Jessica’s business and personal story has been featured across leading business and lifestyle publications across the globe.

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Marie Claire. Huffington Post. Evercoach. Cleo…
Jessica’s achievements and personal story have been featured in these renowned publications as well as many of other premier business and lifestyle media channels.

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When people asked 8-year-old Jessica what she wanted to do when she grew up, her answer was always the same, “I want to be a ballerina…or work in personal development!”

Over time, her desire to perform the perfect pirouette faded away but her dream of working in personal development continued to burn bright.It was a childhood dream that would eventually become a reality but it would take a “quarter life crisis” to make it happen.

After graduating from college with a business degree, Jessica initially went down the “expected route” and chose a corporate job with a healthy paycheck. Life looked perfect on the outside, but inside, she felt unfulfilled and unhappy.

Something had to change so Jessica started a passion project in 2011 – a online health food store and blog – which quickly gained popularity and reach. It was a just part-time project at the time but it brought her deep satisfaction and joy.

More importantly, it motivated her to make a life-changing decision – she would learn everything she could about running her own successful business and become a full-time entrepreneur.

In just 2 years, Jessica left her corporate career to go full-time in her business and then later go on to create a 7-figure academy selling online certifications.

She’s a Mindvalley published author, and has worked with many of the worlds leaders in coaching and education space. (She’s invested over $250,000 in her own personal development and working with mentors).

Jessica is the host of the popular It Girl Radio Podcast which pulls back the curtain on life stories and success secrets of industry influencers, thought leaders and the growing global tribe of listeners.

It Girl Academy is serving thousands of students around the world, helping them build their own successful businesses and coaching practices.

Through the It Girl Foundation, Jessica’s powerful mission and purpose, is to help women in developing countries earn $3-$5 per hour online, which in the process completely changes their life and financial situation.

Jessica is known for developing the ‘Evergreen Model’ which simplifies advanced online marketing strategies to effectively develop a client enrollment system through evergreen content marketing.

As well as the Mentorship Method – A process of coaching clients which goes far beyond traditional coaching methodologies to include consulting, teaching and mentoring.


If You’d Like to Feature Me in Your Publication, Podcast or Article…

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These are some topics that are close to my heart…

    • The Evergreen Model – enrolling consistent clients into your business (minus the never ending “client chase” and stressful launches which is not recommended for beginners) .
    • The Mentorship Method – Why traditional coaching is outdated and how adding consulting, teaching and mentoring skills into your sessions will mean your clients see results faster.
    • Being a Million Dollar Baby – Starting and building a 7-figure business before you’re 30.
    • Setting Up a Super Successful Side Business – the systems you can use to start and sustain a successful side biz even if you’re still working in a full-time job and don’t have a ton of free time. I slowly transitioned (which i cover in my book – leaping from the ladder)
    • The Rise (and Rise!) of the Online World – expert insights, comments and trend spotting around the continuous rise of the coaching industry and online businesses

Partnerships – communication strategies and smart methods you can use to work with your significant other.

  • Giving Back in Business – ideas on how you can run a successful, world-changing business and support causes and charities that you love.

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Jessica NazaraliJessica Nazarali
Jessica NazaraliJessica Nazarali
Jessica Nazarali

Praise + Love from Clients, Influencers & Thought Leaders

Jessica is the most powerful business expert I know for new coaches.

If you are a new coach or business owner looking to be a real business owner and fast track your financial success & influence in your industry, then working with Jessica will definitely get you there.

I don’t know anyone better to learn from, than from someone who has done it herself. Since “Leaping from the Ladder” and moving out of her corporate role, Jess has quickly quickly built an extraordinary successful business in the process. She’s a good operator and knows her shizzle. As they say the proof is in the pudding.

I launched my first group program and made over $10k in profit.
When I first started the program I had no email list – now I have a community of women who are excited to learn from me and my goal is to take 100 people through my flagship program – “The Event Planners Academy” this year.


Thanks to the strategies Jess shared with me I was able to cut down the amount of 1:1 coaching I was doing through leveraging my time by creating group programs and products. The results were creating a multiple six figure business without having to work with more 1:1 clients.

Jessica is somebody who was able to build a successful business in short amount of time. She is someone you should watch.



“If you’re looking for big results…”

Jessica is leading the way in helping women create profitable online businesses and the right mindset to be a success. I highly recommend working with her if you’re looking for big results”


I’m so grateful to be part of this community!

I just did my 2nd webinar and 6 more people bought. Meaning, I have now got 13 ladies in the program. Thanks so much for all your support. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this community over the past 4 months.

Working with Jess has been really amazing. She’s actually the first coach that I work with. She was able to walk me through the entire process. But I started as an online entrepreneur. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do. She was the one that kinda was like, Oh well, you already make videos, so obviously use that as a platform to grow your business.

What I love working with her is the fact that she is personable. Any advice that she gives, I always feel like it is tailored to my industry and my niche based on my personality. It’s never just a cookie-cutter answer. It’s always something I feel like would benefit me based on my own business model. She’s great at that and I adore her.

I sold out my first coaching program in just 4 days and recouped the investment to join Business Mastery. From there I implemented a funnel that attracted 2 private clients, podcast requests and the opportunity to be a regular host for a online radio show every Monday. I now receive at least 3 application request for discovery calls daily.


Working with Jess has been an incredible experience. It’s invaluable what I’ve been able to bring back into my business and implement immediately. A lot of trainings I have done in the past, I’ve left with ideas that I have never really actually done. What i like about Jess is she is able to customize what you need, tell you what you need to do and make sure you get it done.

Jess shares juicy behind the scenes details about what it really takes to build a thriving business and the pitfalls that you can now avoid.

As Jess’s colleague, I’m really impressed by the knowledge she shares.

It’s been absolutely fantastic working with Jess. I’ve really enjoyed the experience. One of Jess’ biggest strengths I certainly value is she can mentor you from wherever you’re at. It has been a lot of types of businesses and different stages along the latter of the business and Jess is able to help you where you’re at. For me, I’ve had some little tweaks to make, and some big questions answered. I’m so so grateful for her.


I am so impressed! Jess Nazarali really has made her dream of creating a successful business come true. I wish I had this information when I decided to leap from the corporate ladder.

Working with Jess has been very simple, it’s not complicated. She really understands your struggles and gives you solutions to overcome them.

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