You’ve taken a positive step towards your goal of creating a standout coaching business and quitting your day job!

First, make sure to join our Private Facebook group. This group is filled with other coaches who are just as committed to quitting their day job and becoming successful as you, and you will find it an invaluable resource.

Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • Ways to overcome  fear and self-doubt and action steps to move past this common road block many entrepreneurs face.
  • What you really need to get started as a coach – the exact tools, systems and programs I use so you start seeing results faster.
  • What you need to be prepared for when you leave your  job and how you can best prepare mentally, emotionally and financially.
  • Testing your target market before you quit your job to ensure you will have a viable and profitable business.
  • What 3 amazing women who have taken the first step on making their dream a reality know and what they wished they knew before starting out.

Video #1 – Overcoming Fear & Self-Doubt

Video #2 – Market Research

Video #3 – How to Be Prepared to Leave Your Job

Audio – How To Get Your First 5 Paying Clients


Video #4 – Aimee Croxon on Being a Coach

Video #5 – Next Steps & Getting Started


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PDFs & Worksheets: 

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Audio: The 7 Big Must-Haves You Can’t Possibly Skip on Your Website

 Audio:  3 Tips to Make Your Blog Posts More Google Friendly

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