The Architecture of Your Beliefs & Their Meanings…


Stop giving meaning to events that simply aren’t true!

Part 2 of the Five-Part Blog Series: Belief Hacks for It Girl Entrepreneurs

Now that you have read the first of my five-part blog entry on beliefs, I’d like to you to read through this passage. (I recommend reading these blog posts in order; check out the first post here.)

“Everyone has inside of her a piece of good news.  The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be!  How much you can love!  What you can accomplish!  And what your potential is!”

The above is a quotation made famous by Anne Frank, a teenager of German-Jewish descent who was forced to go into hiding during the Holocaust.  She and her family spent two long years jumping from one apartment to another during the Second World War.  She and her family made sure to occupy rooms that were adjacent to her father’s place of work.

Here’s another one: “When I write, I can shake all my cares away.”  (Also from Anne Frank.)

A belief system -- whether it be a positive or a negative one -- can either make or break a woman.  That’s why I take my hat off to people like Anne Frank. Or any woman (or man) who has conquered her own fears and changed her way of thinking.  In this post we are going to cover how to do just that!

But first, let me explain what ‘belief architectures’ are all about…

Belief architectural designs are similar to the architecture and design of a building.  They sit on a foundation (which is rarely accessed or improved), they are cumulative (meaning there are always new parts being formed), and we make a conscious choice to make our architecture strong (and self-serving rather than sabotaging).
Belief Architecture Concept #1 - Discover Your Belief Blueprint

Now, the big question - how can you know yourself?  Better yet, how can you rediscover your true self?  The answer is simple - you have to know yourself based on understanding your truth.

How do you understand your truth? You take inventory of your beliefs. Dig deep inside yourself and get clear on where you stand today, right now -- this very second.

The present moment is where you can make the most change.

Why is this important? Well, what we believe comes true. So if we are in control of our beliefs (like an architect), we manifest our desires profoundly.

Louise Hay had some relevant words in her recent post:



louise hay quote

Let’s take some belief inventory. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Am I financially abundant? Or do I struggle with money?
Am I stylish? Or am I awkward?
Am I physically coordinated? Cr clumsy?
Am I flexible? Or am I stuck?
Am I open to new opportunities? Or am I rigid and closed off?
Am I organized? Or would I rather attend to matters as they come along?
Do I see myself as a leader? Or am I comfortable following the rules?
Do I feel safe? Or am I scared?
Is life joyfully dynamic? Or is it a torture chamber?

These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to better your foundation of your beliefs -- for these will lead you to re-discovering a better YOU.

A version of yourself who is in control of your beliefs.

This part is about being real.

Often we aren’t fully honest with ourselves about our beliefs, which is why I’ve asked such polarizing questions above -- to distinguish where we sit.

It may not be clear cut. We may feel 70% safe and 30% scared if we look within right now. That’s cool.

We need to embrace it. To use that example, if we are 30% scared, and that feeling doesn’t serve us, we need to verify if what we are scared about is really worth being, well, scared.

Since Faiz and I been travelling a lot, we’ve been staying in hotels quite a bit. My husband has a good habit of locking up our valuables, passports, and laptops wherever we go (to be on the safe side). But every so often he’ll forget and he’ll realise with a mental shock that, “OMG I freaking left our stuff unlocked! We need to go back!” And my reaction is, “Oh well, as if anything will happen in these few hours.”

The last time this happened we were with my friend, Sherina Mayani heading to the Panama Canal. My husband, Faiz, gets his download, ‘Oh crap my laptop was left charging in plain sight!!” He was clearly affected by this realization as he was more quiet than usual for about an hour before Sherina started digging to help him get through it.

Sherina asked him three questions that changed everything:


  1. “What are you scared of?” Faiz replied, “I’m worried the maid will see my new Mac when she’s cleaning up and will take it.
  2. “Do you think there is a high chance that your maid would do this? What is the percentage chance she’d take it?” Faiz thought about it…“Realistically 10, maybe 20% chance she’ll take it,” he said. So this was obviously a low chance, even at the high number.
  3. “Do you want this situation to affect you in this way?” “No,” he said (almost immediately). He knew the belief wasn’t serving him.

This is just a small example that shows us that even when we are in a situation that feels like we have no choice but to feel negative...If we dig deeper the harshest reality is not even worth that feeling.

Remember, you are ONLY limited by YOUR own thoughts.  Refuse to be crippled and adapt to this design now.

Belief Architecture Concept #2 - Identify What YOU REALLY WANT for Yourself

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.” - Buddha

It’s an important step to embrace what IS before we try to improve as that creates clarity and direction. If we don’t fully embrace our current beliefs and understand them, it is far more challenging to get a grip on them in order to change them.

In support of knowing your true self and calling, can you honestly tell yourself what you really want in life?  Have you ever expended effort in realizing it?  If not, then I say, “Go for it!”  It’s high time, after all!

Harnessing the power of empowerment moves you much closer to your goals in life.  And, of course, it encapsulates both your personal and professional cravings.  

Envision yourself -- Shift your beliefs -- and most important take action - and it will be your reality sooner than you thought possible.

Belief Architecture Concept #3 - Empty & Refill

Being able to account for your own beliefs, being present, and getting clear what beliefs you want, are all key to manifesting those beliefs.

You might be asking. “How do we put it into action?”

Well, this is what I like to call the Empty & Refill method. When you take account of your beliefs (positive & negative) it’s obvious which ones aren’t serving us. Often we form these beliefs as a protection mechanism; this happens subconsciously (and automatically).

The simple technique I use is a 2-step process. Let’s use the safety example where we know that feeling unsafe doesn’t serve us.

Step 1:  Empty - Forgive yourself for feeling unsafe. “Even though I feel unsafe, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” This statement allows us to break free of any self-judgment to clear our own energy toward this belief.

Step 2:  Refill -  Use a positive mantra. “I now choose safety. I am always safe.” (Notice this is one of the mantras Louise Hay used in her post above.)

There are many variations of this technique, but it works even in its simplest form. Owning the situation and turning it into an advantage builds stronger character.  Make it YOUR opportunity to shine.

Make it your personal goal to try something new in order to build up a stronger and more confident you. Just make sure that these undertakings remain clean, healthy, and thought-inducing.

This post has been introspective’ it’s what I do to be in my own power and control my belief systems. The belief architectures I share with you are tools by which you create a better life for yourself and, of course, for those surrounding you.
What did you think of this post? What idea are you going to implement in your life TODAY? Share in the comments below!

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