Jessica Nazarali

Apply to become a contributor to our blog!

I’m very passionate about helping Coaches and Entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and I’m also a firm believer in creating, contributing and distributing thoughtful, high quality content to further these goals.

Which is why I’m excited to announce the start of a new chapter of!

I am seeking writers, bloggers and content creators who wish to contribute to the knowledge bank surrounding these topics. We will leverage this platform and distribute your ideas in a way that will maximise the benefits to both YOU and reader.


  • Amplify Your Voice and Expand Your Reach. Your content contributions will be promoted to over 19k subscribers almost 60,000 followers via Facebook. This will further your chances at becoming a thought leader within the online space.
  • Connect with Great Ideas and Like-Minded People. We have an active and engaged user base who comment on articles, participate in dialogue and spread ideas they connect with throughout their networks.
  • Contribute to the Community. Your content will be displayed besides some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. This will be a platform for industry leaders past, present and future to discuss all things related.
  • Be Found. Have Contact Information and Bio Displayed. All authors will have contact information prominently displayed on their bio page. This is makes it easy to be found by potential clients.

Style Guide

  • Original Content. Your article or submission should not have been published anywhere else, including on your own blog, website or social media.
  • Your Piece, Your Perspective. We want your voice and your experience to shine through in your writing. Let us know about the lessons you’ve learned, the obstacles you’ve overcome and the other personal stories that have helped you to progress within the Coaching space.
  • Long or Short, There’s a Place for Everything. It’s the quality of your content and message, not the length of it. There will be room for thoughtful content of all shapes and sizes.
  • Limit Self-Promotion. Please limit pitching or promoting any product or services that you sell in the articles. There will be space on the bio page for this information.

The finer details...

  • Electronic Publishing Rights. By submitting your publishing to you agree to granting us the exclusive publishing rights for the content. This includes for an ebook which might be digitally distributed through an avenue such as In this case you would be acknowledged as the content creator and have your contact information listed in the book.
  • Lead Image.The lead image will be selected by us however any suggestions you have will be seriously considered provided the image has a creative commons licence and can be freely used commercially.
  • Your Post Maybe Edited. While most content will be published as is, we reserve the right to make any edits or adjustments we see fit. They would be mostly around formatting, spelling and grammar.
  • Submit via Email. Do not submit HTML version just text via email.
  • Please Allow Time for Response. We travel frequently for work and sometimes internet is intermittent. Please allow 2-3 weeks from submission before follow up if you haven’t received a response.


  • Start with a Quote. Insightful or profound quotes that link the the subject matter help to grab the reader’s attention and often help with promotion on social media.
  • Connect with Great Ideas and Like-Minded People. We have an active and engaged user base who comment on articles, participate in dialogue and spread ideas they connect with throughout their networks.
  • Connect Email. Use Gravatar so that a pic shows in the bio at the end of the post. You may also include your pic when you email me with your submission.
  • Promote and Share With Your Network. When your piece goes live on the site please share it far and wide.

If you are attracted to our idea and wish to be a part of it please get in touch! Email me at [email protected] and use “Guest Writer Blog Submission” in the email tagline with your submission. If we feel your writing is a good fit they we’ll get in touch with a suggested publish date. If not, we will write back and let you know so you can use it elsewhere. Time constraints means we can’t give feedback however you’re always welcome (and encouraged) to submit more articles in the future. Hope to hear from you soon.