Create affiliate and referral programs so you have other people sending clients your way - yes!
  • Approach industry “big fish” and know exactly what to say to make them eager to support and collaborate with you.
  • Steal my invitation emails I sent to potential JV partners to get them on board with promoting my offering.
  • Partner with your peers via webinars, telesummits, interviews and events to help grow your following.
  • Model the packages I sendto current JV partners to help them promote me online, and tweak them to develop your very own affiliate program.


Getting Good with Numbers

What you track and measure increases! In this last and final module you will learn what numbers to always be watching so your business grows far past what you can even imagine! Even if you’re “not a numbers person” you’ll love this module!


  • Have a proactive vs reactive financial plan & calendar so you always have enough money in the bank! (Trust me, this feels GOOD.)
  • Which experts to consult in order to ensure your business can skyrocket to massive success with less frustration, confusion & chains holding it back.
  • Use free online reporting tools to troubleshoot and improve your sales funnel & grow your business.
  • Increase traffic to your website (traffic = more potential customers and clients!) & use SEO to your benefit (it's not as hard as you think!)
  • Optimize your website and landing pages so your list and roster of clients are always growing.

I had my first $15k month in my 3rd month of business!

In the third month of Jess' course I signed 5 clients (my goal was 4!) Without a doubt I credit this early success to having my own coach! From the very beginning I had the support and guidance from Jess, who I seriously admired and who had already been exactly where I wanted to be. I know wholeheartedly that having a coach is the reason why my business succeeded in a big way so quickly!

Dia Marie Spangler

Pay in Full - Best Deal! ($3000)

All payments are in USD.

Pay in 4 Payments of $825

All payments are in USD.

Program Bonuses

Be the next It Girl of the Week

Be featured as “It Girl of the Week” on Jessica's blog, newsletter and website. Reach over 50,000+ people and become known as the next It Girl to watch in your industry.  Imagine what this type of exposure will do for your brand and following! This could be YOU!

20-Minute Emergency Call with Jessica

(Valued at $500 USD)

Sometimes you have a question you don’t want answered in front of others or perhaps you have just gotten an email, phone call or challenge that you need a second opinion on STAT! Email the team and we will get your emergency call scheduled in ASAP - as soon as that day in many instances! 

I increased my prices from $100 per month to $1000 per month!

When I first started my business I was completely lost. What changed for me was enrolling in Jessica’s program . I was able to go from no online business or presence at all and only charging $100 to $150/month to an online business fully built, an email list that grows every day, knowing how to run and grow my business, and charging about 10x what I used to charge!

Today get to work from my favorite little cafe on Melrose in West Hollywood and I’m about to go visit my sister in Sydney for 2 1/2 weeks!

Jessica Lynn Forrest-Baldini

Learn from other industry experts as well as Jessica to ensure you have the most up to date information to grow and scale your business!

Featured Guest Experts

From corporate employee to celebrating +12k Euros in revenues.

I wanted to thank publicly Jess Nazarali, I've signed up three clients in three days, and I've found a renewed sense of purpose all thanks to her support and encouragement! And I'm now celebrating +12K in revenues since the beginning of the month. Yahoooooooooooo!

(Watch the video below to know more)

video placeholder

Sabrina Fusaro

I signed two new clients in one day which generated $6500 for my business!

I signed two new clients in one day meaning that a recent talk has already generated me $6500 of business! I've been asked to make a program I've been running for a life coaching organization a permantent part of their curriculum in 2016! I was asked to be an associate for an organization I love that helps to deliver positive educational workshops to schools and students! Lastly, I was also asked to speak at a conference next year that will get me in front of 250 of my ideal clients!

Holly MacCue

Want to change lives? Why not Start NOW?!


When you sign up to It Girl Entrepreneur, you are not just helping yourself, you are helping one woman in the Philippines come out of poverty and learn life changing business skills. By joining It Girl Entrepreneur, YOU will sponsor one woman to take my business foundations program -  It Girl International, which helps women  use their skills and talents to make money online as freelancers and virtual assistants to support themselves and their families.

Thank you for making their dreams of financial security, freedom and flexibility come true!

Meet the Program Director of It Girl International.

My name is Rea Yadao. I used to work in the call center industry in the Philippines before starting my own business - which meant working the night shift, working during the holidays like Christmas and New Year and having shifts change at short notice. Being a solo parent, this was particularly hard for my children.

When I started working online, it allowed me to be at home with my kids and still have a sustainable income. I was even able to have the money to travel and go to different countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Macau! Plus learn different skills and meet new friends and colleagues.

By joining the program, YOU are giving another woman here in the Philippines, an opportunity to create a better life for herself and for her family. This program is exactly what they need to get started with their online career and be an It Girl in their selected industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure what product or service I will sell? Is it a good idea for me to take the program?

Yes! Module one is about helping you get clear on your business idea and direction. As long as you want to start a business and are willing to explore your skills and talents we will be able to find you a business module that will work for you.

It Girl Entrepreneur absolutely WILL help you figure this out. I promise you there is at least one area of expertise that YOU already have that can form the basis of an It Girl business. What you need is the perspective of a mentor to help you identify what it is, and the techniques to package it so others can see the value and buy from you. You get all that and more in this program.

I’m still working in a job? Should I take this program?

You are in good company. About 80% of the women in my programs are working in a job either full or part time.

I started my business when I was working in my job and know exactly what it’s like to be balancing a job, business plus family and friends. It Girl Entrepreneur will show you how make enough money to leave your job or give you a nice side income and a passion to focus on outside of your work.

I don’t have a website yet...Is it too early to start It Girl Entrepreneur?

In Module One, we cover how you can quickly (and cheaply) put up a website if you don’t have one already!

I’m worried I won’t understand the technical elements of setting up an online business.

Good news! I’m not technical and NONE of my clients are. These days, with all the user-friendly tools available, youdon’t need to be technical to have an online business. You need to understand the strategy. Bottom line, if you can use a smartphone, you are techie enough to have an online business! Plus, if there are plenty of people who would love to help you, once you start delegating (which you will also learn in the program!)

Is It Girl Entrepreneur only for people who want to be life coaches?

No way! One of the great things about IGE is our diversity. Of course we have life coaches (and love ‘em) but women from a range of different backgrounds have worked with Jess including these industries:

Health, wellness, parenting, relationships, spirituality, personal development, life, business, marketing, social media, performing arts, sexuality, confidence, career, mindset, money … the list goes on and on! There are as many business possibilities as there are passions!

Serviced-based professionals like personal trainers, graphic designers or anyone who would like to package up their expertise to sell online is suitable for It Girl Entrepreneur.

I’m not a certified coach. Do I need to be certified to take this course?

No. I have worked with many clients who are not certified coaches and this doesn’t impact their results. No certification is required. Of course, if you ARE a certified coach who has struggled to fill your practice (which happens a LOT as coach training often does not include training in building a business!) this course will definitely help with that!

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds during this course; once you’re in you’re in. :) This is because it is all too easy to sign up to a program and request a refund when it all gets too hard. I’m not going to allow you to bail on your dreams (even if you want to for a moment). You signed up to the program for a reason and I’m dedicated to you getting the result!

How much money can I expect to make?

It sounds too good to be true...but...The amount of money you make is completely up to you — your earning potential is uncapped!

For example:

Jane could sell 2 packages x $2,000/package per month = that’s a total of $4,000. Sarah could sell 1 package x $5,000 per month = $5000. Kate could sell 2 packages x $4,000 per month = $8,000. Sally could sell 2 packages x $5,000 per month = $10,000.

You could also sell lower cost group programs or information products. We will be going through the different business models in module 1 to make sure you choose the right one for you!

How does It Girl Entrepreneur differ from other business courses?

In just 4 months, this course gives you everything you need to set up a successful online business. Naturally,you can go at your own pace, (you get lifetime access to all the course materials) but if you are truly motivated and want to take action NOW the course will help you do just that. I want to help you start living your dream life as soon as possible :-)

While It Girl Entrepreneur offers proven training comparable to the highest-end yearlong masterminds, it does NOT include any live in-person elements, so there are no additional travel expenses, time needed to be taken off work and you can work it into your existing schedule. It’s designed to  give you everything you need and nothing you don't AND that’s why we can offer it at an really amazing investment.

What additional costs and tools are involved?

We cover how to create a website for only $8 per month in module 1 if you don't already have a website. In Month 3 we cover Facebook ads, though you are encouraged to start off on a small daily budget and only increase when you see you are getting a good return on your investment.

What sort of time investment is required?

Each week’s materials will take you approximately 3 to 5 hours per week to complete depending on where you are in your business. You can work these hours around your own schedule -- while the kids are in bed or on your lunch hour...I won’t tell the boss! :-)

I’m traveling, getting married, moving halfway through the program. Can I still join?

Yes. It is expected that everyone will move at different speeds throughout the program and that life will come up from time to time. You will have lifetime access to the program (as well as all future updates!) and are welcome to work through it at your own pace. I want you to succeed AND to live your life, because that’s what being an It Girl Entrepreneur is all about!!

Total Investment

Best Deal! Pay in Full $3,000

All payments are in USD.

Pay in 4 Payments of $825

All payments are in USD.

What other entrepreneurs say about my programs:

I went from no business to $10K per month and became a full time entrepreneur.

(Watch the video below to know more)

Luisa Zhou

I had my first $10,000k month!

I had my first $10,000 (7,087 Sterling) in October!!!! :) Onwards and upwards!

Yogeeta Mistry

I made $10K in my coaching business and released a group program.

(Watch the video below to know more)

Michele Rohde

I went from health blog to selling $3200 coaching programs.

(Watch the video below to know more)

Alicia Civile

From a YouTube Vlogger to Video Coach selling $1,800 Packages!

Now I get to spend my time doing what I LOVE!!!! I never knew it could be so much fun! Seriously, everytime I get to work with a new client I feel like a kid in a candy store. It's almost not fair! I probably won't abandon YouTube anytime soon because I still love making videos, but now I get to teach others how to do it too, and help them use video to grow their business! It's the perfect marriage!

Tracy Timberlake

I have 2 clients. I've made $7k and I have my branding in place.

(Watch the video below to know more)

video placeholder

Michelle McGlade

I went from no business to 9 clients and went full time in my business.

(Watch the video below to know more)

Sophie Wright

After finishing the program, I had 3 paying clients!

(Watch the video below to know more)

video placeholder

Prema Srinivasan

I was up from 1 to 5 clients and I had doubled my rate with my existing clients.

(Watch the video below to know more)

Michelle McCormick

This course is the missing piece that coaching schools are lacking.

This course is the missing piece that coaching schools are lacking. It's the answer to that super important question - 'How can I actually make money as a coach?' Through Jess' program, I've learned about how to set up a marketing funnel, do marketing research, plus how to utilize Facebook ads to help me reach my goals! I can't recommend this course enough! Thank you, Jess, for the wealth of information you've bestowed upon me; my life has been forever changed.

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

I've finally just gone over my number and I wanted to celebrate that I signed on 6 new clients earning $27,500!

I've learned a lot about coaching in this program and I'm so proud of myself for putting pedal to the metal and getting the quick results I was after. I'm now almost completely booked with 1:1 clients!

Cassie Howard

From Corporate Career Girl to Love Coach Who Charges $10k For Her Coaching Packages

Today my 1:1 coaching practice is full, I charge $10,000k for a 6 month coaching program and I’ve just launched a group program to continue to share my message of love and to create even more impact.

I’ve designed my business to meet my lifestyle needs of having family, fitness & freedom, and more time with my husband; and enjoying our dream apartment in the heart of Manhattan.

Sarika Jain

About Jessica Nazarali

Jessica Nazarali is the Creator and Founder of It Girl Entrepreneur, a $600k dollar company dedicated to providing coaches and online entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create a meaningful career, while living out their best life.

She is also the Founder of It Girl International, a not for profit program which helps women in developing countries learn how to become Freelancers and Virtual Assistants to support themselves and their families. Jessica is an Australian, who is working and travelling the world with her husband.

Total Investment

Best Deal! Pay in Full ($3,000)

All payments are in USD.

Pay in 4 Payments of $825

All payments are in USD.

Pay in 7 payments of $486

All payments are in USD.