Make Consistent Money As a New Coach Starting From Today

I hope you had a magical Christmas! Faiz and I are now back in Sydney now entertaining relatives from Canada.

Despite being the holiday season and many people taking time off, I’m not putting my feet up for too long.

In fact today I’m filming video for Find Your First Paying Coaching Clients!
I have big goals to achieve in 2015 and I’m using this time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to get a head start on the year! Watch out 2015!!

What if YOU could shorten the timeline and make consistent money as a new coach starting from TODAY?

MakeConsistentMoneyAsaNewCoachStartingFromToday3Not so long ago I used to believe that to achieve certain goals in my coaching business it would require a “certain” amount of time.

I would place caveats on how long something would or wouldn’t take to accomplish based on what I saw others in the industry achieve.
For example, I “thought” it would take 6 months + to create and launch Find Your First Paying Coaching Clients. However with the right team, support and taking inspired action it has taken significantly less time.

Why? I’m on purpose, super focused and not letting the “it takes at minimum 3 months to create a program” naysayers get in the way.

Time expands and contracts based on YOU and YOUR BELIEFS. It doesn’t have to take months or years to be making consistent money as a coach, traveling the world and living the life you want.

It can actually happen today. If you believe it and do the work.

If you are ready to start making as a new coach, I invite you to a special preview call:

Shortening the Timeline

Make Consistent Money as a New Coach 
Starting from TODAY

Find those first paying coaching clients and make the impact
and money you desire starting from NOW

Discover how you can:

  • Find high-paying coaching clients who can’t wait to work with you.
  • Make real money as a professional coach so your coaching business becomes your full-time career.
  • Stop struggling financially and start calling in money to support dreams.
  • Get out of “I can’t have a successful coaching business” and into “I will have a successful coaching business –  no matter what.”

Register here for the preview call.

I can’t wait to speak to you next week.

With love,





P.S. Are you ready to start making consistent money as a new coach starting from TODAY?

My 2015 Coaching Program, “Find Your First Paying Coaching Clients,” gives you a step-by-step proven system to start attracting and working with coaching clients NOW.

PLUS join today and receive these bonuses to give you a head start in 2015:


In this 2-hour private business assessment, we will map out your own personalised action plan for finding clients as a new coach so you start bringing in money right away.

For as little as $18 per day you can have the 1:1 time with me AND the whole Find Your First Paying Clients program to give you the support you need to truly grow as a new coach. The only other way to work with me privately is in my 10-month, $15,000 coaching program.


The Business Bundle Pack

  • 2 weeks of social media content – Add more flavour to your coaching business with a custom-styled image you can also share on social media! You’ll also receive 2 weeks of quality crafted social media content (for 3 accounts) to get you started down the right path for 2015. Don’t have your website up yet? No worries. This promo will be available to you when you’re ready.
    Total value: $247
  • Work with me page review by a professional copywriter – Make sure your sales page for your coaching is primed for selling with a Copy Transformation package with Lauren V. Zink! Lauren will be reviewing your sales page and giving you feedback to ensure you have the very best chance of people saying YES to work with you.
    Total Value: $200
  • Have your first Facebook ad set up – Learn how to set up your first FB ad with Rebecca to reach more people with your message and attract more prospective clients into your business. Facebook ads have been vital in growing my business which is why I am excited to offer this to you as a bonus.
    Total Value: $200
  • Have your home office organised – Would you love to have a cutting-edge office in your home to develop your business, but feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do ? You’ll discover how to make the most of your space (no matter how small it is) and implement effective systems that will help you boost your productivity and reach your full potential.
    Total Value: $150
  • Improve your Website or Landing Page – Want to build a business you can be proud to call your own? In a private, 30-minute consultation call with my graphic designer Laura Patricelli, she will review your website or landing page and outline suggestions for improvement. You’ll also receive $400 off Laura’s complete web design & development package!
    Total Value: $500

Imagine having your own personalised plan to find paying clients by the first week in January?

Find out more about Find Your First Paying Coaching Clients Here.


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