Why Segmenting Your List Is Sexy…

Why Segmenting Your List Is Sexy

Something I have been paying a lot of attention to lately is segmenting my list.

In the past everyone used to get sent the same content. But in order to grow and be more strategic in my marketing, I’ve learnt that this isn’t how the big players do things and I needed to up my segmenting game!

 I wish I had begun segmenting my list sooner. When I started looking into this in more depth, I realized the power that list segmenting really has with regards to your communication and also the organization of what people opted into your list and on what landing page/ free opt in gift.

If you’re sending information to people that isn’t of interest to them, or isn’t relevant to what interested them enough to subscribe, their going to be unsubscribing and won’t be growing your list as quickly as you like. Plus, you won’t have as engaged a list ( less click throughs and opens).

When you segment your list and you break it into sections, so you can tell this person is interested in a certain product or service, and that person is interested in an ecourse helps you get more familiar with your list and subscribers, and more importantly how you can best serve them and grow a relationship that could lead to a discovery call and purchase.

Segmenting means more engagement, more opens, and ultimately more sales and subscribers.

In this week’s video I share the power of segmenting and why it’s important you start to do this right now if you want to make an extra $1k, $5k, $10k + per month in your business and desire to have more hot prospects coming your way.

I also share how I have segmented my list and what has worked and what hasn’t worked so you can learn from my mistakes!

With love,

Jessica xx
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