12 Months Of World-Class Personalized Coaching, a Private Intimate Community, Proven Expert Solutions, Tech Support, & Uplifting Accountability to Create Massive Income and Impact In Your Business (And More Freedom Than You Can Imagine…)

*For Women Who Already Have a Solid Business*

You’ve probably heard it or read it a hundred times before…

Maybe you've seen this on 20 different FB Ads - or you've heard online “personalities” and marketing “gurus” making ravishing claims about webinars and videos...

“60 Days to 6-Figures...I'll Show You How!”
“Make Money While You Sleep!”
“How to Run Your 6-Figure Business From the Beach...”

Every time you see an add or a headline with promises like these, you want to laugh (or cry!)

The vision of “making money while you sleep” or “making money while you’re on vacation” have been around for years now…

This trend began when people started to realize that the Internet is a powerful space to build a legitimate business and make a great living doing what you love.

But here’s the fundamental truth that gets pushed to the background when everyone talks about beaches and bank accounts.

It’s a truth that we all consciously know deep down inside…

It's something that you & I already know instinctively...

The universal truth that there’s a lot more to building, running, and growing a successful 6-figure business... that are not apparent in the quick fix solutions that are being dangled around us.

Creating the kind of business that allows you to enjoy that freedom that you’re looking for takes more than just passion (although passion IS important)…

It takes persistence, dedication, discipline and commitment.

Yes, it can be done. But you need to do the work…

And you need the right strategies and support to make that dream your new reality.

You need the exact systems and processes so your business can keep moving forward and upward even when you’re not always at the helm, looking into the details…

You need to understand how to innovate, to delegate and to automate…

So you can create a massively successful, profitable business that easily supports the lifestyle of your choice and that feels aligned and empowering to you.

If you’re reading this, there are a few things that are likely true about you...

  • You already have a business…
  • You’re an extraordinary woman and you’re ready to embrace your dream lifestyle, and achieve your income goals.
  • By now you've got the basics covered (this definitely isn't your first rodeo!) and you love being your own boss.
  • But something’s missing from your story… You KNOW you can double or triple your results and have more resources to truly expand and PLAY BIGGER.

Like many other entrepreneurs, you could be struggling with one of the following (or all 3 at the same time!)

  • You have a full schedule of 1:1 clients and while you may be the envy of OTHER BUSINESS OWNERS who are starting out, they have no idea how you feel right now – you're exhausted and your time isn’t your own.
  • You’ve tried scaling your business with books and courses but there's so much information out there! You really need be tapped into a high achieving community, with tailored mentorship & support, for your unique situation from someone who gets it.
  • You have a group program, or 1:1 programs in place but you really want more customers and clients so you can breathe easily each month and stop the cycle of chasing clients.

If any of this sounds familiar, hang in there because what I’m about to share with you, is a life-changing opportunity…

The It Girl Mastermind is for smart, dedicated and ambitious women entrepreneurs who are ready to go BIG and become the undisputed leader (and It Girl) in their field of expertise.

It’s for women who want to partner with me. With the clients I take on at the Mastermind Level - I consider myself more of an advisor and business partner than just a traditional coach.

You'll emerge with an exact framework of steps, supported by expert help that will take you from where you are in your business to where you want to go…

I Love Helping Game-Changing Women like you!

I created It Girl Mastermind because it aligns with a my personal higher purpose. A deep-rooted purpose to help manifest life-changing success for others & to offer the underpinning long-term business support that is tangible, comprehensive and in-depth.

We offer Best-in Class-Support that’s more than a bunch of tactics…

  • This is support that will boost your monthly income and help take your total revenue to 6-figures and more...
  • Support that will forever change the trajectory of your business, and your status as an expert…
  • The social accountability with your mastermind partners that keeps your taking inspired action even in those tough times when you could easily back down...

Yes, you’ll probably make lifelong friends in the Mastermind, during our time together…

But there's more... It Girl Mastermind is far more than all of these things…

This mastermind is about creating a fulfilling, successful, thriving business that creates the freedom you need to live the life you want.

You’ll learn solid strategies, the latest most effective techniques plus insider secrets multiple 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs consistently use to build their online empires...

These are proven methods that will propel your business to the next level (and beyond)…

Hardly any other coach or business owner can teach you this stuff…


Because not every coach or business owner has achieved a 6-figure, let alone, a 7-figure business so they don't have actual, real world experience with everything they teach.

They don't know what works and what doesn't...

I'm not one of them. I go deep with you and show you (instead of tell you) how to get to the successful levels you want to reach. 

Many of the successful women who have taken the opportunity to work with me will openly declare it was one of the best life & business decisions they've ever made!

That is what I'm here to do. It's win/win and it only gets better.

Learn why Casey joined It Girl Mastermind.

Hi! I’m Jessica Nazarali and I'm a Certified Master Coach, and an expert Business Strategist. I’m also the Host & Founder of It Girl Academy & It Girl Radio.

I work with ambitious women who are ready to create profitable, successful businesses and become known as the leading authority (or as we say around here - the It Girl) in their space.

jn-sittingI currently own and run a 7-figure coaching business that I love but I'll be honest with you, it took me a while - and plenty of wrong turns - to finally get here!

You may have heard me tell the story of how it all started...

How I launched a health and wellness blog and how, after 18 months, many of my readers wrote to me to ask for advice and guidance around health and other aspects of life.

As my 'little' health and wellness blog became more and more popular, even Health Experts started to reach out to me for advice on growing their own blogs and finding clients.

That's how my coaching business came to life and with some serious work on my business model (I started selling my programs and services using the Evergreen Model™, which is what I now teach my clients from start to finish). That's when things REALLY started to take off.

BUT that's just part of the story. Here's the part you probably haven't heard...

What it's really been like to scale a business from a one-woman-show to what it is today. The challenges. The trial and error that cost me time and money. The sleepless nights.

Back then, there were 3 emotions that I felt almost constantly:

  • Frustration
  • Anxiety
  • Fear (I was scared almost all the time)

I was afraid when I didn't know what to do to start my business, because I thought I'd be stuck in my job forever!

Then I felt afraid when I began to enroll lots of clients because I didn't want to “drop the ball” or do less than my best because I was exhausted and working all the time.

But most of all I was afraid of the financial investments that I had to make.

I was terrified of the large amounts of money that I invested in my business (today I know that investing in your business - in hiring a team, in finding and using the right tools and strategies - is what all successful business owners must do)

But back then, investing in my business felt like a huge challenge. It drained money out of my account and I had no idea if I would be able to make it back.

Here's what happened...

In early 2014 I'd joined a group program with 200 women to learn more about running a successful coaching business.

I paid $7k for it.

At that time, this was a “hold-your-breath” scary investment for me.

But thankfully, it turned out to be worth it because I learned a lot, and grew a lot. I'll definitely say that this program helped me grow my business to the 6-figure level.

But then I got stuck. I didn't know what to do to move past the 6-figure mark so I could continue to grow and scale my business.

Along with the cost of the program I had invested in freelancers and a Virtual Assistant, a professional website, a photo shoot and all the rest - basically the stuff you need to start your business as a professional coach.

When 2015 started, I figured I would just continue referencing back to that $7k course.

Plus, I'd also promised myself I wasn't going to take anymore courses or hire a coach or do anything else that would cost money.

Surely everything I had learned in 2014 would be enough to continue growing my business in 2015?

Turns out, I was absolutely, completely, (and hopelessly) wrong!

Here's the thing...

I had managed to create a successful business but I didn't know what to do to continue growing that business so I wasn't working All-The-Time. What I'd learned in that $7k course was exactly what I needed at that time...

But I realized very quickly that I was going to need additional mentoring if I wanted to go further. My business model was still selling my time for money. Common sense told me that I needed to learn from someone who had already successfully created the kind of business I desired.

I'll admit it - I'm the kind of person who dreams big (is there any other way to dream?)

I knew I wanted to create a million-dollar business and while the program I had taken had helped me to get to $10k per month, it wasn't getting me to multiple 6 figures or anywhere close to the million-dollar point.

But here's when my old “friend” fear came back in full force.

I was terrified of investing more money in my business. I felt silly that I STILL didn't know enough about scaling after spending a whopping $7k (would these major investments EVER end?!)....

But you know what?

There is nothing wrong with continuing to invest back into your business.

(any successful business owner will tell you they never regret their investments in growth)

Money needs to flow and investing in growth is the fastest way to grow. As long as you think things through and make the best decision with the information you have, of course.

In fact NOT investing back into your business means it won't grow as quickly. Your business might even stall or worse - fail!

This is something that I had to learn through personal experience at the end of 2014...

I'd received an invitation to work 1:1 with a superstar mentor who would help me scale my business. She was much farther ahead of me at the time and I knew I needed the guidance of someone who was living it.

I'd done the research and spoken to this mentor.

Deep down I knew she was right for me.

But I would have to make a significant investment - A full USD $115,000!

Yes that's right. Over $100k for a 1 year mentorship.

I thought about all the things I could do with that amount of money...

    • Put down a substantial deposit on a dream home
    • Travel around the world
    • Donate to my favorite charities
    • Buy a luxury car
    • Buy more handbags than a girl could ever want ;-)

Plus I had made US$140k in my business that year. My investment for the mentorship would be just $25k less than what I had made all through 2014...

I mean, OH MY GOD, right?! Yet, I had a strong feeling that I needed to work with this woman. It was worth more than any expensive material possession.

I remember staring at my computer screen and reading over the opportunity in her sales page, feeling my heart pounding. I felt a mixture of excitement, and giddiness.

To be perfectly honest, I actually thought I was going to be sick.

But after going back and forth with the decision,...

I decided to go ahead and sent in my full payment.

(...And then prayed that I would make all my money back in my business to justify the expense.)

I'm glad to tell you that it worked out :) Soon after that, I created my first group coaching program and multiplied my business by nearly 5 times that following year...

I can't begin to describe just how grateful and relieved I felt.

Throughout that year I worked with my mentor, my business continued to flourish. I'm proud to say that by the end of 2015 I had made $600k (when the previous year I'd made $140k) I guess you could say the investment paid off.

One of the reasons I tell this story... Is because I loved working with her in a high level mastermind setting and getting to know the other women in the (extremely intimate) group. We met up around the world at 4 separate retreats and we all stayed in touch via Skype and WhatsApp, supporting each other, cheering each other on and believing in one another.

The experience changed my life and I knew that one day I wanted to do the same for other women...

I wanted to create a powerful, supportive, loving space to help ambitious women entrepreneurs achieve their wildest dreams (and then some!).

I knew then, I would eventually create a unique, game-changing Mastermind of my own...

...Something I could make THE VERY BEST of it's kind. To add more value than all the others I've attended (I give you access to my certification programs, and give you premium access into my It Girl Academy Ecosystem).

This is a dream I've nurtured for a while and I'm proud, excited and deeply honored to say that this dream has come to life.

I call it my It Girl Mastermind.

This is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind Mastermind that combines of all the elements I love best from my own mastermind experience PLUS added bonuses that I know will give you a ton of value...

Bonuses, I haven't seen offered anywhere else!

Jessica is the most powerful business expert I know for new coaches.

If you are a new coach or business owner looking to be a real business owner and fast track your financial success & influence in your industry, then working with Jessica will definitely get you there.

Gina DeVee, Multi-Millionaire Coach and Founder of The Academy International Coaching Certification for Women

Jess quickly became THE coach for aspiring IT Girls.

*I don’t know anyone better to learn from, that from someone who has done it herself. Since “Leaping from the Ladder” and moving out of her corporate role, Jess has quickly become THE coach for aspiring IT girls – and has quickly built an extraordinary successful business in the process.*

*She’s a good operator and knows her shizzle. As they say the proof is in the pudding. Jet-setting around the world with her husband while building a million dollar business, yes please!”*

Jane Copeland, CEO of CopingwithJane.com (http://copingwithjane.com/)

The It Girl Mastermind is an intimate, intensive, small group program where you will receive individual focus and attention from me, as we map out a step-by-step actionable plan that will give you the momentum (and mojo!) to take control, and finally create your dream business.

During our time together, you’ll develop a comprehensive range of products and programs... and sell them consistently using the Evergreen Model™

which means....

You get your life back and a create a booming business at the same time!

(AKA Leverage.)


The most successful online marketers in the world — the ones with 7 and even 8-figures businesses – got there by using simple yet powerful systems TO create a consistent, endless cycle of customers and clients USING the POWER OF AUTOMATION.

Now it's your turn!

With my systemetized, unique Evergreen Model™ you’ll discover the secrets to doing this…

You’ll discover THE fundamental system that creates a consistently growing income, allows you to sign on more and more clients, customers and subscribers and you’ll accomplish all of this (and more) with less and less hands on, day-to-day, involvement!

In other words, you’ll learn how to build a thriving business and grow your income, and your reach pretty much on autopilot.

With our guidance -  your business will go from being a one women show - to a structured team supporting you.

An empire with multiple product lines that once set up correctly, just about sell themselves.

Just imagine having:

  • The perfect backend systems that support you and your unique business so you can grow your audience and increase your income without any stress or anxiety.
  • More and more people experiencing your gifts and your talents through incredibly effective products and services that change lives… without you having to personally work with them.
  • A team of accomplished experts at your fingertips. This is YOUR personal team and you can turn to them at anytime without having to scour the entire internet (including scores of Facebook groups or social media platforms) looking for the right expert who can help you with your unique business challenges.

Implementation is EVERYTHING (I learned that the hard way!). That’s why I’ve designed the It Girl Mastermind to be more than just a learning program. It’s about taking action and getting the results you want.

When you become a part of this elite, one-of-a-kind mastermind, you will discover how to...

  • Identify your personal, powerful brand message that reflects who you are and what you stand for and you will know how to channel this message so you will always attract the right clients and feel aligned within your business.
  • Implement my unique Evergreen Model™ to create a highly profitable and highly scalable online business with consistent revenue streams. The type of lead generation that could increase your earning potential by adding 6 or 7-figures to your business every year.
  • Create your Signature Program so you will build an impeccable reputation and be recognized as the premier expert in your field so you can propel your business to the 6-figure mark and beyond.
  • Construct and deliver a Range of Irresistible Products and Services which include everything - from highly affordable, valuable get-to-know-me offers that will inspire the right people to subscribe and follow you all the way to premier offerings including, custom one-on-one packages and results-driven group programs and masterminds.
  • Master everything you need to know about the inner workings and insider techniques of Internet Marketing so you can easily set up systems and structures such as automatic launch sequences that will allow you to consistently sell your Range of Irresistible Products and Services with ease (and yes, even while you sleep!)
  • Optimize your sales funnels, lead channels, and conversion rates. Guidance is there so you can course correct in a moment if something isn't going as planned (you will finally feel empowered and in control when you look at your numbers instead of anxious and afraid!)
  • Weave together a powerful relationship network of Industry Insiders and Influencers who you can call on for hugely productive and lucrative connections, partnerships and collaborations that will grow and expand your business faster and more effectively than you can even imagine right now.
  • Set up strong foundational systems and structures to allow smooth, error-free communication among team members, freelancers, your clients and anyone else that you need to work with plus systemise daily, repeatable tasks in a way that will allow you to step away from the minutiae so you can focus on your zone of genius.
  • Organize every single aspect of the operations of your business so you can free yourself from that stressful, panic-fuelled fight or flight mode of constantly looking for clients and finding new ways to create more income in your business.
  • Conquer your fears and become skilled at presenting Webinars and creating massively successful Facebook Ads, Email Sales Sequences, Evergreen Funnels and Program Launches so your business works FOR you and not the other way around.

Here’s What You Can Look Forward to When You’re a Part of the Exclusive It Girl Mastermind Experience…

24 Intensive, Intimate Group Coaching Calls

We’ll gather online, once every 2 weeks. You, me, and your mastermind sisters to identify, strategize and innovate systems, techniques, methods and actions to suit your personal business needs and overcome your specific challenges.

Don’t forget, you’ll also have other dynamic Mastermind members which creates a potent “collective thinking” environment to create fast, expansive results.

World Class Personalized Mentoring

You’ll have unprecedented access to me in an intimate group setting (I no longer take on 1:1 clients, and this makes YOU the focus of my attention) plus everything that I continue to learn from some the biggest names in the online industry.

You'll be informed and ready for new and upcoming trends that can affect your business plus we’ll work together to implement timeless systems and strategies that I’ve used again and again to build and sustain my 7-figure business.

Freedom from the Neverending Nightmare Launch Cycle and Chasing Clients 24/7

One of the key focus areas of this Mastermind is for you to learn and implement systems that will allow you to sell products, programs and services using my unique, Evergreen Model™. This means you won’t get trapped in that stressful state of launching your products again and again and again just to make ends meet or be forced to keep searching for clients all-the-time just to create revenue in your business.

High Level Expert Support

You’ll have access to my Expert Team whenever you need help on tech, branding, copywriting, marketing and all of the other pieces that you need to build and grow a successful online empire. This means you’re going to literally have an entire team of experts who are ready to help you whenever you need them.

Private Online Sanctuary

You’ll be part of a private Facebook Group where my team and I will be available to provide ongoing support in between our bi-weekly group calls. You’ll find that this is a great space to ask any additional questions you may have or to find solutions for any challenges that come up. This is also a great space to connect and collaborate with the other dynamic women in our community.

Secret Membership Portal

This is available only for It Girl Mastermind members. You’ll find your membership portal is a virtual treasure trove of proven templates, checklists, and scripts that you can use to boost your sales, marketing, client attraction (as well as many other important aspects of your business). Just take these templates, tweak them and use them yourself to create great results!

2-Day Fun, Fabulous (and Game-Changing) Bonus Retreat in Gorgeous Sydney, Australia

You’re going to LOVE what we have in store for you during our time together! Think champagne, think creativity, think collaborations, think community.This is where it all comes together as we meet and work face-to-face (I can’t wait!) in an environment of luxurious beauty and deep serenity.

This is where we'll create lasting connections and friendships. Each day will consist of 1:1 sessions, workshops, and intense planning activities to help you finish the year strong. You’ll receive personal, face-to-face coaching from both me and Faiz.

2 Power-Packed Virtual Mastermind Days

In March and June we will meet online for a retreat. During this Virtual Retreat you will be introduced to cutting edge tools and techniques to create more ease and systemized success in your business. These retreats will be focused on the most powerful and effective methodologies NOW in digital marketing and how to implement them into your business.

Personalized input, feedback and insights from renowned Digital Marketing Ninja (and my husband ;) ) Faiz Nazarali

Faiz Nazarali is the co-founder of Social Golden a successful online marketing agency that specializes in marketing implementation for 7-figure online personalities and entrepreneurs (Psalm Isadora, TV star and Sex and Relationship Expert recently said "I got more value talking to Faiz in an hour then I did from attending events that last four days!”).

Faiz is part of the Expert Team of the It Girl Mastermind. His zone of genius includes lead generation, tech questions and implementation of backend systems and he’ll be on hand to offer feedback, input and step-by-step guidance throughout the whole year!

Sherina Mayani, Mindset and Business Coach

Thanks to the strategies Jess shared with me I was able to cut down the amount of 1:1 coaching I was doing through leveraging my time by creating group programs and products. The results were creating a multiple six figure business without having to work with more 1:1 clients.

Sherina Mayani, Mindset and Business Coach
Psalm Isadora, Sex & Relationship Expert

Jessica is incredibly generous with her knowledge!

Jessica is incredibly generous with her knowledge of how to be a female leader in the Digital space, not only can she provide the blueprints to success for other women, you will feel a personal touch of her unpretentious caring to help you win. She has helped me with strategy in my digital side of my company and I continue to go her for her expertise and advice.

Psalm Isadora, Sex & Relationship Expert

If you think that sounds great, wait ‘till you take a look at the bonuses we have in store for you!

Here are the amazing bonuses that you’ll receive when you join the exclusive It Girl Mastermind…


Coaching Mastery Program (Value $5997)

Want to learn how to become a coach who creates consistent transformational changes for every one of your clients? Did I hear a yes? Then you’re going to love Coaching Mastery! Unlike other typical life coaching courses out there, Coaching Mastery dives deep into the coaching client relationship and what it really takes to create results for your clients. When you’re done with this one-of-a-kind course, you’ll walk away with more than just exceptional coaching skills. You’ll also learn exactly how to play the roles of consultant, teacher and mentor to your clients to create lasting, holistic changes so they can achieve all of their goals and dreams.

Business Mastery Certification (Value $3497)

As a Mastermind member, you’ll receive full access to my extremely popular flagship internet marketing and online business program. Here’s where you’ll discover step-by-step strategies, critical high performance tools and 80/20 techniques that will create the ease, the income and impact that you’re looking for in your business. You’ll learn how to consistently attract dream clients, create high monthly revenue and build a respected brand & reputation.

An Amazing Opportunity to Shine Alongside Stars Like Kimra Luna and Denise Duffield-Thomas…

This is an option available only to It Girl Mastermind members…you’ll have a chance to pitch directly to me for a 45-minute exclusive interview on my popular It Girl Radio podcast! This is YOUR chance to shine! This is your chance to promote your business to thousands of listeners and share all the wonderful moments, big breakthroughs and stellar successes you have achieved. Your name will be featured alongside my other superstar guests including Denise Duffield-Thomas, Kimra Luna, Natalie MacNiel and Selena Soo!

Invite-Only, Red-Carpet Event

Can I confess? This is my favorite bonus. It’s an exclusive invite to my birthday party in Sydney AND it’s a top networking event that you don’t want to miss. Yes, we’re going to party together while building incredible connections with all the right people! Keep October 2017 free because you’re going to make priceless personal connections with Industry Influencers, and Movers and Shakers who can transform the trajectory of your business in less time than it takes to dance the night away (which is also what you’ll be doing). Party planning is well on the way and trust me…you’re going to want to be there!

Build a 6-Figure Business (And Beyond) With More Time and Freedom Than You Ever Imagined...

A full year of coaching with me plus access to my Expert Team and personalized Digital Marketing insights and input from Faiz Nazarali, not to mention the long list of high value bonuses and once-in-a-lifetime live retreat amount to well over $30,000.

When you join the It Girl Mastermind now, you'll receive ALL of this plus 12 months of personalized, intensive world-class, game-changing coaching that will transform your life and your business.

For a limited time, I'm offering membership to It Girl Mastermind for a one-time investment of $15k (you receive a discount when you pay in full). Or, you can make monthly payments of $1.5k/month.

When you consider what you'll learn in Mastermind...the powerful connections and contacts you'll make...the lifelong skills you'll develop...the effective, results-driven strategies you'll master...and how you'll be able to scale your business in the most fastest and easiest way possible...

You can easily cover the cost of joining the Mastermind with just a fraction of what you'll learn about boosting revenue with your business.

And don't forget... membership in the It Girl Mastermind is open to a small group of people... so you have unprecedented time and attention with me.

Best Value

Payment Plan

To make sure this Mastermind is the right fit, apply using the link below and have a 1:1 conversation with me.

Apply Now

The It Girl Mastermind sounds absolutely amazing, but maybe you're wondering, “How is this different - really different - from every other mastermind out there?”

Well, for one thing, I’m going to be there with you every step of the way!

Every, single thing – every idea, insight, guideline, feedback, template, method, model (including the Evergreen Model™) - I’ve used all of them to create my successful 7-figure business. And this means they’ve been tested, fine tuned and proven to work!

I’ve also worked with scores of clients and showed them how to apply and implement strategies that I’m about to share with you in this Mastermind and they’ve experienced extraordinary results in their businesses too.

Another differentiating factor in this Mastermind…

My husband Faiz

He’s a digital marketing expert (and co-founder of a top tier marketing agency). This means he knows just about everything important there is to know about the latest and most effective funnels, FB Ads, copy, landing pages and countless other aspects of marketing that you need to know to create and sustain a highly successful business.

When it comes to marketing your business, your products and your service, you’re pretty much receiving the very best advice that you can hope for (and because we’re working in an intimate group, you’ll receive personalized input from both me and Faiz).

Faiz has become the go-to digital marketing expert for a number of 7-figure digital personalities and celebrities like TV personality and Sex Expert Psalm Isadora and the UK’s Marisa Peer who is a best selling author, leading celebrity therapist and pioneering hypnotherapist trainer.

This is also the ONLY Mastermind in the world that includes the secrets of my Evergreen Model™ tailored to your unique business. I will show you how to apply the pillars of my one-of-a-kind model so you won’t ever have to work with an overpacked schedule of 1:1 clients or launch your products again and again just to grow your revenue.

This Mastermind is about getting results which means you’ll receive tangible detailed advice and feedback around anything you need — funnels, conversation rates, copy — so you can implement this advice in your business right away.

I’d love for you to be part of the It Girl Mastermind but I also want you to get the most out of it and feel comfortable, connected and committed inside the group…

So if you’re still on the fence and you’re not sure if this powerful 12-month experience is right for you…

Here’s a clarifying checklist that will help you decide…

The It Girl Mastermind is NOT for you if you’re…

  • Just starting out in business (check out Business Mastery Certification instead).
  • NOT willing to put in the energy and effort to scale your business and reach your topmost income goals.
  • STRAPPED FOR CASH and are in too much debt to invest in your business at the moment.
  • Looking to make money fast without having to invest in the time to get you there and sustain a healthy income on a consistent basis.
  • Content being a one-woman show and working with 1:1 with clients.
  • Not interested in creating multiple products and multiple streams of income.

The It Girl Mastermind is perfect for you if you’re…

  • Already working with clients and want to scale your digital business to multiple six figures (and ON TO the $1 million mark) quickly while enjoying more time and more freedom in your life.
  • Solutions focused when you come up against challenges and ready to RECEIVE and implement expert input to create the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Ready to step out of your comfort zone and explore your highest potential as a business owner and a leader in your field. This Mastermind is about positioning you as an expert at what you do so you can claim your power, experience the prestige, along with the financial rewards that come with it.
  • Smart, have a take charge attitude, and you have the mindset to tackle any obstacles or challenges in order to reach the level of success you've always wanted.
  • Able to afford a long-term, world-class, high-level coaching INVESTMENT without having to mortgage your home or sell your kidney to get in (if money's tight, no worries! Just check out my other programs and you can apply for the Mastermind when you’re ready).
  • Willing share your personal insights and knowledge with other members of the group and get rapid access to their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

When you join the It Girl Mastermind, you become part of an elite group of women who have the proven systems, strategies and techniques plus powerful, high level support that will transform their financial destiny...


You can’t create transformations in your clients’ lives if you’re wondering where your next payment is coming from.

You can’t operate at your highest level if you’re filled with anxiety everytime you think about the future of your business.

You can’t be as generous, open-hearted and giving as you want if you’re worried about your income
This is where you learn to create the financial freedom, and growth that will change your life…

...And the lives of everyone you touch through your work


I’m going to be totally honest with you and say the It Girl Mastermind isn’t for everyone…

We do not accept just anyone who wants to join.

We want to support inspired action takers. If you are more inclined to talk about your feelings and what you think you can achieve but you’re not actually ready to do what it takes to make your business dreams come true, then this Mastermind is not for you.

Yes, you’re going to make friends and build a community...(But let's be honest and say there are way cheaper ways to make friends if that’s all you are looking for!)

More importantly, this Mastermind is designed so you can achieve real world results and to do so you need to take action we set out together. 

I'm going to be sharing online marketing teachings (with templates for you to apply) that I learned from the very best in the industry, and that I have used myself to create a highly successful, profitable 7-figure business that allows me a great deal of freedom in my life.

I actually don't know any other coaches or teachers who share this information which is why there is only room for those who are Queens of Implementation because you'll get the MOST out of of this 12-month experience when you take action and implement what you learn.

Make no mistake. This Mastermind will change your business…it will change your life.

You will reach higher... and achieve more... than you ever dreamed you could.

(that's what happens in a solid and purposeful mastermind)

Your life will get bigger, you’ll be stronger in terms of capability, more in control and more empowered than you have ever been in your business.

That's my promise.

If all of this makes you feel a little nervous flutter in your stomach… But you also have beautiful, expansive, incredibly powerful feeling of excitement and of enthusiasm rush through you…

Then you know what you need to do!

Please enrol your interest below and if you’re right for this program, I'll be in touch very soon!

Wishing you every success and sending you tons of love!


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